Here I Stand!

Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555



Pre-Game (Power Selection)

According to the tournament rules, power selection for the final started with the semifinal winners (in order of points scored in the semis, ties being broken by players who scored more points in preliminary round play).  After the four semifinal winners select, then the two "wildcard" entries who scored the next most points in semifinal games get to choose.  With this system, the order of selection was:

1.  Bryan Collars (won semifinal as France, 25 VP)

2.  Ken Richards (won semifinal as Hapsburgs, 23 VP, 8th in prelims)

3.  Charles Hickok (won semifinal as France, 23 VP, 9th in prelims)

4.  Allen Hill (won semifinal as  France, 23 VP, 21st in prelims)

5.  John Wetherell (second in semis as Hapsburgs, 24 VP)

6.  Chris Striker (second in semis as Ottoman, 23 VP)

Since France won 3 semifinal games, most expected that nation to be the preferred power.  England, with only 1 win so far in the tournament, was the consensus pick to be chosen last.  However, our players did not follow this form exactly; power choices were made in this order:

1.  Protestant (Bryan)

2.  Ottoman (Ken)

3.  France (Charles)

4.  Hapsburgs (Allen)

5.  England (John)

6.  Papacy (Chris)


Chris seemed especially pleased at this point to have dodged the bullet by not having to play England.  Would John regret his choice of the least preferred power?


Here are 4 of the 6 tables of Here I Stand from the Wednesday night preliminary round.

At the near table (L to R): Roger Whitney, Paul McGuane, Chris Withers, Chris Striker (behind), Jim Stanard, Ted Drozd.  Roger's Protestants would win this game with a 6 VP surge on Turn 5 from publishing two Bibles and successfully assaulting two electorates.