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One of my first musically related recollections as a young child in the early 1970s was getting into my parents' record closet and rooting around among the stacks of 78s and LPs stored there.  Of all the treasures in that closet, none captured my eyes and my imagination as a youngster more than If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears by The Mamas And The Papas.  What on earth are those four strange people doing in a bathtub together and with their clothes on to boot?!  I quickly moved on to other fascinations as kids do and it wasn't until years later that I came to fully appreciate the sight and the sound of those four strange people in that bathtub. 

I became re-acquainted with the group after a trip to the local used record shop in 1988.  It seems my taste for rooting through stacks of old records had never really left me.  I plucked a copy of The Mamas & The Papas 16 Greatest Hits from the bins and, with much eager anticipation, took it home and immediately put it on the platter of my turntable.  It was magic the moment that needle touched the vinyl.  The pure sweet harmonies and soaring vocals of the group had me entranced.  I was hooked!  I had to have more!  Thus, my love for the group was reborn and the search for their recordings has become a never-ending adventure.   

Purpose Of This Guide:

There are many fine fan sites on the web with pictorial and biographical information about the group, but I couldn't find much in the way of information about their recordings.  So, I decided to try to provide as complete a history of the many albums produced by the group collectively and as solo performers as I am able with values and photos for each item.  I hope this site will be a place that both record collectors and Mamas & Papas fans may come to learn about what I consider to be the group's most important legacy - their music.  There are a few rarities featured, but most of the items may be readily found at reasonable prices at swap meets, used vinyl shops, second-hand stores and on-line auction sites such as ebay.  Please see my links page for fan site listings and other Mamas & Papas resources.

What's Included In This Guide:

This guide will include:

  • Long Playing Records (LPs)

  • Compact Discs

  • Radio Shows

  • Promotional LPs

  • Promotional EPs

  • Promotional 45s

  • Picture Sleeves

  • Soundtrack LPs

  • Recordings produced by associates of the group

  • Bootlegs & Fan Issues (Mostly on CD)

What's NOT Included In This Guide:

But for a few exceptions, this guide will NOT include:

  • Standard Issue 45s 

  • Greatest Hits Collections 

  • Compilation LPs 

How Prices Are Determined:

Prices have been determined through data collected from various sources including record shops, on-line dealers & collectors and on-line auctions.  Prices are for Near Mint to Mint items only!

How YOU Can Help:

There are many items I still do not have in my personal collection.  I would gratefully appreciate your photos and information submissions of any items you may have that you don't see displayed within this site.  When sending your submission, please make all photos/scans no smaller than 300x300 pixels per inch.  Also, please be sure to submit your name so that I may properly credit you for your submission.  Please make your submissions here.  To make submissions via snail mail, click here to request my snail mail address. 


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