compilations with Pierre Henry compositions

In the 50s, Henry released some works on the French Ducretet-Thompson label which have been reissued a few times. The package labels each piece with such labels as "classical," "instrumental studies," "expressionism 1952," and "dramatic cantata." All pieces from the studios of RTF. also contains several Schaeffer pieces.

Two individually packaged LPs reissuing the above:

The following appear to be reissues of the above two.

The recordings were also issued by London Ducretet-Thompson

What I assume to be volume 1 was issued in Japan

I'm not sure where this fits in

In the 60s, Henry edited a collection of electronic works by experimental composers such as Berio, Ferrari, Xenakis to name a few. These recordings were issued by Philips in Europe many times in many packagings. They were also released in the US by Mercury and Limelight. The collection, when presented in 2LP form, typically contains an Henry piece.

Miscellaneous appearances of Henry pieces


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