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The Republic News-Miner

Republic, Washington 1907-1912

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1904- [Missing most of two years of the News-Miner; Dec. 14, 1904-Dec. 31, 1906]
[Jan., 1907]
Names of those to Serve as Grand and Pete
Jurors in the Superior Court for 1907
Allen, G. D. - Covada
Casey, J. P. - Republic
Cody, J. C. Jr. - Keller
Cody, John - Keller
Hatch, A.J. - Orient
Kelley, T. J. - Midway
Moran, M. - Malo
McCormick, J. S. - Troy
McDonald, T. D. - Danville
Pea, W.A. - Meteor
Reed, J. W. - Beulah
Slagel, J. W. - Republic
Stewart, D. A. - Ferry
Storch, Chas. - Belcher
[Among about 300 names listed]
Mar. 167, 1907 The deputies appointed Monday by Assessor J. W. McCool are: Thos. F. Barrett, office deputy, John C. Cody, field deputy, Keller district; Leroy Marbelle, of Orient, field deputy for eastern Ferry.
July 2, 1909 J. W. Slagle, manager of the Republic Drug Store and J. H. Slagel manager of the Kettle Falls Drug Store, will exchange places for a month beginning this week.
1910 [Most of the 1910 issues of the News-Miner are missing]
Dec. 22, 1910
Drugs Medicines,
Chemicals, toilet
Soaps, Brushes,
Combs. Etc.
Physicians Prescription Accurately Compounded
All our Drugs have been Accepted and Approved by
The Pure Food Drug Inspector.
Agents for Libby's Famous Cut Glass
JAN. 13, 1911
The newly elected county officials assumed the duties of their several offices Tuesday. They are : Mike Moran, sheriff; Lewis Murphy, auditor; W.T. O'Connell, treasurer; Carter Adams, clerk; Jas. T. Johnson, prosecuting attorney; Earl B. Hougland, Superintendent of Schools; R. A. Farr and E. M. Cannon, commissioners, E. H. Crossen, coroner.
Jan. 13, 1911 Sheriff Moran expects to move his family from Malo to Republic within the next few days.
Jan. 27, 1911
"Not guilty" was the verdict of the jury Thursday morning in the case of Wm. Nee, charged with the murder of John Covington in Keller last August. The jury was out about twelve hours. This case has been on trial for a week and has entailed a big expense to the county. C.P. Bennett represented the defendant and Jas. T. Johnson the state. Yesterday morning the court took up the case of State vs. Thos. Runnels of Keller, charged with assault with intent to kill Wm. Nee.
By his just, courteous and impartial demeanor on the bench Judge Pendergast has won the confidence and admiration of all. Many have said of him that he is the best judge Ferry county ever had.
Everyone has a good word for the genial sheriff, Mike Moran, who is said to be discharging the duties of his office like a veteran, although this is his first experience as sheriff.
Of course Jim Johnson is making good as prosecuting attorney as everyone believed he would, and so is Mr. Adams, county clerk.
Feb. 17, 1911
Our esteemed contemporary, J. R. Sovereign, of the San Poil Eagle, returned to his habitation in the woods last week from a two weeks sojourn in Republic where he was witness in the case of State vs. some of his Siwash friends. For the courtesies extended him while a guest in this city, Mr. Sovereign thanked the people of Republic in the following words: "***But we are free to say that Republic is not only quite profligate but it is the most filthy, unsanitary town we ever visited. *** The back alleys of Republic are disgraceful and would be condemned by any board of health in any other city in America." If Bro. Sovereign had succeeded in getting sober while in Republic, and had traveled in the streets instead of making himself an alley-rat, he wouldn't have seen so much filth.
Feb. 21, 1911
Nicholas Kirch, aged 45, was found dead in his cabin near Barstow last Thursday. Upon the advise of coroner Crossen a jury was summoned by sheriff Moran. The jury pronounced the cause of death to be heart failure from alcoholic poisoning. He is supposed to have died Tuesday. Burial services were held at Orient Saturday. Mr. Kirch, who was a bachelor, owned a valuable ranch near Barstow and was a prominent member of Lodge N.9, O.H.S., Spokane, in which order he carried $500.00 life insurance. Sheriff Moran has so far been unable to learn anything of Mr. Kirch's family relations other than that he has a brother, Michael Kirch of Winona, Minn., whom he notified last Thursday.
