17.5cm records by Pierre Henry

Malefices Soundtrack

Six soundtrack pieces. Generique (Theme de Myriam), Catherine malade, Apres la mort, Scene de la trappe, Le gois (scene de la noyade), Theme de Catherine for a total of 12'35" of music.

  1. (France, Philips 432 762 BE) picture sleeve is a photographic collage by Wiezniak19


This work, which appears on the Des Annes 50 CD, uses the sounds of the kinetic sculptures of Nicholas Schoffer as source material. The piece may be part of the sounds that accompany a Nicholas Schoffer sculpture in Liege. I have a copy of this for sale here.

  1. (France, Edition du Griffon) piece split over two sides; accompanies book of Nicholas Schoffer sculpture1

Machine Danse / Erotica

  1. (France, Philips 6 837 139) blue label, "série PARADE," 1973.14

Far Out

Performed by The Hip Sound which is presumably Henry. This is an excerpt from Messe pour le temps present with writers credited as P. Henry - M. Colombier.

  1. (US, Limelight promotional DJL-3082 (L-3082) 1-42216) (mono/stereo) stock sleeve.1

Psyche Rock / Teen Tonic

  1. (France, Philips 6832 093) blue label, "série PARADE." 1

Psyche Rock / Too Fortische

Performed by Les Yper-Sound which is presumably Henry. Another excerpt from Messe pour le temps present. Writers: Henry, Colombier

  1. (Italy, Fontana TF 260.103)12
  2. (Canada, Philips 370.840) picture sleeve (often used dance scene photo). blue label. No mention of Les Yper-Sound on this issue.25
  3. (France, Fontana 260103 MF) picture sleeve14

Psyche Rock / Jericho Jerk

  1. (Germany, Philips 6190 002)1
  2. (Austria, Philips 6190 002) blue labels. Owner doesn't know if it was issued with picture sleeve.32

Psyche Rock / Too Fortische / Teen Tonic / Jericho Jerk

  1. (Spain, Fontana 460 233 ME)25
  2. (Mexico, Philips 1408, 1971) picture sleeve. "Psychodelic Music, Una realizacion sonora de Pierre Henry." Titles translated to Spanish. Side 1: Demasiado Delirio (Too Fortische), Tonico Juvenil (Teen Tonic); side 2: Rock Psychodelico (Psyche Rock), Jerk Jericho.26

  3. (France, Fontana 460.233 ME, 1968) dark green label; picture sleeve; more excerpts from Messe pour le temps present. This copy has a red and white sticker on the picture sleeve that reads "Musique originale pour le Ballet de Maurice Bejart, Messe Pour Le Temps Present" "Egalement utilisée pour le film Z." back sleeve is a black and white photo of Bejart with long, weird liner notes. Henry is credited with "realization sonore"14

(titles unknown)

  1. (France, Philips) picture sleeve. promotional single from the collaboration with Spooky Tooth.27

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