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Paintball Fields

A Personal Review of Paintball Fields That We Have Played on in the Chicago Area:

This page is a personal review of the fields that my son and I have played at in the Chicagoland area. As with any personal view your mileage may vary. These are by no means the only fields in the area, but represent only those we have played. Moreover, in some cases we may not have played a field more than once, and that may have been a number of years ago. My playing frequency has dropped off, and so I do not get to the fields as frequently. Hopefully, in the case of some fields, things do change. If you disagree with the review here, I would be happy to hear your point of view. I may not change my opinion, but it may let me know that we just had a particularly bad or good experience at the time(s) we were there.

One problem I have is that all the paintball fields are quite far from our suburban home. Fortunately, all the parks are accessible by high speed interstates. We like to get to a field early, but you should know that many people are not early birds. Even though a field may open at 8:30 AM, there are often not enough players for another hour or so to get a game of even ten people together. You should also know that we generally play on weekends. Play during the week may vary.

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