JKF Wado Kai

The JKF Wado-Kai is an internationally renowned Karate organization consisting of 1,350 branches within Japan and 250 groups outside Japan (including registered branches). Among over 850,000 members, around 180,000 hold black belt ranks.

The Technical Department manages testing to obtain various qualifications, sets standards and implements planned seminars so that practitioners will meet these technical standards.

History of JKF Wado-Kai


April 1,1934

"Dai Nippon Karate Shinko Club",an original body of Wado-Kai,was founded by Hironori Otsuka (Suehiro-cho, Kanda-ward,Tokyo)

February 25,1938"Dai Nippon Karatedo shinbukai"established.
May 5,1940Participated in "Celebration for 2600 B.C. and 44th Butoku Festival" under the name "Wado-Ryu Karate Jutsu". Name "Wado-Ryu" established.
1947Established Tsukiji headquarters dojo (Sanko Dojo). Around 1995,Wado-Ryu was renamed "Zen Nippon Karatedo Renmei".
1952Instituted "Wado-Ryu Rules" . Wado-Ryu headquarters established in the Meiji University karate club. Dojo established in Osaka Police Station Budojo
May 19,1954"Demonstration (embu-kai) in commemoration of 20th anniversary of Wado-Ryu and to celebrate the foundation of "Zen Nippon Karatedo Renmei" at Hibiya Public Hall.
May 5,1955First Nation Championship at Shibuya Public Hall.
May 1,1964"All Nippon Karatedo Federation" was founded. (President, Shinsen Ohama). Joined it as a major group.
June 5,1967Changed name to "Wada-Kai".
July 11,197612th Wado-Kai National Championships at Nippon Budokan, held every year thereafter.
January29,1982Hironori Otsuka passed away.
August 25/26,1989The First World Wado Cup in London
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