Some of the antique bottle that I have for sale.

ANTIQUE bottles For Sale


Trenton, NJ blob top - On the left is a pretty 7.5” blob top that bears the strong embossing, “Geo. Schaumloeffel / Trenton / N.J.”. It a true blob top with a bit of embedded rusty wire from the bale. Clean with no problems that I can see beyond some faint surface abrasions. Whittled with a neck twist in the glass. $36. 00 

Here are a few old bottles and antique inks similar to those I have for sale at shows or on ebay. All are antique bottles - nothing new. Most are 100+ years old. If you seek something that is not here, please ask. Shipping is by Priority Mail - I will establish costs when I know your zip code (with the rise in mailing costs, this is essential). Due to shipping difficulties/expenses, I will have to limit sales on bottles to US only. I will pay shipping on total orders of $120 and up. Shipping is from Richmond, VA. A 7-day return policy applies if the bottle is not as described, as I am very careful about mentioning all problems. More pictures by request. If you have any questions or wish to order, please email me.  I accept payment in check, money order or PayPal (click here to email me for my Paypal address).  If possible, please send any check or MO via priority mail, which now includes delivery confirmation. Prices often get lower if I get tired of seeing the same bottles, so check the whole page from time to time. This page last updated on 8/6/2015.

Antique Ink Bottle Book - The second edition of our ink book is still available in very limited quantities.  It is the result of years of research and picture taking: "INKS - 150 Years of Bottles and Companies, 2nd Edition" by Ed and Lucy Faulkner. It is 320+ pages full of more than 1500 color bottle pictures, company histories and go-with's of all types (it is NOT a price guide).  If you have an interest in the history of ink bottles as well as examples of the majority of known American types, this book is for you.

This is self-published and copies are printed only when there is a demand. More information by request.  I regret that due to increased toner cost and postage the price will be  $95 postpaid in the US.  *Printing limited - email for info

This is one of the neatest items that I have come across in a long time. It is a quart ceramic bottle from the Bourne & Denby Pottery like those used for master inks in the 1890's. The label says that it contained cleaning fluid for scarlet (fox) hunting coats and was made by E. Tautz & Sons of 485 Oxford Street in London. The front of the label gives specific

Pair of Maine Meds(?) - 2 very interesting bottles from the same company in Maine. The top one is perhaps the most interesting. According to someone who took the trouble to email me, chain lightning was a New England name for bootleg whiskey. Someone else gave evidence that it was used to remove spots from clothes. Anyway, it is embossed, "Chain Lightning Eraser / Nathan Wood & Son / Portland, ME". It is 6" tall and 2.25" wide. It was hand blown into a mold with

Bottle Owned By The Herpicide Co, Detroit, MI - An unusual 8.25” bottle that I believe was on the shelf behind a barber when in use. It very clean and sparkling, with just a hint of abrasion on the back. It is embossed, “This Bottle / Is Owned By / The Herpicide Co. / Detroit, Mich. / U. S. A.” It has an attractive shape with almost a ladies leg shaped neck. Since the company claimed to maintain ownership, I guess that it was made to be refilled by the barber/user, but I don’t really know. Near perfect in appearance, it is a neat bottle to have on your shelf.  $35.00

J. Salber Blob Beer From Philadelphia - This is a nice blue aqua blob top beer with a long tapered shoulder. It was made with thick sides and base, weighing about 1.25 pounds empty. It is 7.75” tall and almost 3” across the base. It is embossed, “ J. Salber / 227 Brown St / Phila” and there is a large outline of an “S” on the back. It is definitely a dug bottle, with fine abrasions all over and one 1/8” shallow scar on the side of the neck. It is a nice, used bottle but it is not perfect. No cracks or dings that I can see.    $47.00

