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My name is Gary Dyrkacz. I am married and have two boys 24 and 26.

Professionally, I am a chemist working for a nearby major National Laboratory. I have a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry. For a large fraction of my career, I investigated the separation and characterization of coalified plant parts from different coals. My efforts in this area have been fruitful, both intellectually and personally. In 1994, I received the Storch Award from the Fuel Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society for my work. This is a national award presented by the Division of Fuel Chemistry.

If you would like to see my coal tutorial site it can be found here.

In 2001, my career path shifted, and I now work as an Environmental, Safety and Health Coordinator at the Laboratory Associate Directorship level of the Laboratory. I am a liason between the science divisions and the oversight managment. My role is to keep the scientists safe and ensure they are not overwhelmed by enthusiastic rules and regulations makers to the point that they can no longer do science.

My two main outside interests are RC model aircraft, and paintball. I have a fairly extensive home workshop, and hibernate there in the Winter months building, rebuilding or modifying my aircraft.


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