Mr. 3, 1911
Danville Items
Sheriff Moran was here on business a few days this week.
Mar. 24, 1911
Stack Supply Company Burglarized
Thieves entered the store of the Stack Supply Company Sunday and succeeded in getting away with about thirty dollars which was taken from the cash register. Ten dollars in the register was overlooked.
Entrance was effected by breaking a pane of glass in the front door, and reaching through the Yale lock, opening the door. Nothing of consequence other than the cash in the drawer has been missed.
Fred Sipple, aged 15, and Willis Smith, aged 13, are charged with having committed the crime. They were arrested near West Forks Monday evening by Sheriff Moran, and are in the county jail. A charge of burglary will be filed against them, and the hearing will be had before Judge Pendergast at the next term of Superior court.
June 9, 1911
Captures Alleged Horse Thief.
Charles Moomaw of Daisy, charged with stealing horses from the Government Agency, was captured by sheriff Moran near Keller last Monday night. He was brought to Republic Tuesday and lodged in Ferry County jail. Sheriff Miller of Stevens county arrived Tuesday and conveyed the prisoner to Stevens county where he will be given trial.
July 14, 1911 Charles Storch, owner of the Casino Moving Picture Show, returned last night from Spokane where he purchased 300 handsome opera chairs.
Aug. 25, 1911 Father Caldi made the trip from Ward to Republic last week in his automobile.
Sep. 1, 1911 John Cody of Keller is a business visitor here this week.
Sep. 29, 1911 Sheriff Moran went to Keller Tuesday.
Oct. 6, 1911
His Lordship, Bishop O'Dea of Seattle, will be in Republic Saturday night, October 14th. This is the first time in its history that Republic has been honored with the presences of a Bishop.
Oct. 20, 1911
Right Rev. E. J. O'Dea, bishop of Seattle, preached an excellent sermon in the Catholic church Sunday morning. He administered the sacrament of confirmation to a class of 40. While here bishop O'Dea was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. L. Walsh who held a reception in honor of him from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday.
Oct. 27, 1911 Dan McDougall has returned from Northport.
Oct. 27, 1911 John Cody and J. H. Lefevre of Keller were business visitors in the city yesterday. Mr. Lefevre recently bought the Keller - Indiana Consolidated Smelter at Keller, which was sold by Sheriff Moran for delinquent taxes. Mr. Lefevre has since transferred the smelter to the Walla Walla Copper Co., of which he is one of the principal stockholders.
Nov. 10, 1911
Average for Republic 77%, Average for Danville 71%
Eight Grade
Bernadine Moran . . . 94 %
. . .
Sixth Grade
Alex McDougall . . . 82 %
. . .
Dec. 15, 1911 . . .
They reported that the Sheriff was drawing a salary of $25.00 per month as game warden; that the Treasurer was drawing a salary of $25.00 per month as registration clerk...
Feb. 23, 1912 Danville Items Pat Walsh of Republic was here on business last Saturday. Sheriff Moran was here a few days this week on business.
Mar. 8, 1912
With the approach of the primary election comes many suggestions and speculations as to who will be chosen for the various offices in Ferry county. There have as yet been no direct announcements made, but a few of the wiseacres who "keep their ear to the ground" all year 'round claim to be able to tell what is in store for the prospective candidates. Among those whose names have been brought forth are :
For Sheriff -- Mike Moran, Rep. incumbent; Mike O'Brien, Rep., Curlew; J. W. McCool, Dem., Republic; T.C. Wells, Dem., Keller; W.H. Taylor, Rep., Malo; T. J. Kelly, Dem., Ferry.
Apr. 5, 1912
Sheriff Moran Gone to Kettle Falls to Make Arrest
An information was filed yesterday by J. W. Mathews, prosecuting attorney, against C. A. Wallace of Republic and Kettle Falls, charged with embezzlement.
Sheriff Mike Moran left yesterday morning for Kettle Falls with a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Wallace. He is expected to return today, but at noon no word had been received from him stating whether or not Mr. Wallace had been found.

