The Prize has been supported by the PEN American Center and the Book-of-the Month Club since 1963 in recognition of the art of the literary translator - the first American award to do so. Although all eligible books must be published in the United States, translators may be of any nationality; U. S. residency or citizenship is not required. There are no restrictions of the subject matter of translated works, although eligible titles should be of a literary character; technical, scientific, or bibliographical translations are not considered.  In the list below, the translator's name appears in the left column and the author and title of the translated work appears in the right column.


2003 R.W. Flint Cesare Pavese. The Moon and the Bonfires
2002 Richard Pevear, Larissa Volokhonsky Leo Tolstoy. Anna Karenina
2001 Tiina Nunnally Sigrid Undset. Kristin Lavransdatter III - The Cross
2000 Richard Sieburth Gerard De Nerval. Selected Writings
1999 Michael Hofmann Joseph Roth. The Tale of the 1002nd Night
1998 Peter Constantine Thomas Mann. Six Early Stories
1997 Arnold Pomerans Vincent Van Gogh. The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
1996 Stanislaw Baranczak & Clare Cavanagh Wislawa Szymborska. View with a Grain of Sand
1995 Burton Watson Su Tung-p'o. Selected Poems
1994 Bill Zavatsky & Jack Rogow Andre Breton. Earthlight
1993 Thomas Hoisington Ignacy Krasicki. The Adventures of Mr. Nicholas Wisdom
1992 David Rosenberg The Poet's Bible
1991 Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky Fyodor Dostoevsky. The Brothers Karamazov
1990 William Weaver Umberto Eco. Foucault's Pendulum
1989 Michael Ward Albert Camus. The Stranger
1988 Madeline Levine & Francine Prose Ida Fink. A Scrap of Time
1987 John E. Woods Patrick Suskind. Perfume
1986 Barbara Bray Marguerite Duras. The Lover
1986 Dennis Tedlock Popol Vuh: The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life
1985 Helen R. Lane Mario Vargas Llosa. The War at the End of the World
1985 Seamus Heaney Sweeney Astray
1984 William Weaver Umberto Eco. The Name of the Rose
1983 Richard Wilbur Moliere. Four Comedies
1982 Hiroaki Sato & Burton Watson From the Country of Eight Islands: An Anthology of Japanese Poetry
1981 John E. Woods Arno Schmidt. Evening Edged in Gold
1980 Charles Simic Vasco Popa. Homage to the Lame Wolf
1979 Charles Wright Eugenio Montale. The Storm and Other Poems
1978 Adrienne Foulke Leonardo Sciascia. One Way or Another
1977 Gregory Robassa Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Autumn of the Patriarch
1976 Richard Howard E. M. Cioran. A Short History of Decay
1975 Helen R. Lane Juan Goytisolo. Count Julian
1974 Hardie St. Martin & Leonard Mades Jose Donoso. The Obscene Bird of Night
1973 J. P. McCullough Sextus Propertius. The Poems of Sextus Propertius
1972 Richard & Clara Winston Thomas Mann. The Letters of Thomas Mann
1971 Max Hayward Nadezhda Mandelstam. Hope Against Hope
1970 Sidney Alexander Francesco Guicciardini. The History of Italy
1969 W. S. Merwin Selected Translations, 1948-1968
1968 Vladimir Markov & Merrill Sparks, eds. Modern Russian Poetry
1967 Harriet de Onis J. Guimaraes Rosa. Sagarana
1966 Geoffrey Skelton & Adrian Mitchell Peter Weiss. Marat/Sade
1965 Joseph Barnes Konstantin Paustovsky. The Story of a Life
1964 Ralph Manheim Gunter Grass. The Tin Drum
1963 Archibald Colquhoun Federico de Roberto. The Viceroys