Pair of Lovers’ Leap Bottles, Lynn, Mass. - An interesting pair of bottles from the same company and different times. The quart has an applied crown top, which puts it from 1892 - early 1900’s. It is embossed, “Full Quart / Lovers’ Leap Co. / Lynn, Mass. / Registered”. It is a little rough, with bubbles, some inside stain, and one 1/8” stress crack in the neck. It has flutes in the neck and at the base as well. The smaller bottle is a blob top, ca. 1870-1890’s that is in excellent shape, very clean with no problems at all that I can see. It has a slug plate that reads, “Lovers Leap / Bottling Co. / Lynn, Mass.”. One near mint blob and one good applied crown top, a really interesting pair of bottles, for one low price of $35.00  (Due to the the weight of the larger bottle, almost 2 lbs, expect postage to be $12-$15 in much of the US)

Vichy Springs, Napa Co., CA Mineral Water - This spring appears to still be a functioning spa/resort (after the recent quake?). The bottle is embossed, "Vichy Springs / Napa Co. / Cal." on the front, "Natural / Mineral Water / Recarbonated" on the back, and I.P.G. Co. on the edge of the base. There is a tiny ding on edge of base. It is clean with numerous bubbles. It is early applied crown top (hand blown into a mold, then the top was formed), probably 1892-1900. From the early days of the Illinois Pacific Glass Co.  The spring is in or near the town of Ukiah, CA.  $32.00

a tooled lip, probably 1880 - 1900. It is perfectly clean and clear, with only flaw a very small flake on a back bottom corner. The bottom bottle is embossed on the front panel, "Established 1843 / Nathan Wood & Son / Portland, ME". 6" tall, 3" wide. It has a sort of concave fluted panel that curves at the shoulder and around the front and back panels to the base. Hand blown into a mold with a tooled lip. It is perfectly clean and free of any flaws so far as I can see. Both of these neat bottles for one money. $35.00 

instructions for the use of the product while both sides give testimonials to its efficiency. The testimonials are dated 1889 and 1910, so the company made this cleaner for at least 21 years. The label has some edging missing but all writing is legible and the bottle is perfect. Something for those seeking an unusual gift or anyone into fox hunting memorabilia. I’ve had this a while so I’m selling it at a loss for $65.00.

Three Arizona sodas - Here are 3 different western sodas, two from Phoenix, and one from Bisbee. First the pair from Phoenix - both are very clean with circular embossing inside a large rectangle with rounded corners. They are ABM with an odd tiny embossing  on the rounded edge where the side changes to the base, reading, "I.P.G.Co.  67". I assume that this is the manufacturer and perhaps a mold number (these look too early for the 67 to be a date). The embossing on the left-hand bottle reads, "Phoenix Bottling / Works / Phoenix /

Footman’s Dairy, Brewer, ME - A quart store milk in a dark brown pyroglaze. The front reads, “Store / Footman’s / Dairy (slanted) / Brewer / Maine”. The back reads, If It’s / Homogenized / There Is / Cream / In Every / Drop / It / Tastes / Better”. I don’t pretend to know how old this is, but it looks like it had the paper disk inside an overall cap. That, and knowing that it has been many years since being homogenized was a notable thing when you bought milk, says to me that this is probably 1940’s or early 50’s. Hopefully someone will know about this. It is in great condition, at least a 9.5/10.    $14.00

Long, Thin OP Cologne - This has been confirmed by finding one with a label to be a cologne. It is a really neat bottle. It is 10.75” tall with a 0.5” diameter base. It has a

Pair of Odd Diamond & Onyx Master Inks - These 2 are identical except for size (5.5” and 7” tall, 4 oz. and 8 oz. capacity). Each is embossed, “Registered / (O inside a D) / Trade Mark / Diamond & Onyx / Philadelphia / U.S.A.” Hand blown with a tooled ring lip. From the late 1800’s,  there is some possibility that they held blacking instead of ink, as this and many companies made both. Both were probably dug, as there is some light inside stain and fine abrasions. These will still display quite well and the shape is unique for inks, so far as I have found in 20+ years of ink collecting.  $25.00 for the pair

