Probably the most prestigious literary award in Canada, the Governor General's Award is administered by the Canada Council and has been awarded continuously since 1936 even though the number of awards has changed over time. There are now 14 categories awarded in both French and English: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Drama, Children's Literature - Text, Children's Literature - Illustration and Translation. A jury reviews books published by Canadian authors published in Canada or abroad during the previous year (Oct. 1 Sept. 30) and winners are announced in November. The winners for Nonfiction in English are as follows.


2002 Andrew Nikiforuk Saboteurs: Wiebo Ludwig's War Against Big Oil
2001 Thomas Homer-Dixon The Ingenuity Gap
2000 Nega Mezlekia Notes from the Hyena's Belly
1999 Marq de Villers Water
1998 David Adams Richards Lines on the Water: A Fisherman's Life on the Miramichi
1997 Rachel Manley Drumblair: Memories of a Jamaican Childhood
1996 John Ralston Saul The Unconscious Civilization
1995 Rosemary Sullivan Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwan
1994 John A. Livingston Rogue Primate
1993 Karen Connelly Touch the Dragon
1992 Maggie Siggins Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm
1991 Robert Hunter, Robert Calihoo Occupied Canada: A Young White Man Discovers His Unsuspected Past
1990 Stephen Clarkson, Christina McCall Trudeau and Our Times
1989 Robert Calder Willie: The Life of W. Somerset Maugham
1988 Anne Collins In the Sleep Room
1987 Michael Ignatieff The Russian Album
1986 Northrop Frye Northrop Frye on Shakespeare
1985 Ramsey Cook The Regenerators: Social Criticism in Late Victorian English Canada
1984 Sandra Gwyn The Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and Laurier
1983 Jeffrey Williams Byng of Vimy: General and Governor General
1982 Christopher moore Louisbourg Portraits: Life in an Eighteenth-Century Garrison Town
1981 George Calef Caribou and the Barren-Lands
1980 Stephen Scobie McAlmon's Chinese opera
1979 Maria Tippett Emily Carr: A Biography
1978 Roger Caron Go Boy
1977 Frank Scott Essays on the Constitution
1976 Carl Berger The Writing of Canadian History
1975 Marion MacRae, Anthony Adamson Hallowed Walls
1974 Charles Ritchie The Siren Years
1973 Michael bell Painters in a New Land
1972 No Award  
1971 Pierre Burton The Last Spike
1970 No Award  
1969 No Award  
1968 No Award  
1967 Norah Storey The Oxford Companion to Canadian History and Literature
1966 George Woodcock The Crystal Spirit
1965 James Eayrs In Defence of Canada
1964 Phyllis Grosskurth John Adiington Symonds
1963 J.M.S. Careless Brown of the Globe
1962 Marshall McLuhan The Gutenberg Galaxy
1961 T.A. Goudge The Ascent of life
1960 Frank H. Underhill In Search of Canadian Liberalism
1959 No Award  
1958 Pierre Burton Klondike
1958 Joyce Hemlow The History of Fannie Burney
1957 Bruce Hutchinson Canada: Tomorrow's Giant
1957 Thomas H. Raddall The Path of Destiny 
1956 Pierre Burton The Mysterious North
1956 Joseph Lister Rutledge Century of Conflict
1955 N.J. Berrill Man's Emerging Mind
1955 Donald G. Creighton John A. Macdonald, The Old Chieftan
1954 Hugh MacLennan Thirty and Three
1954 A.R.M. Lower This Most famous Stream
1953 N.J. Berrill Sex and the Nature of Things
1953 J.M.S. Careless Canada, A Story of Challenge
1952 Bruce Hutchison The Incredible Canadian
1952 Donald G. Creighton John A. Macdonald, The Young Politician
1951 Josephine Phelan The Ardent Exile
1951 Frank MacKinnon The Government of Prince Edward Island
1950 Marjorie Wilkins Campbell The Saskatchewan
1950 W.L. Morton The Progressive Party in Canada
1949 Hugh MacLennan Cross-Country
1949 R. MacGregor Dawson Democratic Government in Canada
1948 Thomas H. Raddall  Halifax, Warden of the North
1948 C.P. Stacey The Canadian Army, 1939-1945
1947 William Sclaster Haida
1947 R. MacGregor Dawson The Government of Canada
1946 Frederick Philip Grove In Search of Myself
1946 A.R.M. Lower Colony to Nation
1945 Evelyn M. Richardson We Keep a Light
1945 Ross Munro Gauntlet to Overlord
1944 Dorothy Duncan Partner in Three Worlds
1944 Edgar McInnes The War: Fourth Year
1943 John D. Robins The Incomplete Anglers
1943 E.K. Brown On Canadian Poetry
1942 Bruce Hutchison The Unknown Country
1942 Edgar McInnes The Unguarded Frontier
1941 Emily Carr Klee Wyck
1940 J.F.C. Wright Slava Bohu
1939 Laura G. Salverson Confessions of an Immigrant's Gaughter
1938 John Murray Gibbon Canadian Mosaic
1937 Stephen Leacock My Discovery of the West
1936 T.B. Robertson T.B.R. - Newspaper Pieces