Discography of Pierre Henry

by Ed Maurer with the assistance of John W. Clark.

Description: C:\Users\Ed\Documents\discog\PierreHenry\Ad_MRE.jpgThis page is dedicated to cataloging the commercially produced VINYL recordings of French artist Pierre Henry. It is not intended to provide a history or critical analysis of Pierre Henry's work, except for the occasional blast off when I get excited. For an introduction to Pierre Henry, I recommend reading the June 1997 issue of The Wire (45-46 Poland Street, London W1V 3DF, UK. Telephone 0171 439 6422). There are a couple of sites that publish interviews with M. Henry: EST and Perfect Sound Forever.

This page is not complete, and may never be complete. If you have a recording or variation of a pressing that is not listed here, please contact me so that I may include it. Many thanks to all of the people who have contributed information.

There were many different pressings of some of the Philips records in several different countries and with varying label colors. In my never-ending quest for completeness, I will attempt to catalog them all. The Philips prospective 21e siècle series had more than one pressing. For more details on this series check out my discography.

Last but not least, I occasionally have Pierre Henry records for sale. Check here for my sale/trade list.

This document last edited August 1, 2009.

30cm records

A database of LPs by Pierre Henry. contains many images and some commentary.

17.5cm records

A database similar to the LP one above.

compilation appearances

A database of records that do not contain Pierre Henry works exclusively but contain Pierre Henry compositions realized by the man himself along side others' works. contains images and commentary.

Pierre Henry in collaboration

A database of records that contain Pierre Henry's work in an auxiliary role. contains commentary.


These are the people who own copies of recordings that were used for reference in the databases. A huge thank you to everyone.

  1. Ed Maurer
  2. Kevin Spencer
  3. Bon V. Davis II
  4. Bob Coleman
  5. John W. Clark
  6. Hugh Davies International Electronic Music Catalog (MIT Press)
  7. Mark Milano
  8. Kevin King
  9. OCLC
  10. Vince Mantia
  11. Mark Raap
  12. Marco Gaetani
  13. James Franklin
  14. Stephane Rebeschini
  15. Prasoon Goyal
  16. Jeroen Tenkink
  17. Andrea Cernotto
  18. Kevin Green
  19. Jack Dangers
  20. Shigeo Kida
  21. James Tootle
  22. Donna Blicharz
  23. Eric Lanzillotta
  24. Per-Christian Hille
  25. seen on eBay
  26. Jose Luis
  27. Fred Hodshon
  28. Andre from Montreal
  29. Michel van Meersbergen
  30. Randall Smith
  31. Guy Teirbrood
  32. Michael Moser (Vienna)
  33. Gregor Meyer
  34. Alexis Poser

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