3 Nice California Bottles (above & below)

Beautiful Hollywood Whiskey - Not Much to say about this bottle except that it is a really great looking bottle. It is 11.5” tall and an appealing varying honey amber color. It was hand blown into a mold with a formed tapered lip and a light ring below it. It is embossed simply, “Hollywood / Whiskey” and nothing else. Someone told me that it was a NY bottle but that is unverified. It has one light 1/2” scratch near the base but it is hardly noticeable. I would grade this as a 9.5+ and the display will be nearly perfect. An interesting and appealing whiskey.  It would make a fantastic window bottle!  $30.00

Open Pontil Dr. Jackson’s Rheumatic Liniment -  The pictures don’t show how clean and whittled this little (5”) bottle really is. The embossing reads, “ Dr. Jackson’s / Rheumatic / Liniment / Philad.” Clean open pontil mark, very light inside haze, and about 60% of the flared lip is missing. A pretty bottle with only the lip reflecting the age of this 1820’s - 1850’s liniment. $38.00

Lovely Rhodes Co. Hair Preparation - There are a number of good looking hair product bottles and this is certainly one of them. It has great color, as you can see, and no problems at all that I can find. It is 6.5” tall, has a rectangular base with rounded corners, and strap sides. It is embossed, “A. Rhodes Co. / Hair Preparations / Lowell, Mass.  The picture says it all.   $15.00

A Patterson & Coane “Original NO. 6” Whiskey - This is a fairly simple bottle in terms of embossing - just 4 lines. They read, “32 Fl. Oz’s. / Patterson & Coane / Original / No. 6” (the last line is in very large  letters). Late 1800’s, the bottle was hand blown with an applied & tooled lip. It has fantastic color, several bubbles and stands almost 11.5” tall. It does have one small ding, visible on the edge of the base on the left in the picture. There is a slight cant to the neck, also seen in the photo. Research shows that the company was in business from 1880 to 1918 in Philadelphia, but this is not on the bottle. This would look great on any shelf or in a window.  $25.00

Cool Aetna Bottling Works Soda, Eddystone, PA  - Just a nice little soda from a small town in eastern PA. It is clear, ABM, 8.25” tall and has a slug plate that reads, “Aetna Bottling Works / (a cross) / 8-oz / Eddystone, PA”. The lettering sits up and there is some case wear. There are also some light surface abrasions & one small 1/16” flake off the lip. I’m guessing 1920’s-1940’s, but that is just a guess.  $16.00

Recently Sold:

