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What's New!

Every time you place an order to Music In Motion, a percentage of that sale goes towards Nittany Piano Teachers Network Scholarship Fund.  Just use Affiliate Code AL1099!!

Dear Friends,

We're trying to raise money for Nittany Piano Teachers Network.  By simply shopping with Music in Motion (, you'll help us earn a percentage of each sale.  Just use our affiliate code: AL1099 when you check out so that our group gets credit for the sale. Thank you! 

Music in Motion has a huge selection of over 5000 music education resources and gifts for all ages, including:


  • Books, CDs, and videos on composers, instruments, music history, and theory for all ages
  • Hard-to-find gifts for musicians of every age: fashions, mugs, stationery items, and novelties
  • Extensive children's resources on music and the arts
  • Music and movement games
  • Posters
  • Software
  • Folk and ethnic instruments
  • Incentives
  • Equipment
  • Awards
  • Creative, dramatic resources such as musicals, puppets, hats and masks
  • much, much more! 


Cheryl Albaugh told members about Alfred's "sponsorship" program where you sign up a student (first name only) and receive free materials of their Premier Piano Course.  It is called Premier Support and you can click on the link here.  Thanks, Cheryl, for the information!