On His Own
a Sonny Fan Fiction


Sonny Corinthos

Chapter 18

That evening, Sonny suggested to Alexis that they go to the Grille for dinner. "How about that other place?" she replied. "What other place?" "The No Name...I think that's what it's called." Sonny smiled, "how do you know about it?" Alexis smiled back, "you're not the only...person I've defended in this town. I've had meetings there before." Sonny was pleasantly surprised, "really? How interesting. But, I'd rather go to the Grille." "Let me guess why Sonny. Could it be because the Quartermaines own the hotel and Jax has a suite there?" "I always knew you were too damn smart," Sonny retorted playfully. "Why get in their faces Sonny? They'll all find out soon enough." "So, they'll find out tonight. What's the problem?" Sonny asked, suddenly getting irritated. "Here we go," Alexis thought to herself. Sonny had only gotten angry at her a couple of times, and she somehow knew he was only simmering at half boil then. She didn't know what she'd do if he really exploded like she'd heard him do with Carly, from the safety of her penthouse, so many times. "There's no problem," she calmly replied, "I just don't understand the rush." Sonny shrugged, "fine. You want the No Name, we'll go to the No Name," and walked towards the door, obviously upset. He stopped and turned back to her, "you're ashamed of me aren't you? It's fine for us to do...whatever in private, but you don't want to be seen with me outside this door." Alexis walked towards him shaking her head. "No Sonny, you're wrong. I am proud of you, and I want the whole world to know we're together. I guess I just thought it would happen gradually, and you're trying to force the issue, to control it." "Well, that's what I do Alexis, I control things. Look, I know that Ned and Jax are both going to get in my face about it, and I'd rather just get it out of the way." "Ned won't," Alexis quickly retorted. "Yes he will. Not in public, and not in front of you. Unlike Jax who will make a big scene, Ned will come over here later and tell me off...or try to." "Why do you think he'll do that?"

Sonny sighed, "one, because he still loves you, and two, because that's the way he's operated with me for all these years. Anytime something happened that he didn't like, he'd show up at my door and try to buy me off; throwing his money in my face like it mattered to me. Like I needed his money. Or, he just tries to get me arrested." The way he spat out the words Alexis realized she had no idea of the level of animosity that existed between her ex and her current lover. "Do you hate him?" Sonny shook his head, "he's not significant enough to hate. I dislike him, and Jax. Well, it might be more than dislike with Jax. But hate, no, I reserve that for Deke." "For me, it's Helena," Alexis replied. Sonny nodded his head, "I know. And now they're both dead. So, what I need to know is, what about Ned? Is what you had dead, or do you still care what he says and thinks?" "I'll always care for him Sonny, but I don't love him. I love you. And no, I don't care what he, or anyone says about you. Come on, let's go to the Grille."

They enjoyed a quiet and uneventful evening at the Grille; no Quartermaines in sight. Afterwards, they started walking out, Sonny guiding Alexis along with his hand on the small of her back. When they reached the lobby outside the restaurant, they walked right into Jax who had just come in. "Alexis, where have you been?" he asked, noticing the familiarity with which Sonny was touching her. "I've been around...I've been with Sonny," Alexis replied. Jax had no doubt what that meant, not after the way Sonny kissed her in Helena's lab. "You're with him. You two are together now, is that it?" Jax demanded. "What if we are candyboy?" Sonny asked angrily. "I'm not addressing you," Jax sneered. Sonny stepped closer to him and stared him in the eyes, "well you better address me boy, cause I'm talking to you. Alexis is with me now, and there's not a damn thing you, or Nedly, or anyone can do about it. Understand?" Jax snapped and lunged at Sonny, grabbing him by the throat. "I won't let you destroy her!" he yelled. "Jax! Stop it!" Alexis shouted. Max, who had accompanied the boss and his new girlfriend to dinner, grabbed Jax by the neck and pulled him off. Sonny put his hand to his throat to check that it hadn't been crushed, and tried to clear it. Max held Jax's arms behind his back, assuming the boss was going to let him have it. "Let him go," Sonny ordered, glaring at Jax. Max did, and Jax stood with his shoulders heaving, his breath labored. "Come on," Sonny told Alexis. She started to walk past Jax, then stopped. "I thought you were my friend Jax. I'm really surprised at you." Sonny took her arm and urged her to leave with him; she did. When they got in the limo, she turned to Sonny. "You handled that well; you didn't lose it with him." "It wasn't the time or place," Sonny calmly stated. Alexis swallowed, "what does that mean?" "It mean what it means Alexis. No one does that to me and gets away clean; it's business." Alexis sat back in her seat. "You can handle this," she told herself. "Jax asked for whatever Sonny does to him...didn't he?" "Don't worry," Sonny added, "I believe in a proportional response."

Later that night, Alexis had forgotten all about Jax and what might happen to him. Sonny had gotten her mind off it, and was holding himself above her in bed. "Unh I love you," he groaned as he entered her. Alexis closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around him. No matter what came along, she would handle it. Being loved by Sonny Corinthos was worth it all.

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