In the "Preface" to his What Historical Novel Do I Read Next? (1997), Daniel S. Burt includes "Recommended Historical Novels." He writes: "Below is a selection from a great number of excellent historical novels contained in this book. Listed are those novels that in this author's opinion  bring together a vivid and authentic re-creation of the past with a rousing fictional story and compelling characters and are particularly recommended."



Jean Auel The Clan of the Cave Bear. 1980
Jean Auel The Valley of Horses. 1982
Jean Auel The Plains of Passage. 1991
Jean Auel The Mammoth Hunters. 1985
W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear The First North American Series. 
William Golding The Inheritors. 1962
Bjorn Kurten Dance of the Tiger. 1980
Bjorn Kurten Singlestuck. 1986
Joan Wolf Daughter of the Red Dear. 1991
Joan Wolf The Horsemasters. 1993
Joan Wolf The Reindeer Hunters. 1994


-------THE ANCIENT WORLD------


Allen Drury A God Against the Gods. 1976
Allen Drury Return to Thebes. 1977
Pauline Gedge The Twelfth Transforming. 1984
Pauline Gedge Lady of the Reeds. 1977
Jacquetta Hawkes King of the Two Lands. 1966
Norman Mailer Ancient Evenings. 1983
Eloise J. McGraw Pharaoh. 1958
Wilbur Smith River God. 1993
Judith Tarr Pillar of Fire. 1995
Judith Tarr King and Goddess. 1996
Mika Waltari The Egyptian. 1949


Alfred Duggan Besieger of Cities. 1963
Naomi Mitchison The Corn King and the Spring Queen. 1931
Phillip Paroti The Greek General's Talk. 1986
Philip Paroti The Trojan Generals Talk. 1988
Jill Paton Walsh Farewell Great King. 1972
Mary Renault The Last of the Wine. 1956
Mary Renault The King Must Die. 1958
Mary Renault The Mask of Apollo. 1966
Mary Renault Fire from Heaven. 1969
Mary Renault Funeral Games. 1981
Mary Renault The Persian Boy. 1972
Mary Renault The Praise Singer. 1978
Martha Rofheart My Name Is Sappho. 1974 
Rosemary Sutcliff The Flowers of Adonis. 1970
Rex Warner Pericles the Athenian. 1963


Bryher Roman Wall. 1954
Bryher The Coin of Carthage. 1963
Alfred Duggan Winter Quarters. 1956
Alfred Duggan Three's Company. 1957
Alfred Duggan Children of the Wolf. 1959
Alfred Duggan Family Favorites. 1960
Lion Feuchtwanger Josephus. 1932
Lion Feuchtwanger The Jew of Rome. 1936
Lion Feuchtwanger Josephus and the Emperor. 1942
Ernest K. Gahn The Antagonists. 1970
Robert Graves I, Claudius. 1934
Robert Graves Claudius the God. 1935
Peter Green Sword of Pleasure. 1957
William G. Hardy City of Libertines. 1957
Ross Leckie Hannibal. 1996
Allan Massie Augustus. 1986
Allan Massie  Tiberius. 1994
Allan Massie Caesar. 1994
Henryk Sienkiewicz Quo Vadis. 1897
Gore Vidal Julian. 1964
Rex Warner The Young Caesar, 1958
Rex Warner Imperial Caesar. 1960
Rex Warner The Converts. 1967
Thornton Wolder Ides of March. 1948
John Williams Augustus. 1972
Marguerite Yourcenar Hadrian's Memoirs. 1954

Biblical and Christian Eras

Shalom Asch The Nazarene. 1939
Shalom Asch Mary. 1949
Shalom Asch Moses. 1951
Shalom Asch The Prophet. 1955
Konrad Bercovici The Exodus. 1947
Julius Berstl The Tentmaker. 1952
Henrietta Buckmaster And Walk in Love. 1956
Frederick Buechner The Son of Laughter. 1993
Anthony Burgess Man of Nazareth. 1979
Thomas Mann The Joseph Tetralogy
Malachi Martin King of Kings. 1980
Naomi Mitchison Blood of the Martyrs. 1948
Gladys Schmitt David the King. 1946

