Poet's Statement

Doug TanouryPoetry has the capacity to turn the mundane and everyday into the magical and extraordinary.  It has always been arcane and cabalistic in what it communicates and how.  The poetry you will read in these pages is the common and pedestrian transformed and elevated into art.  The subjects include my impression of cityscapes ranging from Scotts Bluffs, Nebraska to Hong Kong, China and points in between.  It is also very much a poetry of people, time and place, of summer afternoons on the front porch steps or a day at the beach.  It is the poetry of  winter mornings and autumn evenings.  It is the stuff that every life is made of.
DougSomeone told me once that even the most ordinary life  is extraordinary to the person who lives it.  These poems represent my very ordinary life, that at times seems to me to be so extraordinary.  It is a portrait of the interplay of inner and outer forces, of the spirit and body.  It is a blending of light and shadow that communicates a meaning greater than its constituent parts.  Its meaning reaches beyond the sentences, phrases and words, just as the world is much more than atoms and molecules.   It is a life passed through the prism of poetry.  It is a moment in time, captured, stylized and crafted.

I am pleased that you have stopped by to read my work.  It is my great hope that if you have enjoy what you have read here, that you will link to this site or share this link with a friend.  
I would very much enjoy reading your thoughts and comments, so feel free to email me.    Thank you.

- Doug Tanoury

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2004 - Doug Tanoury