The 2009 PBEM

Here I Stand


Sponsored by:

 The Boardgame Players Association

and GMT Games

GM:  Bryan Collars


Status as of March 2009

Round 1 Beginning (click here for results from our previous tournament)


This is a Play-By-Email tournament for GMT's " Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555" covering the political and religious conflicts of early 16th Century Europe.  The game pits the leading figures of the period as they try to lead their respective powers to domination of worldly affairs.  Can Suleiman the Magnificent lead the Ottoman Turks to victory in Hungary?  How does Charles V deal with enemies that surround him both military and religious?  Will Martin Luther firmly establish the Reformation or will the Pope stifle this heretical uprising?  Henry VIII needs an heir will he find a suitable wife to give him one?  Finally, can Francis I maintain and increase French influence in northern Italy or will his attention turn elsewhere?

Tournament Statistics

Number of games completed: 0            Ottoman Wins: 0          Hapsburgs Wins: 0       English Wins: 0

                                                            High Score:                  High Score:                 High Score:


                                                            French Wins: 0             Papal Wins: 0              Protestant Wins: 0

                                                            High Score:                  High Score:                 High Score:                                                     

Round 1, Prelim

O-Alban Ullrich
H-Bryan Collars
E-Justin Rice
F-Ajax Berkowitz
P-Jim Manchester
Pr-Gus Ingenluyff
O-Gary Quick
H-Nick Collins
E-Christopher Leary
F-Stephen D. Koehler
P-Nick Drochak
Pr-Oliver Lind
O-Ed Beach
H-John Rogers
E-Brian Mountford
F-Mark Sciera
P-Jacob Wikman
Pr-Jeremiah Peterson
O-George Young
H-John Wetherell
E-Byron Lukowicz
F-William Peeck
P-Dave Rubin
Pr-Scott Bauer
O-Mike Brophy
H-David Roe
E-Charles Hickok
F-Brian Scott
P-Andy Foulke
Pr-Pawel Jarosz
O-Yan Poireir
H-Sean McCulloch
E-Peter Card
F-Matthew Beach
P-DAvid Aud
Pr-Rob Mull
O-Greg Wardle
H-Dave Cross
E-Jeff Burdett
F-Moriz Eggert
P-Zbignew Kordylewski
Pr-Dan Leader
O-Michael Drueen
H-Thomas Fluharty
E-Robert Davidson
F-Jeff Taylor
P-Joseph Monne Fort
Pr-Karen Englemann
O-Brent Smalley
H-Henry Russell
E-Mark Greenwood
F-Larry Mull
P-John Emery
Pr-Jim Ferguson
O-Dan Gallagher
H-Steven Caler
E-Scott Burns
F-Mark Hodgkinson
P-Pawel Judek
Pr-Tim Rogers
O-Rick Byrens
H-Stephen Munchak
E-Michael Resnick
F-Kirk Harris
P-Guy Gilbras
Pr-Rob Seulowitz

Round 2, Prelim


Round 3, Prelim


Round 4,



Round 5,

The Final


Game Rules

The Rules as published and available at Here I Stand, Downloads, to include also Here I Stand, Errata, are considered to be the official version of the rules.  In rounds one through four the Tournament scenario will be used.  Round five (the final) will be played using the 1517 campaign scenario.


In addition the following special rule is in effect for Rounds 1 through 4.


This modified natural enemies rule is in effect.  If your natural enemy wins your power will suffer a –3VP penalty.  The preceding penalty is reduced to zero if your power is the lowest scoring power in your particular game.


Natural Enemies are defined below:

Ottoman Turks-Hapsburgs



Time Commitment

Expect to average about one-two card plays per day. Exact speed of play is at the discretion of the participants.  It is recommended that players establish some initial guidelines as to when to follow-up with their opponents regarding 'non-response' or to communicate anticipated lengthy delays.


All BPA members for 2009 are eligible. The BPA pays for the plaques and provides coverage on their web site.  Non-BPA members for 2009 are eligible if you join the BPA in 2009 as an Associate member or higher.  Note:  Associate membership costs only $10, and allows entry into any and all BPA-sponsored email tournaments you choose to participate in.

Players must have internet access, an ACTS account, and a valid email address. Changes in email address should be forwarded to the GM.  It is preferable that all participants have access to Cyberboard, v3.01, but it is not required.  Participants who choose to not use Cyberboard will be responsible for keeping track of the game state and game progress on their own via email and ACTS.


