REX STOUT

 In his Mystery Lovers Companion of 1986, Art Bourgeau uses a rating scheme of one to five daggers to indicate the quality of the work he lists and briefly describes.  His highest rating, five daggers, is used to indicate A True Classic.  These Classics are listed below.


1860 Wilkie Collins The Woman in White
1868 Wilkie Collins The Moonstone
1878 Anna Katharine Green The Leavenworth Case
1886 Fergus Hume The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
1894 Mark Twain Pudd'nhead Wilson
1905 Baroness Orczy The Scarlet Pimpernell
1908 C.K. Chesterton The Man Who Was Thursday
1911 C.K. Chesterton The Innocence of Father Brown
1913 E.C. Bentley Trent's Last Case
1913 Marie Belloc Lowndes The Lodger
1914 C.K. Chesterton The Wisdom of Father Brown
1915 John Buchan The Thirty-Nine Steps
1919 Christopher Morley The Haunted Bookshop
1920 Agatha Christie The Mysterious Affair at Styles
1920 E. Phillips Oppenheimer The Great Impersonation
1922 A.A. Milne The Red House Mystery
1925 John Buchan John McNab
1925 Agatha Christie The Mousetrap
1926 Agatha Christie The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
1926 Earl Derr Biggers The Chinese Parrot
1927 S.S. Van Dine The Canary Murder Case
1927 P.G. Wodehouse Meet Mr. Mulliner
1928 Ronald A. Knox The Footsteps at the Lock
1928 S.S. Van Dine The Greene Murder Case
1929 Anthony Berkeley The Poisoned Chocolate Case
1929 Dashiell Hammett Red Harvest
1929 Elery Queen The Roman Hat Murder
1930 R. Austin Freeman Mr. Pottermack's Oversight
1930 Dashiell Hammett The Maltese Falcon
1930 Kenneth Roberts Arundel
1930 Dorothy Sayers Strong Poison
1930 Raoul Whitfield Green Ice
1931 Francis Beeding Death Walks in Eastrepps
1931 Maxwell Grant The Living Shadow
1931 Maxwell Grant The Shadow Laughs
1931 Francis Iles Malice Aforethought
1931 Dorothy Sayers Five Red Herrings
1932 Earl Derr Biggers Keeper of the Keys
1932 C.P. Snow Death Under Sail
1932 T.H. White Darkness at Pemberly
1933 James Hilton Was it Murder?
1933 J.C. Masterman An Oxford Tragedy
1933 Kenneth Roberts Rabble in Arms
1934 James M. Cain The Postman Always Rings Twice
1934 Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express
1934 Dorothy Sayers The Nine Tailors
1934 Rex Stout Fer-de-Lance
1934 Phoebe Atwood Taylor The Mystery of Cape Cod Tavern
1934 Elery Queen The Chinese Orange Mystery
1934 P.G. Wodehouse Thank You, Jeeves
1935 John Dickson Carr The Three Coffins
1935 Ngaio Marsh Enter a Murderer
1935 Rex Stout The League of Frightened Men
1935 Ethel Lina White Wax
1936 Nicholas Blake Thou Shell of Death
1936 Nicholas Blake The Beast Must Die
1936 Agatha Christie The ABC Murders
1936 Graham Greene This Gun for Hire
1936 Kenneth Roberts Northwest Passage
1936 Ethel Lina White The Lady Vanishes
1937 Michael Innes Hamlet Revenge!
1938 Daphne DuMaurier Rebecca
1938 C.S. Forester Ship of the Line
1938 R. Austin Freeman The Stoneware Monkey
1938 Michael Innes Lament for a Maker
1938 Clayton Rawson Death from a Top Hat
1938 P.G. Wodehouse The Code of the Woosters
1939 Eric Ambler A Coffin for Demetrios
1939 James Hadley Chase No Orchards for Miss Blandish
1939 Agatha Christie And Then There Were None 
1939 Geoffrey Household Rogue Male
1939 Eliot Paul The Mysterious Mickey Finn
1939 Clayton Rawson Footprints on the Ceiling
1940 Kenneth Roberts Oliver Wiswell
1940 Cornrll Woolrich The Bride Wore Black
1941 James M. Cain Mildred Pierce
1941 Richard & Francis Lockridge A Pinch of Poison
1941 Cornrll Woolrich The Black Curtain
1942 C.S. Forester Payment Deferred
1942 Vera Gaspary Laura
1942 Helen McCloy Cue for Murder
1942 Ellery Queen Calamity Town
1942 Cornell Woolrich The Black Angel
1943 Raymond Chandler The Lady in the Lake
1943 Graham Greene The Ministry of Fear
1945 Edmund Crispin Holy Disorders
1945 Gladys Mitchell The Rising of the Moon
1945 Joel Townley Rogers The Red Right Hand
1946 Edmund Crispin The Moving Toyshop
1946 Kenneth Fearing The Big Clock
1946 Roy Huggins The Double Take
1946 Dorothy B. Hughes Ride the Pink Horse
1946 Hilda Lawrence The Pavilion
1948 John Franklin Bardin Devil Take the Blue Tail Fly
1948 Carter Dickson The Skeleton in the Clock
1948 Edna Sherry Sudden Fear
1948  Mickey Spillane I, the Jury
1948 Cornell Woolrich Rendezvous in Black
1949 Raymond Chandler The Little Sister
1949 Edmund Crispin Buried for Pleasure
