I cleaned my gun well after I went shooting, but there's still copper fouling in the bore.  Is this a problem?

It is normal for a rifle or pistol barrel to contain some copper fouling, even after a thorough cleaning.  E.g., my M1 Garand, No.4 Mk.I Lee-Enfield and Smith & Wesson Model 15 all have some copper fouling in the grooves of the rifling, even though I do clean them well after each use.  For practical purposes, it isn't detrimental to accuracy, if kept within check.  Before worrying about it, I recommend that you see how the gun shoots.

An occasional cleaning with JB Bore Paste can help keep copper fouling down.  This is a _very_ mildly abrasive paste which can be run thru the bore on a patch, after you've cleaned out the powder fouling.  This stuff will get gunk out of a bore that is clean to the naked eye.  It's available from Brownell's.  (www.brownells.com)  I've found Hoppe's #9 Benchrest solvent to be a better copper solvent than their regular stuff.  Shooter's Choice also makes a copper solvent to be used after regular cleaning.  Sweet's 7.62aning.  Sweet's 7.62 solvent is another good bore cleaner, which works well on both powder and copper fouling..   If you use use either the SC copper solvent or Sweet's, make sure you follow the directions!  They're strong.

Also, if you keep the bore wet with Break Free CLP as a rust-preventative between shooting sessions, this will work on the copper residue some.  Just remember to run a dry patch thru before shooting.

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