Dave Has an "ATF Day"

Seeing as we had a beautiful Spring day here in SE PA, I took advantage of the nice weather to go bust some caps in an "ATF Day."   (No government agencies are involved, see below. <g>)

I brought my Bushmaster Dissipator AR-15 carbine to test a new Orlite 30 round magazine, and two kinds of 5.56mm ammo.  Bushmasters made before mid-'99 or so don't have heavily beveled magazine wells, and some lots of Orlite mags had the over-insertion ridges positioned too high, so this mag didn't fit my rifle out of the box.  However, five minutes with a roto-tool enable me to fix this problem by grinding down some of the ridges so the mag would seat and latch in the mag well.

Anyway, I tested the magazine out with about 100 rounds and it functioned pretty well with South African PMP 5.56 ball.  I did have one case where the bolt failed to seat because some how the round didn't properly feed.   Beyond that it seemed to work ok.

After this, I took a break and smoked an Arturo Fuente smoked an Arturo Fuente Rothschild seegar.  Very nice.  Even nicer than the Cohiba I had the other day,, AAMOF.

Using my other Orlite, which hadn't required modifications to work in my rifle, I tested out two kinds of Russian made 5.56mm.  The first was 40 rounds of TCW 56 grain ball.  It shot about as well as the PMP, but gave notcieably more muzzle flash.  Since my rifle is post-ban and doesn't have a flash hider, that means that if I buy any more of this ammo it will be used only for practice.

I also shot 40 rounds of Wolf brand 62 grain lead core ball.  This didn't seem to flash as much as the TCW ammo.  I was a bit surprised that it didn't seem to group any better than the 56 grain TCW or 55 grain South African ball, since my rifle has a 1:9" twist.

Both the TCW and Wolf ammo have lacquered steel cases and funtioned 100%.  The boxes are marked as being non-corrosive, but since this stuff was from Russia I made sure to clean my rifle well (a necessity with the AR design anyway).

Since the weather was so nice the range was pretty full, and it seemed to be AR-day.  In addition to my Bushmaster, I saw another guy with two AR shorties, one with a full length AR-15, while two other shooters had AR-10s.  OneAR-10s.  One of these was a flat-top while the other had the regular carrying handle.  Both were scoped and one of the AR-10 shooters had a Steiner scope on his rifle.

In the non-Mighty Mattel genre, one shooter had a Paul Jaeger customized .30-06 (Mauser, I think) and a Finnish M28-30 Mosin-Nagant. One gent had an M-1, fitted with a Smith muzzle brake, which he said works very well, although it changed his point of impact.  Another shooter had a scoped M1A, with which he was banging clay birds placed on the 300 yard berm.

Finally, I rounded out my "ATF Day" with some Jim Beam on the rocks after dinner.

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