Tower Removal Project - 6 December 2008
History: The building at 223 North Live Oak Drive, Moncks Corner, SC, where the Berkeley County, Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is currently located, was originally built by the Santee Cooper electric utility and served as it's operation center. The building was later occupied by Berkeley County as it's office building. With the relocation of these functions to a new building, this structure was repurposed as a Magistrate's Court, Sheriff Office and EOC.
During the period the building was occupied by Santee Cooper, a Load Forecasting Weather Station was installed in one of the building's two inner courtyards. The system was used by Santee Cooper to help predict power loads based on current weather conditions. This installation was briefly used the Berkeley County but, quickly fell into disuse as they encountered problems with the monitoring software.
Current Status: A decision to remove the system was made and that task fell to Berkeley County ARES/RACES. On 6 December 2008, as a part of the regular meeting, a crew of Amateur Radio Operator, volunteers dismantled the system.

The tower will be reconditioned and form the basis for a tower trailer to be used for emergency communications. The weather station equipment will be re-installed on an existing tower adjacent to the EOC space in the building.

Also participating, and not depicted in the photos, are Dennis KG4RUL and Jack W2PFC.

This is the tower with the various weather sensors installed.
This is a view of the brochure from Climatronics describing the weather station and it's components.
 Here are, left to right, Steve W4SLI, Vince K4AOC, Darrell KB7QVG, Tom NA4U and Ann KI4ECO examining the tower and formulating a plan for dismantling the installation.
 Here is Darrell KB7QVG loosening the bolts at the tower base, prior to lowering of the tower.
 This is Ken AG4IM, on the building roof, rigging the safety line prior to lowering the tower.
 The tower is starting to move from vertical in this photo. Depicted are, left to right, Vince K4AOC, Tom NA4U (partially hidden by Vince), Steve W4SLI and Darrell KB7QVG.
 The tower is now being mostly supported by the rope handled by Ken AG4IM near the bottom, left corner of the picture. Darrell KB7QVG is seen at the bottom, right.
 Ken AG4IM, Far left, is continuing to lower the tower while, left to right, at the bottom of the photo, Tom NA4U, Vince K4AOC and Steve W4SLI are starting to support the load. Darrell KB7QVG waits at the right for the tower to be lowered to him.
 Here, the tower is completely lowered. Left to right are Ann KI4ECO, Tom NA4U, Vince K4AOC, Steve W4SLI and Darrell KB7QVG.
 This is the top of the tower with the anemometer (top left), wind vane (center) and lightning spike (bottom).
 In this view are seen, lef to right, the combined temperature/humidity sensor, a solarimeter to measure solar radiation and a self-emptying, bucket, rain guage. Ann KI4ECO is seen at the top left of the photo. At the top of the photo is an unused satellite dish that had to be unmounted to provide clearance for lowering the tower.
 Here is Ken AG4IM, finally back on the ground, removing the lightning spike from the top of the tower.
 Steve W4SLI and Ann KI4ECO are seen here removing sensor cabling from the tower.
 Here are Tom NA4U and Steve W4SLI removing more cables and hardware from the tower.
 Tom NA4U is securing the unused satellite dish back to it's mountings.
 Ken AG4IM is unbolting the tower sections. The weatherproof enclosure for the sensor electronics is seen to his left. This had been removed prior to lowering the tower.
 Here are Vince KI4AOC (in vehicle) and Darrell KB7QVG placing the tower sections into Vince's vehicle.
 These are the sensors and electronics box in Dennis KG4RUL's vehicle.

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