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The History Of Friendship Fire Company #1


David A. Laverty Scholarship Fund

Many things are entrusted to the membership of Friendship Fire Company; the city's fire trucks, our museum, social events for the families such as the family picnic, and of course being trained fire fighters.  We also raise money for and manage the David A. Laverty Scholarship Fund.

Dave was our President when his life was tragically cut short in an confine space accident as a city employee. Dave devoted a lot of time to the youth and residents of Woodbury.  Dave joined the fire company in 1954 and he was President from January 1, 1976 until his untimely death on September 5, 1985.  He was also President of the Woodbury Fireman's Relief Association.

For the youth of Woodbury, Dave spent 20 years working with the Little League and Babe Ruth programs.  He was a manager and coach. He worked on many projects including the building of the club house and field maintenance.

For his years of hard work and dedication to the baseball programs the City dedicated the Babe Ruth fields as the David A. Laverty, Sr. Sports Complex in the spring of 1986.

The fire company honors his memory by providing a scholarship in his name to a Woodbury High School senior who is continuing their education and who has been active in school and community activities.  The following are the award winners for the David A. Laverty Scholarship Award:

1991 Brain Davison 2001 Christin Repas 2011 Robert DiRugeris
    1992 Megan McQuade 2002 Timothy Anderson 2012 Brandon Volk
1993 Timothy Doyle 2003 Ryan Lange 2013 Clinton Conyer
  1994 Theresa Beck 2004 Tiffany Gligor 2014 Justin Gartner
    1995 Stephen Wakemen 2005 Kyle Gotthardt  

Michael Lynch

1986 Michael Graziani 1996 John P. Carter 2006 Edward Trout  

Brad Volk

1987 Tracey Day 1997 Brett Steinberg 2007 Rebecca Schaffer 2015  
1988 Suzanne Grant 1998 Stefanie Anderson 2008 Michael Bain 2016  
1989 Michael Stibich 1999 Matthew McQuade 2009 William Volk 2017  
1990 Joseph E. Doyle, Jr. 2000 Nathaniel Weber   James Laverty 2018  
        2010 Dale Davis 2019  

Donation to the Fire Company, Museum, or the David A. Laverty Scholarship Fund maybe mailed to the fire house:

Friendship Fire Company No.1
29 Delaware Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096



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