Bryan Collars will be the GM; Ed Beach and Mark Greenwood will be the Assistant GMs.  All three will participate in the tournament.

Format and

The tournament will proceed in five rounds.  Rounds one to three will constitute the preliminary rounds.  All games will consist of 6 player games.  Depending upon the number of entrants the fourth round will consist of two, three, or four 6 player games.   The fifth round will consist of one 6 player game.   Rounds one through four will last for no longer than 4 months.  The fifth round will play until completion.

Tentative Schedule

Registration: Present-February 15, 2009
Round 1:  March 6, 2009 – June 7, 2009
Round 2:  June 19, 2009 – October 18, 2009
Round 3:  October 30, 2009 – February 21, 2010
Round 4:  March 5, 2010 – June 27, 2010

Round 5:  July 8, 2010 to completion

Note: If there is an odd number of entrants that is not easily divided into 6 player games one or two games in each of the preliminary rounds will be played with non advancing elimination players.

Note II:  If all matches for a round are completed, the GM has the right to "advance" the schedule.


Depending upon the number of entrants the following formula will determine advancement into the fourth and fifth rounds.  Victory Points calculated as per the game rules and modified by the PBeM Tournament special rule.

To advance to the fourth round:

Winners of Round 1-3 games will automatically advance to Round 4.  The number of Round 4 games is dependent upon
the number of entrants with the following breakdown:
16-24 Entrants: Two Round 4 Games
25-36 Entrants: Three Round 4 Games
37+ Entrants: Four Round 4 Games
To round out the field for Round 4 all non-winners will be assigned a value based upon their total VPs scored in Rounds 1-3 
with the highest VPs advancing.

To advance to the fifth round:

16-24 Entrants: The top 3 scorers from each game in the fourth round will advance.

25-36 Entrants: The top 2 scorers from each game in the fourth round will advance.

37+ Entrants: The winners in each fourth round game will automatically advance, the final 2 spots to advance will be the highest scoring 2nd place players.

Ties: If two or more players tie for the final spot for advancement to the fourth and fifth rounds the following formula will be used to break the tie:

1.      The player’s finishing position in the first three rounds will be averaged with the lowest average advancing.

2.      If players are still tied, the player with the highest single VP total in Rounds 1-4 will advance.

3.    If players are still tied, the player with the highest AREA rating will advance.  Unrated players will be given a rating of 4900.

4.    If players are still tied then advancement will be randomly determined.

Tournament Game Assignments

Rounds 1 - 3

Prior to the Tournament starting all players will be randomly placed into one of three groups.  Each player will remain in his group for Rounds 1-3.  In Rounds 1-3 game assignments will be random with Power assignments randomly assigned within the following chart:


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Group 1

Ottoman or Hapsburg

English or French

Papacy or Protestant

Group 2

English or French

Papacy or Protestant

Ottoman or Hapsburg

Group 3

Papacy or Protestant

Ottoman or Hapsburg

English or French


Round 4 game assignments will be random with power selection going to the player with the lowest average placing finish in Rounds 1-3.  If a player did not play in all the preliminary rounds (Rounds 1-3) then they will be assigned a place value of 7 for any games not played.  Ties broken by the player with the highest individual VP score in Rounds 1-3 if still tied then by random determination.


Round 5 power selection will be first the game winners in Round 4 selecting in VP order, then second place finishers in Round 4 selecting in VP order, and if necessary third place finishers in Round 4 selecting in VP order.  Ties broken by random determination.


Exception:  The GM and Assistant GMs will be placed in separate games in Rounds 1- 3.  The Game Designer/Assistant GM will withdraw from the fifth round if the GM and the Assistant GMs all make that round.


All games will be AREA rated and will contribute to BPA Caesar points.  The GM will automatically report the results of all games upon the completion of each round.

Incomplete Games

Games that reach the time limit but are not finished will be allowed a 1 week grace period to complete the game, whereupon the GM will adjudicate the game based upon the VPs of the current game state.

Rules Disputes

Rules questions/disputes should be addressed to the GM. Neither the GM nor his Assistants will rule on a game they are involved in.  Players should be as descriptive as possible, including supporting evidence or diagrams of the situation in question as the answer will be based on the information provided.  Questions may also be posted to CSW but the GM rulings are authoritative and final.

