Here I Stand

Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555



This section of the web site contains a replay of the final game of the first Here I Stand tournament ever held (at the 2006 World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA, August 2006).

We'll be posting information to this replay in installments, one turn at a time. If you want to jump to a specific turn, click here (and remember that the Tournament Scenario starts on Turn 4):


Turn 4 (1532 - 1535)

Turn 5 (1536 - 1539)

Turn 6 (coming soon)

You can also just follow along by hitting the Next button at the bottom of each page.

Here are our protagonists. Ken, Allen, and Bryan were playtesters for Here I Stand.  The other three finalists had become familiar the game since its release 5 months before the convention (and I believe Charles just learned it at WBC).

Ken Richards Allen Hill John Wetherell
Ottoman Hapsburgs England


Charles Hickok Chris Striker Bryan Collars
France Papacy Protestant