1949 Ellery Queen Cat of Many Tails
1950 Graham Greene The Third Man
1950 Patricia Highsmith Strangers on a Train
1950 Dorothy B. Hughes In a Lonely Place
1950 Mickey Spillane My Gun Is Quick
1950 Josephine Tey To Love and Be Wise
1951 Josephine Tey The Daughter of Time
1952 Margery Allingham The Tiger in the Smoke
1952 Rocc Macdonald The Ivory Green
1952 Jim Thompson The Killer Inside Me
1953 Frederick Brown Meatball
1953 Raymond Chandler The Long Goodbye
1953 Davis Grubb The Night of the Hunter
1953 Ira Levin A Kiss Before Dying
1954 Rex Stout The Black Mountain
1954 Jim Thompson A Hell of a Woman
1955 Herbert Brean Wilders Walk Away
1955 Margaret Millar Beast in View
1956 Patricia Highsmith The Talented Mr. Ripley
1956 Robert Robinson Landscape for Dead Dons
1958 Graham Greene Our Man in Havana
1958 Robert Traver Anatomy of a Murder
1959 Robert Bloch Psycho
1959 Philip McDonald The List of Adrian Messenger
1960 Geoffrey Household Watcher in the Shadows
1962 Lionel Davidson The Rose of Tibet
1962 Len Deighton The Ipcress File
!962 Fletcher & Bailey Seven Days in May
1962 Ross Macdonald The Zebra-Striped Hearse
1962 Margaret Millar How Like an Angel
1962 Arthur W. Upfield The Will of the Tribe
1963 John Le Carre The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
1963 Alistair MacLean Ice Station Zebra
1963 Robert Van Gulik The Emperor's Pearl
1964 Len Deighton Funeral in Berlin
1964 John Garner The Liquidator
1964 Hans Helmut Kirst The Night of the Generals
1964 Jane Langton The Minuteman Murder
1964 Mary Stewart This Rough Magic
1964 Jim Thompson Pop, 1280
1964 David Walker Winter of Madness
1965 John Ball In the Heat of the Night
1965 L.P. Davies Who Is Lewis Pinder?
1965 Adam Hall The Quiller Memorandum
1965 Rex Stout The Doorbell Rang
1966 Helen MacInnes The Double Image
1967 Stanley Hyland Green Grow the Tresses-O
1967 Ross Thomas The Seersucker Whipsaw
1967 Robert van Gulik Necklace and Calabash
1968 Sjowall & Wahloo The Laughing Policeman
1969 George MacDonald Fraser Flashman
1969 Alistair MacLean Puppet on a Chain
1969 Mario Puzo The Godfather
1969 Sjowall & Wahloo The Fire Engine that Disappeared
1970 Jack Finney Time and Time Again
1971 Frederick Forsyth The Day of the Jackal
1971 George V. Higgins The Friends of Eddie Coyle
1971 Alistair MacLean Bear Island
1971 Ross Macdonald The Underground Man
1972 David Anthony Blood on a Harvest Moon
1972 Victor Canning The Rainbird Pattern
1972 Frederick Forsyth The Odessa File
1972 Trevanian The Eiger Sanction
1973 Robert Littell The Defection of A.J. Lewinter
1973 Lawrence Sanders The First Deadly Sin
1973 Mark Smith The Death of the Detective
1973 Ross Thomas If You Can't Be Good
1973 Julian Symons The Plot Against Roger Ryder
1973 Trevanian The Loo Sanction
1974 Peter Benchley Jaws
1974 Frederick Forsyth The Dogs of War
1974 John Le Carre Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
1974 John D. MacDonald The Dreadful Lemon Sky
1974 Anthony Price Other Paths to Glory
1974 Joseph Wambaugh The Onion Field
1975 Jack Higgins The Eagle Has Landed
1975 William Gardner A Big Enough Wreath
1975 Tony Kenrick Stealing Lilian
1975 Wilbur Smith The Eye of the Tiger
1976 Thomas Gifford The Cavanaugh Quest
1976 Ira Levin The Boys from Brazil
1976 Nan & Ivan Lyons Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe
1976 Arthur Morrison Best Martin Hewitt Detective Stories
1976 Wilbur Smith Cry Wolf
1977 George MacDonald Fraser Flashman's Lady
1977 Brian Freemantle Charlie M.
1977 George Hart The Punch and Judy Murders
1977 Ruth Rendell A Judgement in Stone
1978 Desmond Bagley Flyaway
1978 James Crumley The Last Good Kiss
1978 Ken Follett The Eye of the Needle
1978 Irving & Bukholz The Death Freak
1978 La Rosa & Tannenbaum The Random Factor
1979 William Gardner  The Mobius Strip
1979 Trevanian Shibumi
1980 Collins & LaPierre The Fifth Horseman
1980 Michael Crichton Congo
1980 Peter Fox Mantis
1980 George MacDonald Fraser Mr. American
1981 David Gurr A Woman Called Scylla
1981 Ann Perry Paragon Walk
1981 Thomas Harris Red Dragon
1982 W. R. Duncan The Queen's Messenger
1982 Dick Francis Twice Shy
1982 Duff Hart-Davis The Heights of Rimring
1983 Joe McGinniss Fatal Vision
1984 Dorothy Dunnett Dolly and the Bird of Paradise
1984 Duncan Kyle The King's Commissar
1984 Raymond Paul The Tragedy at Tiverton
1984 Ross Thomas Briarpatch