Here I Stand!

Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555



Turn 5 (1536 - 1539, the second turn of the tournament scenario)

Card Draw Phase: No card from Potosi or the plantations of Puerto Rico.

Diplomacy Phase: Announcements are:

  • Hapsburgs request an alliance with the Papacy receiving one fleet.  This announcement is not confirmed and does not take place.

  • Hapsburgs cede Koln to the Protestant for some unannounced concession.  This announcement is confirmed.

  • England allies with France.

  • There are no new declarations of war.  Is someone holding Machiavelli for a surprise mid-turn DOW?  And will the English DOW the front-running Hapsburgs now that Henry has secured a male heir? Or is Scotland to be the English target?

Spring Deployment Phase: 

  • Ottoman: Suleiman, Ibrahim, 4 regulars, 2 cavalry to Agram.

  • Hapsburgs: Ferdinand and 1 regular to Cartagena.

  • England: Henry, 5 regulars, 2 mercs to Berwick.

"Shake Loose the Border" 

Henry invades Scotland, just as Cranmer introduces the reformed faith to England

  • France: Francis, 3 regulars, 2 mercs to St. Dizier.

  • Papacy: 2 regulars to Florence.