S.J. ROZAN 

 The Edgar awards are presented in the year after that of the publication of the work.  The following is the list for the year’s best novel as determined by the Mystery Writers of America, the preeminent American organization for mystery writers. The most recent awards were presented at the MWA's 57th Gala Banquet May 1, 2003 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.


2003 S.J. Rozan Winter and Night
2002  T. Jefferson Parker  Silent Joe
2001  Joe R. Landsdale  The Bottoms 
2000  Jan Burke  Bones 
1999  Robert Clark  Mr. White’s Confession 
1988  James Lee Burke  Cimarron Rose 
1997  Thomas A. Cook  The Chatham School Affair 
1996  Dick Francis  Come to Grief 
1995  Mary Willis Walker  The Red Scream 
1994  Minette Walters  The Sculptress 
1993  Margaret Maron  Bootlegger’s Daughter 
1992  Lawrence Block  A Dance at the Slaughterhouse 
1991  Julie Smith  New Orleans Mourning 
1990  James Lee Burke  Black Cherry Blues 
1989  Stuart M. Kaminsky  A Cold Red Sunrise 
1988  Aaron Elkins  Old Bones 
1987  Barbara Vine  A Dark-Adapted Eye 
1986  L. R. Wright  The Suspect 
1985  Ross Thomas  Briarpatch 
1984  Elmore Leonard  La Brava 
1983  Rick Boyer  Billingsgate Shoal 
1982  William Bayer  Peregrine 
1981  Dick Francis  Whip Hand 
1980  Arthur Maling  The Rheingold Route
1979  Ken Follett  The Eye of the Needle 
1978  William H. Hallahan  Catch Me: Kill Me 
1977  Robert B. Parker  Promised Land 
1976  Brian Garfield  Hopscotch 
1975  Jon Cleary  Peter’s Pence 
1974  Tony Hillerman  Dance Hall of the Dead 
1973  William Kiefer  The Lingala Code 
1972  Frederick Forsyth  The Day of the Jackal 
1971  Maj Sjowall, Per Wahloo  The Laughing Policeman 
1970  Dick Francis  Forfeit 
1969  Jeffrey Hudson  A Case of Need 
1968  Donald E. Westlake  God Save the Mark 
1967  Nicholas Freeling  The King of the Rainy Country 
1966  Adam Hall  The Quiller Memorandum 
1965  John Le Carre  The Spy Who Came in From the Cold 
1964  Eric Ambler  The Light of Day 
1963  Ellis Peters  Death and the Joyful Woman 
1962  J. J. Marric  Gideon’s Fire 
1961  Julian Symons  The Progress of a Crime 
1960  Celia Fremlin  The Hours Before Dawn 
1959  Stanley Ellin  The Eighth Circle 
1958  Ed Lacy  Room to Swing 
1957  Charlotte Armstrong  A Dram of Poison 
1956  Margaret Millar  A Beast in View 
1955  Raymond Chandler  The Long Goodbye 
1954  Charlotte Jay  Beat Not the Bones