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Born in Norway, telemark skiing is a style of skiing where the ski boot is attached to the ski only at the toe and ball of the foot. This enables the skier to climb comfortably with skis on foot and still descend with control and grace that defines the telemark turn. This style of skiing evolved in Scandanavia and North America from narrow lightweight touring skis in the 1970's to the high performance skis and boots of our current time. You don't have to be an extreme skier to enjoy telemark ski touring and mountaineering - there is room of all levels of skiers in the backcountry.

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Now you can explore backcountry ski tours in Washington State created by Dr. Telemark. Click on the Backcountry Northwest menu tab to the left to get to the ski tour guide DVD's and downloads that are available now or go straight to the E-store to buy the Backcountry Northwest - Washington Edition DVD.

3D Maps to accompany the Everytrail tours and Backcountry Northwest are available for free.

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Backcountry Risks
Touring in the backcountry has inherent risks that you assume if you venture out. Please be a responsible backcountry skier by learning how to access avalanche forecasts, read terrain and maps, and learn how to find safe routes to reach your destination. Be prepared with the right equipment and practice rescue techniques and beacon usage. Don't put others at risk by poor decision-making on your part. It is not someone else's responsibility -it's yours.

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