What is epoxy bedding, and can powder solvent damage it when I'm cleaning my rifle?

Epoxy bedding isn't used (usually) to actually glue the barrel or action into the stock.  Rather, the metal is coated with a release agent after the epoxy is put in the stock, and then the mechanism is put in until the epoxy hardens.  Once it hardens, the mechanism is removed from the stock, the release agent is removed, and it's replaced in the stock.  The bedding
provides a consistent contact surface and amount of pressure on the action and barrel (depending on how it was done).  Done properly, this can improve accuracy.  This is mainly used with wood stocks; it's not generally necessary with a synthetic stock.

Most rifles do not come from the factory with epoxy bedding.  If you decide to get your rifle bedded, you shouldn't have a problem with Shooter's Choice or similar solvents, unless you spill it on the bedding and don't wipe it off withing a minute or so.   This will also vary with the amount of spillage and the particular bedding compound.

ng compound.

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