According to the schedule of asset and liabilities turned over by Mr. Wallace to Chas. Adams, receiver of the two banks, the resources have a par value of $125,000.00 and an estimated value of $65,000.000...

Apr. 12, 1912
The 10,000 bond offered by C. A. Wallace and which was rejected last week by the Honorable Jno. Mathews and Sheriff Mike Moran was approved this morning by Judge E. K. Pendergast who arrived yesterday from his home in Conconully and convened court today.
Apr. 12, 1912
C. A. Wallace, private banker, was brought here from Kettle Falls by Sheriff Moran Friday night charged with having received deposits when the banks in Republic and Kettle Falls were known to have been in a failing condition. The specific charge is for receiving a deposit from J. H. Hicks on February 14th, the day that the doors of the tow banks were closed. In default of an approved $10,000 bond he was committed to jail.
G. H. Norton, cashier of the Bank of Republic, was committed to jail Monday. He was arrested in Curlew while on his way from Republic to Kettle Falls. The charge against Mr. Norton is the same as that against Mr. Wallace, and the complaining witness is A. L. Cappers, manager of the Curlew Mining Co., who made a deposit on the day of the banks closing.
Mar. 24, 1912
Joseph Tabacko, a rancher, 50 years old, and living seven miles east of Republic, died at the home of Andrew Keys Wednesday morning. An inquest over the body was held and the Coroner's jury pronounced his death as a result of poisoning administered by some unknown person. The body was brought to Republic Wednesday night by Sheriff Moran, Coroner Crossen and Dr. H. A. Greenwald, and will be buried in the Republic cemetery today.

Mr. Takacko has been a resident of Ferry county for twelve years. He was of a quiet, retiring disposition and was well liked by all. There is a mystery overhanging the motive of his murderer.

Last week Mr. Tabacko went to Spokane and filed on the homestead on which he has lived for a number of years. During his absence his residence was unlocked, and it is presumed that during this time someone entered and saturated some of the food in the house with the fatal poison. Returning Tuesday from Spokane Mr. Tobacko stopped at the home of Ed Warren, a neighbor, for supper. He spent the night at his own home, and Wednesday morning prepared his own breakfast. After partially eating his breakfast he walked to the home of Andrew Keys and told that he had been poisoned. A physician was phoned for but before he arrived Mr. Tobacko had died.

He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Della Davidson, of Spokane.

Sheriff Moran and his deputies are following up every clue that might lead to the arrest of the guilty parties, and some sensation disclosures may develop.

May 12, 1912
Fined for Killing Deer
Henry Schoreman was arrested near Boyds last Sunday by Deputy Sheriff A. H. Stow for killing deer in the closed season. Eleven green hides were found in his possession. He was brought to Republic on Monday and tried before J. C. Kerley, justice of the peace, and fined $100 and costs.
May 31, 1912 Sheriff Mike Moran was a business visitor in Spokane for a few days this week.
June 7, 1912 The sinking of Titanic will not retard the building of mammoth ships. The WhiteStar Company, which owned the Titanic, is building two new liners in the yards of Harland & Wolff, Belfast, and one of them, the keel of which was laid several month ago, will be twenty feet longer than the Titanic, and will be fitted and finished throughout on the same imposing scale as the Olympic and Titanic.
June 7, 1912
Eighth Grade Pupils Receive State Diploma
Following are the names of the pupils who received State diplomas:
Republic -- James Bremner, Leo McCormick, Bernice Keuhne, Bernadine Moran, Willie Hall, Chauncy Thompson, June Ritter, Carlton Hillyard, Ruth Strong, and Verda Summers.
June 21, 1912
Danville Items
Sheriff Moran was in town on official business Saturday.
July 5, 1912
Republic's Fourth of July celebration bids fair to exceed the fondest expectations of the managers.

The day began cool and clear. The city had been gaily decorated with bunting and flags, and at an early hour the streets were thronged with people form every part of the county awaiting the trumpet signal calling the grand parade into line. With flags and canes and badges and horns the crowd became enthused with the spirit of the day, and thousands of people from Ferry and Okanogan and a dozen alien lands joined together to pay the tribute to the Grand Old Flag. The attendance was larger than was expected in as much as celebrations were held in several neighboring towns.

The parade was formed at the corner of 10th and Keller Streets promptly at 10 o'clock, headed by the Republic brass band, and made up of floats and private vehicles. Following the band was the beautifully decorated float bearing the Goddess of Liberty, represented by Miss Bernadine Moran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moran.

The second float, covered with bunting of the stars and stripes , carried fifty little girls from Republic High School, and it was followed by the members of the Republic Miners Union who turned out in a body.

Ex-sheriff J. W. McCool was Marshal of the day.

July 12, 1912 Sheriff Mike Moran was a visitor in Curlew Saturday.
July 26, 1912
Big Crowd at Lawn Party.
About two hundred people attended the lawn party given by the women of the Catholic church at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Walsh last night. Ice cream, cake and cigars were sold, and the receipts amounted to $70.00. A pavilion for open-air dancing had been built and music was furnished by the McCool orchestra. This was the first of a series of lawn parties to be given for the benefit of the proposed Catholic church.
Aug. 16, 1912
Following is the list of the candidates who have filed for office:
  • Mike Moran, r.
  • John W. McCool, d.
  • Al Burns, s.
Aug. 16, 1912
Political announcements.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for Sheriff of Ferry county subject to the action of the Republic voters at the primary election, Republic.


