Here are a few pictures taken during the Hurricane EXPO that took place Saturday 23 August 2008. Click on the thumbnails for larger views.
The EXPO was held inside Gaillard Auditorium this year. The first 500 attendees were offered a Hurricane Preparedness Kit. They were given a 5 gallon plastic bucket and visited each of the exhibitor tables and collected one or more items for their kit.
We had Glo Sticks, Carpenter Pencils and pump bottles of Hand Sanitizer to give out.

We had one of the shelter radios set up and running on battery power. We used Vince's tripod to support one of the shelter "J" Pole antennas.
 Left to Right - Vince K4AOC, Jack W2PFC, Dennis KI4LXG and a little of Darrell KB7QVG's arm. The shelter "J" Pole antenna is visible between Vince and Jack.
Each of the tables provided one or more items for the Hurricane Emergency Kits of the first 500 attendees.

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