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First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. 


 I live in Boston with my  dog Byron, my birds, an iguana, and lots of fish

I happen to have a chronic illness, and I am fully disabled.    Lucky me. ...

At first I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then, the diagnosis was changed to polyarthritis, now the diagnosis has been changed again, to lupus.   At some point, I hope to be diagnosed as healthy, as this illness has taken away so much of my life. This disease, in what ever form is chooses to finally be.  (although with the history of lupus in my family, and the complementary symptoms, I'm going with lupus) in the beginning of 2002.   Sadly, if it is lupus, than my remaining time on this earth is shorter than one would expect.  I come from healthy stock, except for the lupus, so I don't expect to be contesting my grandmother, or even my parents in the long lived Dumas contest.  

I have also spent some time with my crystal ball, and my cards, and they tell me honestly to not expect many more years ahead of me, and that this illness will lead to my early death. So  I'm accepting of what ever the goddess has in store for me. 

Before becoming ill I worked in the occupational safety and workers compensation fields.   Doing just a little bit of everything from, OSHA compliance, to workers' compensation claim management and a little bit of everything else. I decided to design this web page  partly to teach myself about web design, partly to keep my brain active while my body healed.  And to also provide information on the things that interest me. 

After my husband asked for a divorce, I moved back to Boston and am starting life anew. 

I have a Keeshond named Byron, after the Celtic writer, and I have some wonderful pictures of him that I will be adding to the web page.

I have two cockatiels, that I have named Cosmo and Wanda. They were part of a flock of five that I took with me when I left Connecticut.  Their music fills my house with joy.  Although I miss the music of five birds singing, I am glad to at least have the two of them with me now. 

I also have an iguana, whom I call Iggy, not that he responds all that well.  I obtained him when he was injured at the pet store I use to work for part time.  He could no longer be sold with his injury, he tail will never regrow.  So he needed a home, and being the person I am, well, here he is. 

I am a practicing pagan, I have been practicing for more than 20 year.  Throughout the time I have been practicing, and being an active out, pagan I have discovered that a lot of people do not understand much about  my faith.  I have found that a large number of people either have no idea that Wicca is a true religion, or think that we are little more than what they see on television.  So just for the record, I neither point, nor twitch.  I pray, give offerings, and ask the goddess for helping solving my problems.  Just as any other person would.  Yes I do use tarot cards, and sightings, as part of my faith.  But only as part of my faith.  While many people will do tarot readings, sightings, or charms and spells for people I do not do so.   For  Wicca is my religion, my faith, my rules for living,  not a parlor trick.  

Blessed BE   


Well my life has changed so much since I started doing this web page.  So many changes, it feels like I am an entirely new person, living an entirely new life.  Visit my web blog to see how I am doing right now, and to follow some of my recent history.  I will have a bio page up soon.

Not all of the links  are active yet, as I bring more pages on line, each link will become active again.  While all the pages I have links to are not the newest version, they still have enough information to keep them on the web. I also plan on expanding the web site some as time goes on.  Be patient with me, life is becoming a very big adventure.  Even mastering the new process for uploading my web page is an adventure.  

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Welcome to my web page.  This page last updated on 12-24-04