Here are a few pictures taken during the installation of a new tower and antennas during May of 2007.

The antennas currently in place are:

VHF Aircraft GP

VHF Public Safety/VHF Marine Band GP

UHF Public Safety GP

800MHZ Trunking Radio Omni

2M/70CM Amateur Band GP

G5RV HF Amateur Band Wire Dipole

A Satellite Phone antenna is mounted on one tower leg.

The antenna farm at the communications Center
The tower base
The first three sections of the tower
Too many parts! Jack W2PFC assembling one of the ground planes

Vince K4AOC (center), Jack W2PFC (left) and Darryll KB7QVG (right) hard at work
Leslie KF4DNX gets back from a parts run
Just the right ones! Vince K4AOC and Leslie KF4DNX
Leslie KF4DNX tying up the loose ends while Vince K4AOC provides support
The whole array ready for the coax and tower
Vince K4AOC and Leslie KF4DNX toting out the coax
The 800MHz antenna - Note the flimsy brackets

Topping off the Tower

Ready to catch the tower section - One of the Berkeley County Public Works Crew
Houston, we have liftoff!
On the way
Sliding Home! It fits like a glove.
A job well done
The finished product
The Public Works crew installed a pulley and halyard on a light pole in the parking lot to support one end of the HF wire dipole - The other end is supported by a halyard on the flagpole at the front of the building
Vince K4AOC rigging the center point of the G5RV - It's not often you get an armed response to an antenna raising!


The Public Works Department installed this waterproof box at the overhead height of the EOC level in the building.
Here is a closer look. Note the standoff for the 300 Ohm twinlead section of the G5RV HF antenna.
This is the antenna for the EOC satellite phone.
The coax was run from the waterproof box, through the overhead to the Radio Room.
The coax will be cut to length, terminated with "N" connectors and routed to the surge suppressor strip.
This is the surge suppressor installation with seven "N" type Polyphasers - this was manufactured and installed by the Public Works shop.
The Satellite phone installed in the Radio Room.
An overall view of the Radio Room as of 30 June 2007.
The surge suppressor with all cables terminated.
The final configuration.

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