Howe & Stevens - Boston dye

John Annear - Philadelphia ink or condiment

A. H. Bull - Hartford, CT sarsaparilla

Keller’s Worm Mixture - Baltimore medicine

J. J. Tobin / Druggists -Austin, TX medicine

Van Dyke - Davidson Drug Co. - Salt Lake City, UT medicine

Dixie-Ola - Roanoke, VA soda

Deep Cobalt Onion Citro - Baltimore soda

J. E. Combault’s Caustic Balsm - US & Canada medicine

Smile Soda/ J. C. Wiesner - Hagerstown, MD

Amber Coca-Cola - Wheeling, WV soda

D. McCullin - Wilmington, DE blob soda

3 Clear Sodas With Great Embossing

Bayview BW - Seattle, WA soda

Wm. H. Shipley, Frederick, MD soda

Sims Tonic / Elixir of / Pyrophosphate / of Iron medicine

Henry Sierichs & Co. / Rockaway Beach / N. Y blob soda

Pittsburgh Paints advertising bank

Apple Green Hanbury Smith Vichy Water

Fred Kalina Stomach Bitters

Frontier Asthma

Delavau’s Syrup For Whooping Cough & Croup

Unsusal Mulford’s Digestive

P & B Maquire whiskey

Thomas Ecletric Oil

August Woltmann NYC blob

Patrick Quirk NY soda

Loftus & Burke DC strap flasks

Baltimore paper label Family Rye whiskey

3 Hanbury Smith mineral waters

Gordonsville, VA quart milk

Rheumicide Co. / Bobbitt / Chem. Co. / Baltimore

Zimmermann Financiers Club, Yonkers, NY

Peacock Blue Ayer’s Hair Vigor

Boykin Carmer - Baltimore Druggists

Eugene May, New orleans Druggist

Trefriw Chalybrate Wells Sample, Mineral Water

‘That’s All’ Strap Flask

30+ mostly PA beers & sodas in box lots

Mandrake Bitters, 12-sided

Merry Christmas Muscilage

Amarillo, TX and Birmingham, AL Sodas

Ansonia, CT Hutch Soda - This Hutch is embossed in a tombstone slug plate, “Owen & McCarthy / Ansonia, Conn. / Registered” as well as “K. Hutter / New York” on the bottom (Hutter was the bottle maker). This was a dug bottle, with abrasions from being in the ground for 100+ years, case wear on high points, a small surface burst bubble in the back and a pinhead size flake off the lip. This sounds like a lot but I mention them all for completeness. It is still a nice example.  $20.00

San Francisco Glass Works Blob Top - The title pretty much says it all. It is a medium blue aqua blob top, 7” tall with a keyhole hinge mold bottom. The San Francisco Glass works was in operation with this type of bottle circa 1870. That is NOT a problem in the lip, just a slight indentation from manufacture, as best as I can determine. It has a few bubbles (one is below the “C” in the picture and no problems that I can see, probably a 9.5 or better on a 10 point scale. One with a crack recently sold for $99 on ebay. I’m asking $110.00, which includes shipping.

Salem Glass Works 10 cent note for the company store, 1870 - The note is small, about the size pictured,  4” wide x 1 7/8” high. It reads, “Salem Glass Works / Due the Bearer Merchandise at our store 10 Cents / Salem, N.J. August 22, 1870” and in small print, “Lith. by the American Bank Note Co. Phila.” Similar to the coal miner’s plight, it seems that the glass workers were paid in script good only at the company store. It is in good shape except for a small tan stain from a piece of paper that was glued to the back. A nice little bit of New Jersey gaffer history.  Now reduced to $40.00

small open pontil scar. It is light aqua in color and somewhat crudely made. The whole bottom looks like a flake was taken off in an attempt to make it stand up on its own (it doesn’t), I believe when it was blown.  Anyway, 150+ years old & very neat.  $25.00

Moore Turtle Ink With Label and 1865 Patent Date

A nice example of a Moore's turtle ink with a paper label and the embossed patent date. It is embossed with the usual J ' & I E M on panels around the side and also "Pat. Oct 31st 1865" above the panels. The label reads in part, "Moore's / Excelsior School Writing Ink ... Warren, Mass." Very clean with a tiny flea bite on the top of the lip. A nice bottle for anyone looking for a better ink. A fair deal at  $45.00

Caravan Soda w/Desert Scene, Salisbury, NC - Complete with camels and pyramids! It is embossed with a large slanted "Caravan" and "Flavors" around a scene w/a palm tree, 3 pyramids, 3 camels, and a grassy foreground. Around the base are "Ginger Ale"  "Orange" and "Grape", presumably the available flavors. "Salisbury / N.C." is on the bottom. Clear, 8.25” tall. Very clean with no problems that I can see.   $16.00

Sultan Drug Co. - A nice variable shaded amber bottle, it is embossed, “Sultan Drug Co.” on one side and “St. Louis & London” on the other. It is fairly unusual to have cities from two countries listed on one bottle, especially a drug bottle. It was hand blown with a tooled, tapered lip, probably from around the turn of the last century. It is 7.5” tall with only the lightest of abrasions in a couple of places. There is a slightly rough edge on the bottom from manufacture.  $40.00

This is a beautiful quart whiskey with some unusual features as well. It is embossed on 3 sides, “Lawton Rye // Roth & Co. / San Francisco // Guaranteed Full Quart”. On the 4th side is one of its odd features, a 1.75” circle with no function that I can see (you can see it in the photo). Another oddity are the internal screw threads for the stopper (not available). There are a few light abrasions from use but no chips or dings. There is a shallow burst bubble inside the lip from manufacture. I would rate it as a 9.5 or better on a scale of 10. A really nice whiskey from the west coast. See other CA bottles below.    $42.00