------THE DARK AGES------

Bryher Ruan. 1960
Bernard Cornwell The Winter King. 1995
Alfred Duggan Conscience of the King. 1952
Alfred Duggan The Right of Cerdic. 1961
Laverne Gay The Unspeakables. 1945
Mary Stewart The Crystal Cave. 1970
Mary Stewart The Hollow Hills. 1973
Mary Stewart The Last Enchantment. 1979
Mary Stewart The Wicked Day. 1983
Mary Stewart The Prince and the Pilgrim. 1995
Rosemary Sutcliff The Sword of Sunset. 1963
R.F. Tapsell The Year of the Horsetails. 1967
Henry Treece Great Captains. 1955
Henry Treece Red Queen, White Queen. 1958
T.H. White The Once and Future King. 1958
Jack Whyte The Singing Sword. 1996
Jack Whyte The Skystone. 1996
Joan Wolf The Road to Avalon. 1988
Joan Wolf The Edge of Light. 1990

------THE MIDDLE AGES------

Prudence Andrew The Hooded Falcon. 1961
Prudence Andrew Ordeal by Silence. 1961
Prudence Andrew The Constant Star. 1964
Bryher Fourteenth of October. 1952
Bryher This January Tale. 1966
Margaret Butler The Lion of England. 1973
Margaret Butler The Lion of Justice. 1975
Margaret Butler The Lion of Christ. 1977
Hannah Closs High Are the Mountains. 1959
Hannah Closs Deep Are the Valleys. 1961
Hannah Closs The Silent Tarn. 1963
Maurice Druon The Poisoned Crown. 1957
Maurice Druon The Strangled Queen. 1957
Maurice Druon Royal Succession. 1958
Maurice Druon The She-Wolf of France. 1960
Alfred Duggan Cunning of the Dove. 1960
Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose. 1983
C.M. Edmondston and M.L.F. Hyde King's Man. 1948
Alice Walworth Graham Vows of the Peacock. 1955
Alice Walworth Graham Shield of Honor. 1957
Cecelia Holland The Firedrake. 1966
Cecelia Holland Kings in Winter. 1968
Cecelia Holland Antichrist. 1970
A. Maugham Harry of Monmouth. 1956
Hope Muntz Golden Warrior. 1949
Shelley Mydans Thomas. 1965
Zoe Oldenbourg The World Is Not Enough. 1948
Zoe Oldenbourg The Cornerstone. 1955
Zoe Oldenbourg Destiny of Fire. 1961
Zoe Oldenbourg Cities of the Flesh. 1961
Zoe Oldenbourg The Heirs of the Kingdom. 1971
Marian Palmer White Boar. 1968
Sharon Kay Penman The Sunne in Splendour. 1982
Sharon Kay Penman Here Be Dragons. 1987
Sharon Kay Penman Falls the Shadow. 1988
Sharon Kay Penman The Reckoning. 1991
Sharon Kay Penman When Christ and His Saints Slept. 1995
Hilda Prescott The Unhurrying Chase. 1955
Hilda Prescott Son of Dust. 1956
Lawrence Schoonover Spider King. 1954
Anya Seton Katherine. 1953
Edith Simon Golden Hand. 1952
Josephine Tey The Daughter of Time. 1952
Sylvia Warren The Corner That Held Them. 1948
Hebe Weenolson The Last Englishman. 1951
Helen C. White Not Built with Hands. 1935



Sidney Alexander Michelangelo the Florentine. 1957
Sidney Alexander The Hand of Michelangelo. 1965
Sidney Alexander Nicodemus. 1987
Maria Bellonci Private Renaissance. 1989
Dorothy Dunnett The House of Niccolo Series
George Eliot Romola. 1863
Michael Ennis Duchess of Milan. 1992
Hella S. Haases The Scarlet City. 1990
Cecelia Holland City of God. 1979
Heinrich Mann Young Henry of Navarre. 1937
Robert Merle Vittoria. 1990
Miranda Seymour The Bride of Sforza. 1975
Carl Spinatelli The Florentine. 1953
Irving Stone The Agony and the Ecstacy. 1961

Tudor and Elizabethan England

Charles Brady Stage of Fools. 1952
Elizabeth Byrd Immortal Queen
Diane Davidson Feversham. 1969
Josephine Delves-Broughton Heart of a Queen. 1950
Olive Eckerson My Lord Essex. 1955
Patricia Finney The Firedrake's Eye. 1992
Ford Maddox Ford The Fifth Queen. 1963
George Garrett Death of the Fox. 1971
George Garrett The Succession. 1983
George Garrett Entered from the Sun. 1990
Margaret George The Autobiography of Henry VIII
Margaret George Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles. 1992
Charles Gidley Armada. 1987
Rosalind Miles I, Elizabeth. 1994
Jane Oliver Flame of Fire. 1961
Hilda Prescott Man on a Donkey. 1952

