June 2002

A cabinet isn't complete without a marquee and sideart. Instead of coming up with my own, I found a great deal on the sideart on eBay. The seller even offered a free marquee if you used the "buy now" feature. The graphics are printed on a high-quality plastic or vinyl that really looks professional. I had to cut the bordering material with a utility knife, but I think it came out well.

The blacklight behind the marquee was purchased from Spencer's gifts. I tried to find one at Home Depot, but the smallest one they had was still too large for the cabinet. I'm a little underwhelmed with the effect, and I'm wondering if I need a more powerful blacklight or a thinner marquee.

Although the original cabinet had a hole for a coin door. I've decided against installing one myself. I don't anticipate anyone adding money to the machine and I don't feel like paying $75 for a big piggy bank. I may change my mind if I can find a decent used model. There are threads on usenet that discuss wiring the coin returns to provide free credits, further freeing up control panel space.