Scarlet Fox Hunting Coat Cleaner

A Sweet Southern Druggist Bottle - This is a small druggist bottle from the lower part of the country. It is clear and hand blown with a tooled lip. This is 4.5” tall and reads, “C. F. Schwettmann / Apothecary/ Charleston, S.C.” No chips or dings and very clean.  $15.00

Chas. Klein’s BW Hutch Soda - Another bottle with an unusual bottler’s name and a small town in Michigan (almost in Canada). The round slug plate reads “Chas. Klein’s ‘ Bottling / Works / Calumet, Mich.”. On the back is the usual “This Bottle / Not To / Be Sold” in large letters. Very clean and would probably rate at least a 9 on a 10-point scale. It has has a couple of pinhead sized pits, probably from sitting next to a rock for 120 years or so, but these are the closest things to a problem.  Note the grammatically correct possessive apostrophe in “Klein’s”, something often omitted. When this bottle was made the area that is now Laurium was called Calumet. $16.00

Left: Henry Evers, NYC Blob - This is a clean, nice blob top, ca. 1870’s-1880’s. The round slug plate reads, “ Henry Evers / 19 Monroe St. / New York”. Some light abrasions but would rate about an 8.5 - 9 to my eye. $14.00

Weller BW, Saratoga Springs, NY - Another New York mineral water, this is from the famous Saratoga Springs. The round slug plate reads, “Weller / Bottling Works / Saratoga Springs / N. Y.” It has a hand applied crown top lip, which dates it between 1892 and around 1912. It is clean with some very light ground wear. Nice display.   $12.00

Wild Cherry Dose Cup  - An interesting medicinal advertising go-with. It is clear, ABM, 2” tall and embossed “Wild / Cherry” on one side and “Thompson / Phosphate / Co / Chicago” on the other. Slight roughness on the lip from manufacture but no problems. A nicely made item with strong embossing.  $40.00

Sparkling Englar, Kite Druggests From Baltimore -  It is an unusually clean, clear medicine, a variant of a bottle already listed as “Uncommon” in the Baltimore book. It is missing the comma after “Englar”, a period after “Co”.  and is 5 5/8” tall instead the 5” listed in the book.  Hand blown from the late 1800’s.  At least a 9.5 on a 10 point scale.  $20.00

Crystal Klein Mfg. Advertising Inkwell, Cleveland -  Advertising inkwells were a popular item around the turn of the 20th century, and this is a nice one. Although just 3” tall and 2” in diameter, it weighs an ounce short of a half pound, so I’m guessing that this is lead crystal. It has embossed barrel staves and bands as well as “The Klein Mfg. Co. / Cleveland, O.  U.S.A.” It is perfectly clear and clean but does have some fleabite flakes off the inside lip of the lid, from use. The display is still near perfect. $55.00

Penn Brand Imitation Vanilla Flavoring -  A neat little bottle, about 4” tall and sparkling clean. The value in this 100+ year-old bottle is in the label. I lightened the label for readability in the photo so in reality it is slightly darker than pictured. The label is 90% intact and the important parts read, “ Penn / Brand / Imitation  / Vanilla Flavoring / Non-Alcoholic / Packed For / Frankford Grocery Co. Inc. / Frankford, Pa.” The edge of the label is a chain connecting “2000 Stores” at the top and a lock at the bottom. There is some slight stain at the top edge but everything else is perfect.   $12.00 (if part of another purchase, $10.00)

Great Prospect Brewing Co. Beer, Philadelphia - Some bottles just cry out to be displayed somewhere, and this is such a specimen. Embossed, “The / Prospect / Brewing Co. / Phila. / Registered”. The color is a shade more brown than the picture, but has a wonderful display. One tiny pinhead prick on the base and another on the back of the lip, but at least a 9.5 on a 10 point scale.  $12.00

