Michael A. Bellesiles          

This Award, made by a Columbia University Committee, was initiated in 1948 and is presented to the authors of distinguished works in either or both of the following categories: American History (including biography) and Diplomacy. The competition is open to all persons whether connected with Columbia University or not, and of any nationality.

2001 Michael A. Bellesiles Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture
Susan Lee Johnson Roaring Camp: The Social World of the California Gold Rush
David Nasaw The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst
2000 John Dower Embracing Defeat
Linda Gordon The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction
James Merrell Into the American Woods
1999 Ira Berlin Many Thousands Gone
Jill Lepore The Name of War
1998 Christine Leigh Heyrman Southern Cross
Walter Lafeber The Clash
Thomas Sugrue The Origins of the Urban Crisis
1997 David Kyvig Explicit and Authentic Acts
James Patterson Grand Expectations
1996 David Reynolds Walt Whitman's America
Alan Taylor William Cooper's Town
1995 John Brooke The Refiner's Fire
John Dittmer Local People
1994 Stanley Elkins & Eric McKintrick The Age of Federalism
Winthrop Jordan Tumult and Silence at Second Creek
David Levering Lewis W.E.B. DuBois: Biography of a Race, 1868-1911
1993 Charles Capper Margaret Fuller
Melvyn Leffler A Preponderance of Power
1991 Laurel Thatcher Ulrich A Midwife's Tale
1990 Neil McMillen Dark Journey
James merrell The Indian's New World
1987 Thomas Doerflinger A Vigorous Spirit of Enterprise
Roger Lane Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia, 1860-1900
1986 Kenneth Jackson Crabgrass Frontier
Jacqueline Jones Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow
1985 Suzanne Lebsock The Free Women of Petersburg
Kenneth Silverman The Life and Times of Cotton Mather
1984 Louis Harlan Booker T. Washington: The Wizard of Tuskegee
Paul Starr Social Transformation of American Medicine
1983 John Demos Entertaining Satan
Nick Salvatore Eugene V. Debs
1982 Edward Countryman A People in Revolution
Mary Ryan Cradle of the Middle Class
1981 Ronald Steel Walter Lippmann and the American Century
Jean Strouse Alice James
1980 Robert Dallek FDR and American Foreign Policy
Thomas Dublin Women at Work
Donald Worster Dust Bowl
1979 Christopher Thorne Allies of a Kind
Anthony Wallace Rockdale
1978 Alfred Chandler, Jr. The Visible Hand
Morton Horwitz The Transformation of American Law
1977 Alan Dawley Class and Community
Robert Gross The Minuteman and Their World
Barry Higman Slave Population and Economy in Jamaica
1976 David Brion Davis The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1823
R.W.B. Lewis Edith Wharton
1975 Robert William Fogel & Stanley Enerman Time on the Cross
Eugene Genovese Roll, Jordan, Roll
Alexander George & Richard Smoke Deterrence in American Foreign Policy
1974 Ray Allen Billington Frederick Jackson Turner
Townsend Hoopes The Devil and John Foster Dulles
Stephen Thernstrom The Other Bostonians
1973 Frances FitzGerald Fire in the Lake
John Lewis Gaddis The United States and the Origins of the Cold War
Louis Harlan Booker T. Washington
1972 Carl Degler Neither Black Nor White
Robert Middlekauff The Mathers
Samuel Eliot Morison The European Discovery of America
1971 Erik Barnouw The Image Empire
David Kennedy Birth Control in America
John Frazier Wall Andrew Carnegie
1970 Don Carter Scottsboro
Charles Sellers Charles Wilson Peale
Gordon Wood The Creation of the American Republic
1969 Winthrop Jordan White Over Black
N. Gordon Levin, Jr. Woodrow Wilson and World Politics
Rexford Guy Tugwell The Brains Trust
1968 Bernard Bailyn The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution
Henry Allan Bullock A History of Negro Education in the South
Richard Bushman From Puritan to Yankee
1967 William Freehling Prelude to Civil War
Charles Sellers James K. Polk, Continentalist, Volume 2
James Sterling Young The Washington Community, 1800-1828
1966 Theodore Friend III Between Two Empires
Richard Morris The Peacemakers
1965 Dorothy Borg The United States and the Far Eastern Crisis
Bradford Perkins Castlereagh and Adams
William Wilcox Portrait of a General
1964 William Leuchtenburg Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal
Paul Seabury Power, Freedom and Democracy
John Thomas The Liberator: William Lloyd Garrison
1963 Page Smith John Adams
John Stoessinger The Might of Nations
Roberta Wohlstetter Pearl Harbor
1962 Lawrence Cremin The Transformation of the School
Martin Duberman Charles Francis Adams, 1807-1886
Felix Gilbert To the Farewell Address
1961 Arthur Link Wilson: The Struggle for Neutrality
Merrill Peterson The Jefferson Image in the American Mind
1960 Margaret Leech In the Days of McKinley
R.R. Palmer The Age of the Democratic Revolution
1959 Daniel Boorstin The Americans: The Colonial Experience
Ernest Samuels Henry Adams: The Middle Years
1958 Frank Luther Mott History of American Magazines
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Crisis of the Old Order
1957 George Kennan Russia Leaves the War
Arthur Link Wilson: The New Freedom
1956 J.G. Randall & Richard Current Lincoln the President
Elizabeth Stevenson Henry Adams
1955 Paul Horgan Great River
Leonard White The Jacksonians
1954 William Langer & S. Everett Gleason The Undeclared War
Clinton Rossiter Seedtime of the Republic
1953 George Dangerfield The Era of Good Feelings
Eric Goldman Rendezvous with Destiny
1952 Merlo Pusey Charles Evans Hughes
C. Vann Woodward Origins of the New South, 1877-1913
1951 Arthur Holcombe Our More Perfect Union
Henry Smith Virgin Land
1950 Herbert Bolton Coronado
Lawrence Gibson The Victorious Years, 1758-1760
1949 Samuel Eliot Morison The Rising Sun in the Pacific
Robert Sherwood Roosevelt and Hopkins
1948 Bernard De Voto Across the Wide Missouri
Allan Nevins Ordeal of the Union