The Crime Writers' Association of Great Britain made the first Gold Dagger Award for best nonfiction crime book of the year in 1978. The winners of these awards are as follows.

1999 Brian Cathcart The Case of Stephen Lawrence
1998 Gita Sereny Cries Unheard
1997 Paul Britton The Jigsaw Man
1996 Antonia Fraser The Gunpowder Plot
1995 Michael Harris The Prodigal Husband
1994 David Canter Criminal Shadows
1993 Alexandra Artley Murder in the Heart
1992 Charles Nicholl The Reckoning
1991 John Bossy Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair
1990 Jonathan Goodman The Passing of Starr
1989 Robert Lindsay A Gathering of Saints
1988 Bernard Wasserstein The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln
1987 Bernard Taylor and Perfect Murder
  Stephen Knight
1986 John Bryson Evil Angels
1985 Brian Masters Killing for Company
1984 David Yallop In God's Name
1983 Peter Watson Double Dealer
1982 John Cornwell Earth to Earth
1981 Jacobo Timerman Prisoner With a Name, Cell Without a Number
1980 Anthony Summers Conspiracy
1979 Jon Connell and Fraud
  Douglas Sutherland
1978 Harry Hawkes The Capture of the Black Panther