Here I Stand!

Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555



Turn 4 (1532 - 1535, the first turn of the tournament scenario)

Card Draw Phase: Cuba eliminated; no card from Puerto Rico.

Diplomacy Phase: The Ottoman and Protestant players talk; no one is sure at this point what's up with that.  Announcements are:

  • Hapsburgs ally with France.

  • Hapsburgs grant a card to the Papacy (it ends up being Tercios).

  • England allies with France.

  • England grants a card to the Papacy in exchange for approval for the divorce of Henry and Catherine (it is Mercator's Map).

  • England rolls a 2 for the marriage to Anne Boleyn.  She makes a great stepmother to Princess Mary, but never conceives a new heir for Henry.

  • No powers issue new Declarations of War.  Looks like everyone is planning to gobble up the independent keys this turn.

Spring Deployment Phase: 

  • Ottoman: Suleiman, 3 regulars, 1 cavalry to Buda.

  • Hapsburgs: Duke of Alva and 3 regulars to Antwerp (passing through allied French territory).

  • England: Brandon, 1 regular, 2 mercs to Calais.

  • France: Francis, 2 regulars, 2 mercs to Grenoble.

Action Phase, First Round:

  • Ottoman: Play Janissaries Home card as an event to raise 4 regulars in Istanbul.

  • Hapsburgs: 2 CP to move Alva and 5 regulars to Liege; control Liege. 

By moving Alva to Liege with the first Hapsburg move, Allen sets up a defense force that can intercept a Protestant move against the two electorates still controlled by the Hapsburgs: Cologne and Trier.

  • England: Play Potosi Silver Mines as the event.  Clearly John thinks this game will last a few more turns.

  • France: 2 CP to move Francis, 2 regulars, 2 mercs across the alps to Turin.

  • Papacy: 2 CP to build 1 regular in Rome.

  • Protestant: Play Akinji Raiders as the event.  A card is drawn from the Hapsburg hand and given to the Ottoman.  Now we know what the Ottoman and Protestant were discussing.  But what does the Protestant get in return?