Low Country ARES
At the 2008 Charleston Hamfest

Low Country ARES Table


LCARES Table View 2


LCARES Table View 3


Darrell KB7QVG with his personal ARES GO-KIT


Vince K4AOC brought his HT and enough power for DAYS!


Vince KA4AOC hung his 'J'-Pole antenna from a "Sky Hook" and was accessing the Berkeley ARES 147.150 repeater from inside a metal building!


The World's "Lighest Mobile Killowatt" but, he is afraid to key it up!


Dr. Jim N2ZZ, ARRL SC SM shopping for a PS.


Please Call My Number! ---- NO!!! That's not the right one!!!


Vince K4AOC says "Let's blow this popsicle stand"!



Charlie AE4UX, SC Section Emergency Coordinator and Dan N1ND, ARRL HQ, Regulatory Information


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