JOHN DEWEY

This list was prepared by The Booklist Center for the general reader seeking a basic understanding and appreciation of the best of what has been written about aesthetics. Historical and some recent scholarly works in the field are also included.


Virgil C. Aldrich Philosophy of Art. 1967
Philip Alperson, ed. The Philosophy of the Visual Arts. 1992
Rudolf Arnheim Art and Visual Perception, Rev. ed. 1974
Monroe C. Beardsley Aesthetics from Classical Greece to the Present. 1966, 1975
Monroe C. Beardsley Aesthetics: Problems in the Philosophy of Criticism. 2nd ed. 1981
Clive Bell Art.  1914, 1959
Bernard Berenson Aesthetics and History.  1948
Bernard Bosanquet History of Aesthetics.  1982
Bernard Bosanquet Three Lectures on Aesthetic.  1915, reissued 1968
Malcolm Budd Music and the Emotions.  1985, 1992
Edgar F. Carritt What Is Beauty?  1932
John Casey The Language of Criticism.  1966
R.G. Collingwood The Principles of Art.  1938, 1975
David E. Cooper, ed. A Companion to Aesthetics.  1992
Benedetto Croce Aesthetics.  1922, 1978
John Dewey Art as Experience.  1934, 1980
George Dickie Aesthetics:  An Intoduction.  1971
Mikel Dufrenne The Phenonemology of Aesthetic Experience.  1973
Terry Eagleton The Ideology of the Aesthetic.  1990
Umberto Eco Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages.  1986
Etienne H. Gilson The Arts of the Beautiful.  1965
John Hospers Readings in Aesthetics.  1969
Roman Ingarden The Literary Work of Art.  1931, 1973
Susan K. Langer Feeling and Form.  1953, 1973
Susan K. Langer Philosophy in a New Key.  3rd ed. 1979
Jerrold Levinson Music, Art, and Metaphysics.  1990
Jacques Maritain Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry.  1956
Joseph Margolis, ed. Philosophy Looks at the Arts.  3rd ed. 1987
Thomas Munro Oriental Aesthetics.  1965
Plato The Republic.  Tr. by Francis M. Cornford.  1945
Melvin Rader A Modern Book of Esthetics.  5th ed.  1979
Herbert Read The Philosophy of Modern Art.  1955
George Santayana The Sense of Beauty.  1986
Anthony Saville The Test of Time.  1982
Roger Scruton The Aesthetics of Architecture.  1979
Richard Shusterman, ed Analytic Aesthetics.  1989
Leo Tolstoy What Is Art?  Trans. by Alymer Maude.  1960
Eliseo Vivas and
Murray Krieger, eds.
The Problems of Aesthetics.  1953
Kendall Walton Mimesis as Make-Believe.  1990
Rene Wellek and
Austin Warren
Theory of Literature.  Rev. ed.  1956
Hermann Weyl Symmetry.  1952
Oscar Wilde The Critic as Artist.  1925
Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations.  3rd ed.  1968, 1986
Richard Wollheim Painting as an Art.  1987
Nicholas Wolterstorff Works and Worlds of Art.  1980