(Updated July 15, 2004)

After retiring from work as a librarian and information scientist I began developing a family library using the book lists available. Having acquired thousands of books this way, it seemed to me that the lists themselves, many of which were difficult to obtain and often inadequate, should be researched thoroughly, corrected and then made available to users of the web. So in the Spring of 2000, I began developing an internet site devoted to these lists. In July of that year, I established the Booklist Center with 100 lists. During the next six months, additions brought the total to 200 lists. Recently the local internet service was substantially enhanced allowing more than 300 graphics to be incorporated within the lists which by January 2003 had expanded to 300 lists.

In preparing each list I have tried to be comprehensive. Many other lists found on the WWW are abbreviated to include only the more recent time periods. This is certainly frustrating to diligent readers and collectors who often require a complete listing of all winners, say, of the Pulitzer Prize for History (since 1917) or the excellent and under-advertized James Tate Black Memorial Prize for Fiction (since 1919). I will not add a list to the Center until I can acquire all the data necessary to show the awards back to the first year of the award.

If YOU have some favorite lists you would like added let me know. Please send your comments, and any errors you find, to me by e-mail. I hope you enjoy the lists!


March 2000 Began prepartion of lists for Center from office in Sarasota Florida
July 10, 2000 Web site established with 100 lists.
Dec. 27, 2000 Booklist operations terminated in Sarasota.
March 28, 2002 Began updating lists and expanding coverage of the Center from an office in Hyannis Massachusetts.
May 13, 2002 New Booklist Center web site established with 210 lists in 57 Categories.
June 7, 2002 The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh includes the Center in its Internet Subject Guide with the Center including 230 lists in 59 categories.
June 20, 2002 Librarians' Index to the Internet and the Digital Librarian review and recommend the Center.
June 24, 2002 Center selected by World Village as "Family Site of the Day."
June 26, 2002 Voice of the Shuttle adds the Center to its data base. The Center has 249 lists in 61 categories.
July 5, 2002 The Internet Scout Report finds the Center "an excellent resource site for literary scolars, researchers and avid book readers."
July 8, 2002 The Center is named "Website of the Week" by the University of Washington School of Law. Center has 253 lists in 63 categories.
October 1, 2002 The University of Brighton names the Center "Web Site of the Month" and notes that the Center "has been referenced and recommended by more than 150 libraries and information centers around the world." Center has 286 lists in 64 categories.
January 2, 2003 Center has 302 lists in 65 categories
April 15, 2003 The Library Journal names the Center as one of the fifteen "Best Web Site References of 2002."
May 1, 2003 Elgin Community College (Elgin Illinois) names the Center "Site of the Week"
June 15, 2003 Center has 328 book lists in 70 categories
January 11, 2004 The Center, which was partially disabled in the October-December 2003, period is restored to full service with 340 lists in 81 categories. 
July 15, 2004 Center has 346 lists in 82 categories.