H. R. F. Keating was the crime books reviewer for the London Times for 15 years, a former chairman of the British Crime Writers’ Association, and a past president of the Detection Club.  His 100 Best Crime and Mystery Books  was published 1987.  Keating provides a page discussion of each of the titles that are listed below.


            1845     Edgar Allan Poe                  Tales of Mystery and Imagination
            1868     Wilkie Collins                      The Moonstone
            1870     Charles Dickens                  The Mystery of Edwin Drood
            1892     Arthur Conan Doyle            The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
            1899     E. W. Hornung                    The Amateur Cracksman
            1902     Arthur Conan Doyle            The Hound of the Baskervilles
            1907     Jacques Futrelle                   The Thinking Machine
            1908     Mary Roberts Rinehart        The Circular Staircase
            1911     G. K. Chesterton                 The Innocence of Father Brown
            1918     Melville Davisson Post         Uncle Abner
            1925     Edgar Wallace                     The Mind of J. G. Reeder
            1926     Agatha Christie                    The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
            1929     Dashiell Hammett                 Red Harvest
            1929     C. H. B. Kitchin                   Death of My Aunt
            1930     Dorothy L. Sayers                The Documents in the Case
            1930     Dashiell Hammett                 The Maltese Falcon
            1931     Arthur W. Upfield                The Sands of Windee
            1932     Francis Iles                           Before the Fact
            1933     Erle Stanley Gardner            The Case of the Sulky Girl
            1934     Agatha Christie                    Murder on the Orient Express
            1934     James M. Cain                     The Postman Always Rings Twice
            1934     Dorothy L. Sayers                The Nine Tailors
            1935     John Dickson Carr               The Hollow Man (T Three Coffins)
            1935     Rex Stout                             The League of Frightened Men
            1936     Ethel Lina White                  The Wheel Spins
            1938     Nicholas Blake                    The Beast Must Die
            1940     Cornell Woolrich                 The Bride Wore Black
            1940     Ngaio Marsh                        Surfeit of Lampreys or Death of a Peer
            1942     Ellery Queen                        Calamity Town
            1942     Cyril Hare                            Tragedy at Law
            1942     Raymond Chandler               The High Window
            1944     Christianna Brand                Green for Danger
            1945     Michael Innes                      Appleby’s End
            1946     Elizabeth Ferrars                  Murder Among Friends
            1946     Helen Eustis                         The Horizontal Man
            1946     Edmund Crispin                   The Moving Toyshop
            1947     Frederick Brown                 The Fabulous Clipjoint
            1948     Josephine Tey                      The Franchise Affair
            1948     John Franklin Bardin             Devil Take the Blue-Tail Fly
            1948     Margery Allingham               More Work for the Undertaker
            1949     Georges Simenon                 My Friend Maigret
            1949     W. R. Burnett                       The Asphalt Jungle
            1950     Michael Gilbert                    Smallbone Deceased
            1950     Georges Simenon                 The Stain on the Snow, The  Snow Was Black.
            1951     Josephine Tey                      The Daughter of Time
            1952     Hillary Waugh                      Last Seen Wearing…
            1952     Margery Allingham               The Tiger in the Smoke
            1953     John Bingham                       Five Roundabouts to Heaven
            1953     Raymond Chandler               The Long Goodbye
            1953     Guy Cullingford                    Post Mortem
            1954     Shelley Smith                       The Party at No. 5
            1955     Patricia Highsmith                The Talented Mr. Ripley
            1955     Margaret Millar                    The Beast in View
            1956     John Creasey (J. J. Marric)  Gideon’s Week
            1956     Stanley Ellin                         Mystery Stories
            1960     Georges Simenon                 Maigret in Court
            1960     Michael Innes                      The New Sonia Wayward
            1963     Nicholas Freeling                 Gun Before Butter
            1963     Dorothy Hughes                   The Expendable Man
            1964     Jim Thompson                      Pop. 1280
            1966     E. B. Eberhart                      R. S. V. P. Murder
            1967     Julian Symons                      The Man Who Killed Himself
            1967     Emma Lathen                       Murder Against the Grain
            1967     Maj Sjowall, Per Wahloo     Roseanna
            1967     George Sims                         The Last Best Friend
            1968     Peter Dickinson                    The Glass-Sided Ants’ Nest
            1968     Helen McCloy                      Mr. Splitfoot
            1969     Patricia Highsmith                The Tremor of Forgery
            1969     Chester Himes                      Blind Man With a Pistol
            1970     Joan Fleming                        Young Man, I Think You're Dying
            1970     Margaret Millar                    Beyond This Point are Monsters
            1972     Ed McBain                           Sadie When She Died
            1972     George V. Higgins               The Friends of Eddie Coyle
            1972     Julian Symons                      The Players and the Game
            1972     Stanley Ellin                        Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
            1973     Tony Hillerman                    Dance Hall of the Dead
            1974     Peter Dickinson                   The Poison Oracle
            1974     Gregory McDonald             Fletch
            1975     P. D. James                         The Black Tower
            1975     Celia Fremlin                       The Long Shadow
            1975     Colin Watson                      The Naked Nuns or Six Nuns and a Shotgun.
            1976     Ross Macdonald                 The Blue Hammer
            1976     Agatha Christie                   Sleeping Murder
            1976     Dorothy Salisbury Davis      A Death in the Life
            1976     Dorothy Uhnak                   The Investigation
            1977     Ruth Rendell                       A Judgement in Stone
            1977     William McIlvanney             Laidlaw
            1977     Donald Westlake                Nobody's Perfect
            1978     Reginald Hill                       A Pinch of Snuff
            1979     Joseph Hansen                    Skinflick
            1979     P. M. Hubbard                    Kill Claudio
            1979     John D. MacDonald            The Green Ripper
            1981     John Wainwright                  All On a Summer's Day
            1981     Amanda Cross                    Death in a Tenured Position
            1981     Joseph Wambaugh              The Glitter Dome
            1982     June Thomson                     To Make a Killing
            1982     Peter Lovesey                     The False Inspector Dew
            1984     James McClure                   The Artful Egg
            1986     P. D. James                         A Taste for Death