Daren & Maggy Stotler's Home Page

This page is starting out as a copy of the section of the page I've had at work.

We now have a special page for Maggy.  We'll do you the favor of sparing you pictures of Daren until he deems such a waste of film and disk space as tolerable.

Since the attendees are all nice folks, we've kept Maggy's big 50th birthday bash.


[Camera Picture]

* I have a few pages of pictures from my trip to the Canadian Rockies,
* As well as a few miscellaneous photos. This page will grow as I add pictures from various sources. Once I get enough on a particular topic, I will spin them off into a separate page.

The first such page contains a few pictures from a trip to Italy I made in 1992.

* The latest is a trip to China.

Our Pets

* Here's a tribute to our dearly departed cockapoo, Kristy.
* I'll also soon have a picture of our little turkey, Chi Chi.