------17TH and 18TH CENTURIES------

Louis Auchincloss The Cat and the King. 1981
John Beatty and Patricia Beatty Campion Towers. 1965
Stephanie Cowell Nicholas Cooke. 1993
Stephanie Cowell The Physician of London. 1995
Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities. 1859
Alexandre Dumas The Three Muskateers. 1844
Daphne Du Maurier The Glass-Blowers. 1963
Thomas Flanagan The Year of the French. 1979
Elizabeth Goudge White Witch. 1957
Edward Grierson Dark Torrent of Glencoe. 1960
Tabitha Lee The Gods Are Thirsty. 1996
Jeanne Mackin The Frenchwoman. 1989
Francisco Rebolledo Rasero. 1995
Virgil Scott I, John Mordaunt. 1964
Frances Sherwood Vindication. 1993
Rose Tremaine Restoration. 1990


Ivo Andric Bosnian Chronicle. 1963
Louis Aragon Holy Week. 1961
Bernard Cornwell The Richard Sharpe Series
C.S. Forester The Horatio Hornblower Series
Claude Manceron So Brief a Spring. 1957
Patrick O'Brian The Aubrey/Maturin Series
Susan Sontag The Volcano Lover. 1992
David Stacton Sir William. 1963
Leo Tolstoy War and Peace. 1872
Frances Winwar The Eagle and the Rock. 1952


Thomas Flannagan The Tennants of Time. 1988
George MacDonald Fraser The Flashman Series
John Fowles The French Lieutenant's Woman. 1969

------20TH CENTURY------

Pat Barker Regeneration. 1992
Pat Barker The Eye in the Door. 1994
Pat Barker The Ghost Road. 1996
E.L. Doctorow Ragtime. 1976
Sebastian Faulks Birdsong. 1996
Thomas Flanagan The End of the Hunt. 1994
Boris Pasternak Doctor Zhivago. 1958

------UNITED STATES------

Colonial Period

Hervey Allen The Forest and the Fort. 1943
Hervey Allen Bedford Village. 1944
Hervey Allen Toward the Morning. 1948
John Barth The Sot-Weed Factor. 1960
Virginia Bernhard A Durable Fire. 1990
Walter D. Edmonds In the Hands of the Senecas. 1947
Inglis Fletcher Roanoke Hundred. 1948
Ernest Gebler Plymouth Adventure. 1950
Gerard Mac Pilgrims. 1994
Kenneth Roberts Northwest Passage. 1937
Anya Seton The Winthrop Woman. 1958
Mary Lee Settle O Beulah Land. 1956
Grace Stone The Cold Journey. 1934
Neil Swanson The First Rebel. 1937
James Alexander Thom Follow the River. 1981

The American Revolution

Jane Barry Long March. 1955
Jane Barry The Carolinians. 1959
James Boyd Drums. 1925
Winston Churchill Richard Caqrvel. 1899
Winston Churchill The Crossing. 1904
Walter D. Edmonds Drums Along the Mohawk. 1936
William Ellis Bounty Lands. 1952
Howard Fast Conceived in Liberty. 1939
Howard Fast Citizen Tom Paine. 1943
Howard Fast April Morning. 1961
Thomas Fleming Liberty Tavern. 1976
Charles Flood Monmouth. 1961
Paul Leicester Ford Janice Meridith. 1899
Janice Giles Hannah Fowler. 1956
Robert Graves Sergeant Lamb's America. 1940
Robert Graves Proceed, Sergeant Lamb. 1941
Bruce Lancaster Guns of Burgoyne. 1939
Bruce Lancaster Trumpet to Arms. 1944
Bruce Lancaster Blind Journey. 1953
S. Weir Mitchell Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker. 1897
Elizabeth Page Tree of Liberty. 1939
Kenneth Roberts Arundel. 1930
Kenneth Roberts Rabble in Arms. 1933
Kenneth Roberts Oliver Wiswell. 1940

19th Century

Harold Davis Beulah Land. 1949
Leonard Ehrlich God's Angry Man. 1932
Turman Nelson Surveyor. 1960
Kenneth Roberts Lively Lady. 1931
Kenneth Roberts Captain Caution. 1934
Kenneth Roberts Lydia Bailey. 1946
Mary Lee Settle Know Nothing. 1960
William Styron.  The Confessions of Nat Turner. 1967
Margaret Walker Jubilee. 1966
Willard M. Wallace Jonathan Dearborn. 1967
Ben Ames Williams The Unconquered. 1952