Aug. 23, 1912 Leo Moran has returned from the Pullman College Summer School.
Sep. 13, 1912
Estimate of expenses of Ferry county Washington, for the ensuing year, 1913.
Sheriff's Office:
  • Sheriff's salary ...................1050.00
  • Deputy Sheriff's salary .....1050.00
  • Filed deputies ............1000.00
  • Books, Stationary & Postage..50.00
  • Sheriff's expenses.............1000.00
  • [Total].............................4150.00
Sep. 20, 1912
OFFICIAL BALLOT of Primary Election September 10th
  • Moran, R. . . . 709
  • McCool, D. . . .231
  • Burns, S.
Sep. 27, 1912
Notice of Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate on Decree of
foreclosure and order of Sale
In the Superior Court of the State of Washington for Ferry County.
N. J. Dolph, Plaintiff
Joel T. Harris, W. W. Mcredid and Bank of Stevenson, Defendents

Sheriff of said County.

First publication September 27, 1912
Last Publication October 25, 1912
Oct. 11, 1912
Arrangements for the big Bazaar which will be held at the Opera House next Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening under the auspices of the Catholic ladies are now complete. The doors will be thrown open promptly at 6:00 o'clock each evening to the public.
Music by McCool Orchestra
Refreshment Booth
Under the management of Mesdames Summerville, Pfefferle, Moran, Finn, Riser, and DeCurtins promises to be the leading feature of the Bazaar. The lunch which will consist of ham sandwiches, roasts, baked beans, salads, cake and coffee will be served in cafeteria style. You take no chances when you get your lunch at the Bazaar.
Nov. 1, 1912
Parent-Teachers Association.
At a meeting of the Parent-Teachers Association at the High School Thursday afternoon ...

Other than the school faculty, those present were:
Mesdames Kendall, Newton, Ellison, Zerr, Scrafford, Anderson, Hicks, McQuarrie, Sherman, Richard Price, Moody, Summers, Ward, Fisher, Thompson, Thorney, Mulroy, Doyle, Parliament, Hunder, Moran.

Nov. 1, 1912
Another case of the high handed methods of Mathews and Moran :
On October 27, 1912, Mike Hoffman was arrested by Sheriff Moran in Republic. Hoffman has been incarcerated in the Ferry county jail since that date and no information has been filed in the office of the Clerk of the Court, nor has any complaint been made before a committing magistrate, consequently the arrest is absolutely without warrant or authority of law. Hoffman's wife and son came to Republic on the 28th of October. One of the attorneys employed asked Moran's deputy for permission to see Hoffman, and was refused, the deputy saying that no one could see him until the sheriff returned. On the evening of the 28th the sheriff returned and the attorney saw the sheriff and informed him of his employment, and asked him to see his client, and the sheriff said he would telephone the attorney in the morning when he, the sheriff, would be at the court house so that the attorney could see his client. On the morning of the 29th the sheriff left town and has not returned. On the 30th one of the attorneys for Hoffman went with Hoffman's wife, son and son's wife to the court house to see Hoffman, but no deputy could be found. The county clerk informed them that no information had been filed in his office. In the afternoon of the 30th one of the attorneys served a written notice on Moran's deputy, notifying him that he was retained as one of Hoffman's attorneys, and demanded to see Hoffman, and the deputy informed the attorney that if Hoffman had employed him he could see Hoffman, otherwise he could not. the attorney said Hoffman's wife and son had employed him, and the deputy said the attorney could not run anything on him, and could not see Hoffman unless Hoffman himself had employed him. Not e the Hoffman was in jail, and not allowed to see any human being, then how could Hoffman see and employ an attorney?

This is another example of the outrageous methods of Mathews and Moran. They utterly disregard the plain provisions of the law and unlawfully lock a man up, and refuse to allow any one to see him.

Russia does no worse than Ferry county in doing under the rule of Mathews and Moran. We make no comment on the merits of the case, as that must be determined in court by trial, but this man, and every man is entitled to give bail, except in murder cases, and this is not a case where the man is charged with murder, so Mathews informed one of the attorneys, yet Mr. Hoffman is denied his rights. No attorney is allowed to see him. His wife and son and daughter are not allowed to see him; and no charge has as yet been filed against him to show the cause of his arrest.

He is not permitted to see attorneys to have them arrange for bail, but is held in solitary confinement by Mathew and Moran.