Method of Play Guidelines

It is required that players use the Automated Card Tracking Site to play their games. 

The GM will set up all games, both in Cyberboard and ACTs prior to play beginning.

The ACTS site provides recordkeeping of moves and provides the official die roller. There is no fee for use of the ACTS web site.  It should be noted that all game journals are considered public and may only be deleted by the players when requested to do so by the GM.

Dice: All players are required to use the ACTs dice roller for official dice rolls.  Players in each game may determine specific methods for rolling dice.  For example they may decide that the Protestant and Papal dice rolls in Reformation/Counter Reformation attempts must be two separate dice rolls or they can make only one dice roll so long as a breakdown of the dice roll is determined in advance.  If too many dice are rolled, trailing dice are discarded.  If too few dice are rolled, the player rolling the first set of dice should request additional results.

Dice II:  The inactive player in a battle will conduct all dice rolls for that battle; this insures that the inactive player has the opportunity for any card plays prior to the dice roll.

Response Card Etiquette: There will be a 48 hour time limit for the play of response cards that require the rewinding of the game to a prior game state. (Ie. Foul Weather and Gout)

Combat Cards: As per Rule 14, but printed here for clarity:  The attacker (the Active player) announces any card play then the defender (the Inactive player) announces any card play. 

Diplomacy will be limited to 96 hours (4 days) and will be monitored by the GM for that game.


Slow Play and Drop Outs

Slow Play

Players who have more than one complaint against them for slow play will be given a warning to increase the speed of play.  Further complaints will incur a second warning and a possible -3VP penalty to final Victory Point Totals at the GM’s discretion (except in games where the GM is playing, in that occurrence one of the Assistant GMs will asses any VP reductions).  If after the 1st and 2nd warnings players continue to play slowly they may be removed from the game and the GM or Assistant GMs will play out that player’s power as a non-winning player. 


Drop Outs

Drop outs from any game will force the GM to find a substitute to finish that player’s power as a non-winning player.  Substitutes may be the GM, Assistant GMs, or other players in the Tournament who have completed the current round.

GM Responsibilities

The GM and Assistant GMs will monitor their assigned games, perform beginning and end of turn activities in both Cyberboard and ACTs, and calculate VPs.


The tournament winner will receive:

  • A BPA "Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation" Championship Plaque
  • A mounted HIS Map Board from GMT (if published)
  • A tremendous amount of respect from fellow players.
  • Puzzled looks from non-gamers when trying to explain the game.

Players advancing to fifth round but not winning the tournament will receive:

  • New HIS Card Replacement Decks
  • Sympathy from fellow players for making the final but failing to win, with mutters of “flying to close to the sun”

Web Site

Ed Beach will host this tournament website, any inquires related to the content of this website or the tournament itself should be directed to Bryan Collars.

Current Participants

Bryan Collars, GM

Ed Beach Asst. GM

Mark Greenwood, Asst. GM

Matt Beach
Rick Byrens
Kaarin Engelmann
Michael Drueen
Oliver Lind
Kirk Harris
Stephen D. Koehler
Justin Rice
Zbigniew Kordylewski
Steven Caler
Dave Rubin
Greg Wardle
Moritz Eggert
Sean McCulloch
Jim Ferguson
Alban Ullrich
Larry Mull
Rob Mull
Jacob Wikman
John Wetherell
David Roe
Charles Hickok
Guy Glirbas
William Peeck
Robert Davidson
Nick Collins
Tim Rogers
Paweł Jarosz
John Rogers
Mark Hodgkinson
Gus Ingenluyff
Brian Mountford
Henry Russell
Joseph Monne Fort
Mike Brophy
Scott Burns
Jeff Taylor
Andy Foulke
George Young
Nick Drochak
Dan Gallagher
Peter Card
Brent Smalley
Jeremiah Peterson
Ajax Berkowitz
Mark Sciera
Dave Cross
Jim Manchester
Byron Lukowicz
Thomas Fluharty
Jeff Burdett
Scott Bauer
Gary Quick
John Emery
Rob Seulowitz
Christopher Leary
Yan P. Poirier
Michael Rensink
Stephen Munchak
Pawel Judek
Dan Leader
Bryan Collars
Ed Beach
Mark Greenwood
David Aud
Brian Scott


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Here I Stand is a GMT Games trademark for its strategic game of the Wars of the Reformation, 1517-1555.