What makes this bottle interesting is the lack of embossing in general and the ‘cool’ factor of what IS there. It is a light aqua blob top, ca. late 1800’s, with working bale type closure. The front has a round slug plate with a star inside. Lines radiate out from every part of of the star. Inside the star is a blob top bottle with wings (no, I don’t know). On the bottom is embossed “E S & H / Clyde, N.Y.” Ely Sons & Hoyt were proprietors of the Clyde Glassworks part of the time during the 1880’s-1890’s. Perhaps this was a salesman’s sample of their work - that is my guess. The bottle has no chips or ding, but has some light outside cloudiness on the back from being in the ground. A neat example from a Clyde GW.    $50.00

Possible Example Bottle From the Ely Sons & Hoyt Glassworks Clyde, NY

Pair of New Hampshire Soda Waters - These two mineral waters appear identical a first glance but have subtle differences. The obvious one is color - one is aqua and the other is sun-purpled. The one on the left has had a water based paint applied to make the embossing show up better. Both are machine made but the purpled one is pre-1918 because manganese was needed for WWI at that time. The embossing is great - there is a mountain in the background & in the foreground there a native American with a bow next to a tree and another kneeling next to a stream and perhaps a campfire. The embossing reads “Granite State / Spring Water Co. / Atkinson Depot, N.H.” The aqua has a “2” on the back and “472 / G” on the base, so different molds. There is a pinhead size ding on the purple and some case wear on the aqua, conditions about an 8.5 out of 10. I’d like to sell these as a pair for $25.00.

12 Oz. Oyster Bottle - About a hundred years ago oysters were packaged in glass containers rather than tin cans. This nice, 7” tall example appears to be hand blown with a tooled lip, ca. turn-of-the-century. It is embossed, “American Oyster Co. / Providence, R.I.” on the front and “12 Oz. / Liquid” and overlapping “A”, “O” and “CO” on the back. A small “L. G. Co.”  below the city may indicate that the Louisville Glass Co. made the bottle.It is very clean but has a small bb size fisheye on the lip. A very attractive bottle. I will include shipping for$50.00.

2 Early New Orleans Sodas - These are 2 very fine New Orleans bottles, each a different type. On the left is a Hutch soda, embossed sideways, “New Hope Mfg. Co. Ltd. / 350 Bienville St. / New Orleans, LA.”, with an anchor on the bottom. It is sparkling clean with just the slightest of wear from use.

To the right is probably the older of the two, a blob top embossed, “C. C. S. & M F / New Orleans”. It has no chips or dings, but shows more wear and light inside stain in places, still an 8.0+ on a 10-pt scale.

I’m asking $42.00 each with shipping included, $80.00 if you want both.

Hope / Seltz & Mineral Water Manufactory / Gensler & / Schweitzer / 472 & 474 Burgandy St. / New Orleans -  This Hutch appears to be associated with the New Hope company found elsewhere on this page but since it has a different address I’m not sure how close they were. This has a lot more embossing - everything in the title. It is clean, 8+” tall, and has an an embossed anchor on the bottom. It has a 1/16” lip flake and a 3/16” stress crack in the blob lip, but are minor. There is also “Mc C” near the base (McCulley glassworks, Pittsburgh, 1842-1886). The glassworks gives an idea of the age of the bottle. The problems are tiny and I would rate it at least an 8.5.  A nice bottle from the Old South. $35.00

Seely’s Son NY Beer w/Great Embossing - I have tried to show a closeup of the unusual scene on the back of this quart beer but the picture just doesn’t do it justice. It is embossed on front, "G. B. Seely's Son Inc. / 319-331 / West 15th St. / New York / Contents 1 Pint 12 Ozs." and on the back, "28 Fluid Oz." over a scene that includes a bartender in a cap and jacket with what appears to be cigars in the front pocket. He is pouring into a glass like two already sitting on the bar. Also on the bar are four upright bottles and two on their sides, presumably empty. In the background is a display of numerous bottles and a sign that has a large "S"  containing  a small "B" and "C". It appears to have a pre-ABM crown top with a bail and plain ceramic stopper. There is some light use wear but no chips or dings. It is about 12" tall and weighs more than 2 lbs, so shipping will be slightly higher than for a standard soda or beer. A ‘Net search shows that this company produced root beer in tin cans at some point after this bottle was made, but with the bar scene I still think this was probably a beer. All of the detail embossed on this bottle makes it a really nice addition to a collection.  $34.00

