Welcome to David's WikiCalc Test    
I entered the number 10 here (to the right) 10  
And here, I entered the formual "B3+5" 15  
It's kind of cool that the spreadsheet borders aren't    
showing up (just like on printouts).  This is optional.    
Below, I used the spreadsheet's abilities to    
format stuff that I'd normally want formatted in    
tabular fashion:    
John's Delivery Schedule for Friday    
Smithtown Country Club 10:00 5 lbs. Kentucky Blue Grass Seed, 10 gl. malathion
Port Jefferson Landscaping Co. 10:45 25 lbs. Lime
Huntington Gardening Center 11:30 25 5 lb. units Scotts Winterizer Fertilizer
Deer Park Country Club 12:15 Pickup unused grass seed

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