Do the people of Ferry county want to go back to the "dark ages," or do they want the law of the land to apply to all persons?

Nov. 8, 1912 . . . Mike Moran has undoubtedly defeated John W. McCool for Sheriff by a substantial majority of 27 over John W. McCool...
Nov. 30, 1912
High School Spelling Contest.
Pupils and grade averages o high school spelling for six
weeks ending Nov. 22, 1912
. . .
Ella Stack . . . 86
Bernice McCool . . . 80
Marie Stack . . .79

. . .
Bernadine Moran . . . 83
Leo McCormack . . . 82
. . .< BR>
Dec. 15, 1912 Official Ballot of the General Election November 5, 1912
. . .
, R . . . 752
McCool, D. . . . 594
Burns, S. . . . 203
. . .
Dec. 20, 1912
A Republic Newspaper which will advocate and support Republic principles and doctrines. Devoted tot he up-building of the varied industries of Ferry County.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Blair Brothers, Publishers.

REPUBLIC PIONEER, Established March 26, 1898.
REPUBLIC MINER, Established January 21, 1898.
REPUBLIC NEWS. Established October 10, 1900
Consolidated May 15, 1903
Subscription . . . $1.50 per annum;
six months, $1.00; three months, 50 cents.
Dec. 27, 1912
Curlew, Wash., Dec. 21--
The 3-year-old daughter of Ed Stoddard, living near Toroda Creek, 15 miles from Curlew died suddenly Wednesday morning at the breakfast table after drinking a cup of coffee. Her father immediately snatch the coffee and pancakes from the table and threw them out the door. The family dog ate a cake and died at once.

The father soon left the house saying he was coming to Curlew to make arrangements for the funeral and would be back by night. He failed to return by next morning so Mrs. Stoddard enlisted the help of the neighbors. inquiry made at a nearby town finally developed that Stoddard had taken a train presumably to Spokane. An inquest was held last night by authorities summoned from Republic showed strychnine poisoning.

Stoddards family consisted of his wife and five small children. They were very poor; the father no having been able to obtain sufficient work to supply the family with food and clothing.

Mrs. Stoddard's theory is that the father under mental derangement determined to make away with the entire family rather than see them starve.

The children were almost naked and the last of their food was on the table. The daughter was the first to taste the coffee. She was her father's favorite and her instant death, according to the theory, unnerved him, so that he snatched away the rest of the food before the others of the family ate of it.

The father borrowed $10 from neighbors ostensibly to use for buying a casket for the child but evidently used the money for making his escape.

Mrs. Stoddard believes that her husband's mind is affected because of his financial difficulties. Though very poor Stoddard was well liked by his neighbors and was a good husband and father.

The child was buried in Curlew today.

Sheriff Moran went to Spokane last Saturday in search of Stoddard who is 40 years old, height 5-ft. 11-ins., wt. 155. Two dogs and a chicken were killed by eating the hot cakes thrown into the yard. Dr. F. J. Whittaker of the Union Hospital, Republic, held an inquest over the body of the child and the dogs and chicken, all showing signs of having met their death through the use of strychnine.

Stodard got out of bed about 4 o'clock the morning of the poisoning and cooked his own breakfast. After he had eaten he prepared the coffee and hotcakes. It is presumed the strychnine was obtained from the ranch of P. B. Larkin, about two miles away.

When the mother tasted the coffee she remarked that it was bitter and refused to drink it. She threw the contents of her cup into the slop pail, and refused to allow the three other children to drink the coffee or eat the cakes.

Stoddard started for Ferry, the nearest town, the morning after the poisoning, stating that he was going to purchase groceries. He spent about $2 when the family was really in need of an entire new stock of food, the children being without underclothing and other wearing apparel. Not one meal was in the house when the father left on his purported mission to purchase groceries.

Tom Kelley, Deputy sheriff at Ferry, was notified of the case Thursday and brought word to Republic. Sheriff Moran said:
"Stoddard is not doubt insane. He has been a quiet unassuming man for the last year. He has said but little, and his neighbors have often commented that his demeanor has been indicative of a demented mind."

Dec. 27, 1912
Death of Mrs. J. W. McCool.
Mrs. Eliza Hamilton McCool, wife of ex-Sheriff J. W. McCool, died at her home in east Republic, Thursday night after a illness of several weeks.
. . .
During her residence in Republic Mrs. McCool has made many warm and admiring friends through her unpretentious life and her devotion to her family and home. She leaves a husband and six children, Keith, Shelby, Mrs. Robert Miller, Mrs. Perry Thompson, Misses Bernice and Lella McCool.

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