Welcome To Eagle Creek Academy

Winner of the 2010 Oakland County Excellence in Education Award

Eagle Creek Academy is a nationally accredited, private school in Oakland Township, Michigan, for children from preschool through 8th grade.

Our mission is to give every child an excellent academic foundation and a strong sense of self-confidence.  Therefore, we:

"Academically the school is superior.  My daughter has skipped a grade in math.  She is reading at a much higher level, and she is writing more intelligently than ever." Mrs. Hackert

"The rigorous curriculum challenges the kids and prepares them for any high school or college experience they aspire to." Mrs. Lintol

"Our son participated in the Midwest Atlantic Talent Search and took his first ACT test this year. He did very well and I was impressed. You helped him lay a solid foundation during his middle school years. We appreciate that." Mrs. Jin

"Both my daughters’ self-confidence has soared since they began at Eagle Creek. The ‘Apple of the Day’ program is great." Mrs. Edmonds

"Eagle Creek offers a high-caliber education. The teachers are vibrant and encouraging. I have seen the teachers work with children on a one-on-one basis. Their intense interest in each child is evident." Mrs. Rodriguez

"My son’s self-confidence has improved with each school year." Mrs. Pavliscak

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