Tutorial Videos on Making Pierogi

Making Pierogi

This is a set of tutorial video clips on making pierogi. The video clips serve as a supplement to the recipe and preparation details on the Pierogi Page (see link at left or click on Back button below). If we have done the job right, they may even supercede some of the information.

The preparation of the pierogi is broken down into 11 steps. These can also be viewed from YouTube's site. Some of these are long - up to 10 minutes. The tutorial clips provide detailed instructions on making pierogi from start to finish. They are fairly close to the order we use to prepare pierogi, although a couple of operations may be going on simultaneously.

As our very frist attempt at any kind of public tutorial video, we hope you will ignore the amatuer production quality. Our hope is that you can see past the presentation flaws and find value in the details or " tricks" we use to prepare our pierogi. If the details stimulate you enough to realize that making pierogi is not impossible or daunting and serve to help recapture old traditions or make a new one, then we certainly have met one or our goals for the video.

Of the myriad variations for fillings, we demonstrate the three we traditionally use; roasted garlic potato, sauerkraut, and cabbage. As you will find, there is a lot of the individual and often frustrating "to taste" and "to texture" that we use in preparing pierogi. That puts it on the same level as your mother, grandmother, or aunt may have made them.

[Note: The Step sequences indicated in the videos is out of sync with the Steps displayed here. The links below or the Youtube links in the clips will take you to he correct next clip despite the title confusions in the videos. Sorry.]

Step 1. Introduction, filling ingredients, peeling potatoes and chopping onion.


Step 2. Frying Onion - Boiling potatoes


Step 3. Roasting Garlic for the Potato Filling


Step 4. Making the Potato Filling


Step 5. Preparing The Sauerkraut and Cabbage for Cooking


Step 6. Cooking the Sauerkraut and Cabbage


Step 7. Making Pierogi - Layout and Preparing the Dough


Step 8. Making Pierogi - Rolling Out the Dough, Cutting, and Sealing


Step 9. Making Pierogi - Continue with Cutting Out and Sealing Pierogi


Step 10. Boiling and Stacking the Pierogi


Step 11. Final Wrap Up and Epilogue



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