Mystery Writers of America, presented its first Edgar Allan Poe Awards in 1946 for works produced in 1945. Since then,
various categories have been added or discontinued. The Award for Best Fact Crime Book was first made in 1948.


2003 Joseph Wambaugh Fire Lover
2002 Kent Walker with Mark Schone Son of a Grifter
2001 Dick Lehr and Gerard O'Neill Black Mass: The Irish Mob, the FBI, and a Devil's Deal
2000 James B. Stewart Blind Eye
1999 Carlton Stowers To the Last Breath
1998 Richard Firstman and
   Jamie Talan
The Death of Innocents
1997 Darcy O'Brien Power to Hurt
1996 Pete Earley Circumstantial Evidence
1995 Joe Domanick To Protect and Serve
1994 Bella Stumbo Until the Twelfth of Never
1993 Harry Farrell Swift Justice
1992 David Simon Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets
1991 Peter Maas In a Child's Name
1990 Jack Olsen Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell
1989 Harry N. MacLean In Broad Daylight
1988 Richard Hammer CBS Murders
1987 Carlton Stowers Careless Whispers: The True Story of a Triple Murder and the Determined Lawman Who Wouldn't Give Up
1986 Natalie Robins and
   Steven Aronson
Savage Grace
1985 Mike Weiss Double Play: The San Francisco City Hall Killings
1984 Shana Alexander Very Much a Lady
1983 Richard Hammer The Vatican Connection
1982 Robert W. Greene The Sting Man
1981 Fred Harwell A True Deliverance
1980 Robert Lindsey The Falcon and the Snowman
1979 Vincent Bugliosi and
    Ken Hurwitz
Til Death Do Us Part
1978 George Jonas and
   Barbara Amiel
By Persons Unknown
1977 Thomas Thompson Blood and Money
1976 Tom Wicker A Time to Die
1975 Vincent Bugliosi and
   Curt Gentry
Helter Skelter
1974 Barbara Levy Legacy of Death
1973 Stephen Fay, Lewis
Chester, Magnus Linkletter
1972 Sandor Frankel Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
1971 Mildred Savage A Great Fall
1970 Herbert B. Ehrmann The Case That Will Not Die
1969 John Walsh Poe the Detective
1968 Victoria Lincoln A Private Disgrace
1967 Gerold Frank The Boston Strangler
1966 Truman Capote In Cold Blood
1965 Anthony Lewis Gideon's Trumpet
1964 Gerold Frank The Deed
1963 Francis Russell Tragedy in Dedham
1962 Barrett Prettyman, Jr. Death and the Supreme Court
1961 Miriam Allen deFord The Overbury Affair
1960 Thomas Gallager Fire at Sea
1959 Wenzell Brown They Died in the Chair
1958 Harold R. Danforth and
   James D. Horan
The D.A.'s Man
1957 Charles and Louise       Samuels Night Fell on Georgia
1956 Manley Wade Wellman Dead and Gone
1955 Charles Boswell and Lewis Thompson The Girl With the Scarlet Brand
1954 John Bartlow Martin Why Did They Kill?
1953 Erle Stanley Gardner Court of Last Resort
1952 St. Clair McKelway True Tales from the Annals of Crime and Rascality
1951 Edward D. Radin Twelve Against Crime
1950 Joseph Henry Jackson Bad Company
1949 Marie Rodell Regional Murder Series
1948 Edward D. Radin Twelve Against the Law