Translation By Johnny Unduanted

Near the center Ypsilon Milky Way lied the planet Sophia the 3rd, an advanced civilization used to prosper this planet

The time is the year 2052 of the space calendar. Goez, the dread emperor of the universe, led the the Inbem Dark Star Cluster on an invasion, putting an end to the peace at Sophia. The Nora Satellite of the Science Academy managed to get away from the imminent danger, and with their increased power, they complete the final weapon for Inbem's defeat, the all-purpose combat tank "Metal Attacker". The genius boy pilot, Kane Gardner, is the commander chosen to ride the Metal Attacker in order to lead fire in the battle agaisnt Inbem, and right now he has been cutted and dropped off (to the battlefield)."

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Character Introduction Part 2

"Your destiny is stop the demon from ruling us!"

"He has conquered the entire outer space, he is the self-proclaimed god of this universe and it's my ambition to stand up agaisnt this person, to defeat this unknown entity!! He is the supreme ruler of our universe. He is Goez...!!"

Super Planetary All-Purpose Tank Metal Attacker.


Overall Length: 6.5m

Overall Height: 4.0m

Overall Width: 6.0m

Substancial Weight: 15.0t

Highest Output: 15,000ps

Cockpit: 1 Person

Armored Material Properties: Super Steel Alloy Sophianium