Here are a few pictures taken during Field Day 2008 at the Berkeley County EOC.

We tried to make our Field Day site visible.
This is the FT-857D used for phone and digital modes.
We used MIXW software for digital modes.
We were well protected when thunderstorms moved through on Sunday afternoon.
Lots of info on ARRL, Berkeley ARES/RACES and Ham Radio in general.

Steve W4SLI and Angela KI4ZGP operated from this tent next to the EOC.
Angela KI4ZPG was able to generate the occasional pileup.
Steve W4SLI taking a break.
Here is the FT-100D and manual tuner ready for operation.
A G5RV antenna on the roof of the EOC building.
A 6M M2 horizontal loop was used.
Steve W4SLI had a full size 80M dipole stretched from a tree to the flagpole at the from of the building.

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