The Civil War

Stephen Becker When the War Is Over. 1969
James Boyd Marching On. 1927
Winston Churchill The Crisis. 1901
Stephen Crane The Red Badge of Courage. 1895
Clifford Dowdey The Bugles Blow No More. 1937
Shelby Foote Shiloh. 1952
Douglas C. Jones Elkhorn Tavern. 1980
Douglas C. Jones The Barefoot Brigade. 1985
MacKinlay Kantor Long Remember. 1934
MacKinlay Kantor Andersonville. 1955
Thomas Keneally Confederates. 1981
Bruce Lancaster Roll, Shenandoah. 1956
Perry Lentz The Falling Hills. 1967
Margaret Mitchell Gone With the Wind. 1936
Don Robertson The Three Days. 1959
Don Robertson By Antietam Creek. 1960
Michael Shaara The Killer Angels. 1975
Richard Slotkin The Crater. 1980
Robert Penn Warren Wilderness. 1961
Tom Wicker Unto This Hour. 1984
Ben Ames Williams House Divided. 1947
Stark Young So Red the Rose. 1934

The West

Elliott Arnold Time of the Gringo. 1952
Del Barton A Good Way to Die. 1980
Amelia Bean Fancher Train. 1958
Amelia Bean The Feud. 1960
Amelia Bean Time For Outrage. 1967 
Thomas Berger Little Big Man. 1964
Irwin Blacker Taos. 1959
Willa Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop. 1927
Frederick J. Chiaventone A Road We Do Not Know. 1996
Walter Clark The Ox-Bow Incident. 1940
H.L. Davis Honey in the Horn. 1935
Pete Dexter Deadwood. 1986
Edna Ferber Cimarron. 1930
Vardis Fisher Children of God. 1939
Vardis Fisher Tale of Valor. 1958
A.B. Guthrie, Jr. The Big Sky. 1947
A.B. Guthrie, Jr. The Way West. 1949
Oakley Hall Warlock. 1958
Ron Hansen Desperadoes. 1980
Paul Horgan A Distanr Trumpet. 1960
Alan LeMay The Searchers 1954
Frederick Manfred Lord Grizzly. 1954
Larry McMurty Lonesome Dove. 1985
Charles Portis True Grit. 1968
O.E. Rolvaag Gianes in the Earth. 1927
Michael Straight Carrington. 1959
Michael Straight A Very Small Remnant. 1963


Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart. 1959
Stuart Cloete The Turning Wheel. 1937
Peter Forbath Lord of the Kongo. 1996
Lennart Hagerfors The Whales of Lake Tanganyika. 1989
John Halkin Kenya. 1986
William Harrison Burton and Speke. 1982



Pearl S. Buck The Good Earth. 1931
Pearl S. Buck Imperial Woman. 1955
James Clavell Tai-Pan. 1966
Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri The Court of the Lion. 1989
Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri Deception. 1992
Robert S. Elegant Dynasty. 1977
Robert S. Elegant Manchu. 1980
Robert S. Elegant Mandarin. 1983
Robert S. Elegant From a Far Land. 1987
Anthony Grey Peking. 1988
Jean Levi The Chinese Emperor. 1987
Jean Levi The Dream of Confucius. 1992
Bette Bao Lord Spring Moon. 1981
Robert B. Oxnam Ming. 1995


Stephen Alter Silk and Steel. 1980
Jonathan Fast Golden Fire. 1986
Thomas Hoover The Moghul. 1983
M.M. Kaye Shadow of the Moon. 1957
M.M. Kaye The Far Pavilions. 1978
John Masters Nightrunners of Bengal. 1950
John Masters The Deceivers. 1952
Gita Mehta Raj. 1952
Paul Scott The Raj Quartet


James Clavell Shogun. 1975
James Clavell Gai-Jin. 1993
Lynn Guest Yedo. 1985
Lucia St. Clair Robson Tokaido Road. 1991
David Stacton Segaki. 1959
Edward Tolosko Sakuran. 1978
Kunio Tsuji The Signore. 1990
Eija Yoshikawa The Heike Story. 1956
Eija Yoshikawa Musashi. 1981
Eija Yoshikawa Taiko. 1992


O.A. Bushnell Molokai. 1965
Charles Nordhoff and James Hall The Bounty Trilogy
Barbara Wood The Dreaming. 1991


Madison Smartt Bell All Soul's Rising. 1995
Gerald Green The Sword and the Sun. 1953
Bruce Jeffries Drums of Destiny. 1947
Daniel Peters The Luck of Huemac. 1981
Daniel Peters Tikal. 1983
Daniel Peters The Incas. 1991
David Stacton A Signal Victory. 1960