A.R. Cox, Morristown, PA blob top - To the right is a nice green 7” blob top with strong embossing, “A. R. Cox / Morristown / Pa”. It has a tapered top with a small flake at the base of the taper running into the ring below. The embossing is very bold with no wear. With some light inside stain, I would rate it as an 8.5.   A very nice bottle ca. 1870’s - 1880’s. $45. 00 

Interesting Joyners Medicine - This 5.5” medicine is neat in that a change was made to the mold after production of the bottle was started. It is clear, clean, BIMAL and has 2 tiny pinhead size flakes on the lip to keep it from being perfect. It is embossed, “Joyners / Gui - A - Col” and then the 3rd line has been peened out of the mold for reasons unknown to me. It appears that there was one larger letter followed by seven smaller ones. You can solve the mystery.   $12.00

Pretty Amber Lawton Rye Whiskey From San Francisco, CA

Arizona". The one on the right reads, "Arizona / Bottling Works / Phoenix, Arizona" inside the circle, "This Bottle Must Be Returned" below the circle, and a large "A" on the bottom. I see no chips or dings and just the lightest of use wear. Both show some crudeness from manufacture and are in great condition.  $15.00 each or both for $25.00.  The third bottle is an applied crown top, which makes it a little older, ca. 1892-1915 or so. It appears to have been made in an odd 4-piece mold, with one piece serving as a slug plate. The SP reads, “Pioneer Soda Works / T. F. Metz / Bisbee. Arizona”. It has lots of bubbles and some twisting in the shoulder glass. There are a couple of small scratches and a BB size internal frog, all on the back. I will price this one at $15.00 but will sell all 3 AZ bottles for $35.00. I expect postage to be around $10.00 - $12.00 for the three. A nice set of western sodas for a fair price.

The typical mineral water bottle 100 years ago was aqua and round - this is a lovely amber and square. It is embossed, “Veronica Mineral Water” around the shoulder. A ‘net search found a 1913 ad for the company in a Santa Barbara newspaper. The spring was located at the current intersection of Veronica Springs and Las Positas Rds.  It is clean, a very nice shade of amber, 10.5” tall, with lots of bubbles. No chips or dings. $35.00

Veronica Springs Mineral Water, Santa Barbara, CA

3 Nice California Bottles (above & below)

- Even in the late 1800’s merchants were always looking for a way to save a buck, and this is a good example. One edge of this 8” tall bottle is embossed, “Alexanders / Sure Cure For Malaria / Akron, O.” and the opposite edge reads, “Alexanders / Liver & Kidney Tonic / Akron, O.” I assume that a paper label on the larger, front side named the contents of that particular bottle. It has shades of amber varying from darker in the middle to lighter at the edges and I see no problems with the condition at all. A really nice medicine and interesting as well.  $35.00

Sultan Drug Co., St. Louis & London - A lovely 7.5” medicine with vary colors from light amber to near-yellow. Embossed on one side, “Sultan Drug Co.” and “St. Louis & London” on the other. Great condition & colors! $32. 00 

Campbell’s Catsup Repurposed As A Bug Poison

Another cost saving measure was to reuse a bottle for another product. The John Lecroy Co. of Camden, NJ  took embossed catsup bottles and applied their own label for bug killer.

Smith & Atkinson / Druggists / Baltimore - My photograph doesn’t do justice to this sparkling clean and attractive medicine. I would guess ca. 1880’s and it really is a great display piece. It is embossed on the right edge, “Baltimore”, the middle, “Smith & / Atkinson” and the left edge, “Druggists”. It is 6.75” tall. The closest thing to a problem is a very shallow burst bubble on the edge of the left panel. This does nothing to harm the display. Only $60. 00 postage included

The original embossed bottle was for John Campbell’s catsup & the label is for “Hits It” insect destroyer (many types of insects listed). A neat item for several types of collectors.  $16. 00 

I’ve seen a number of Lime Colas and they all had a slanted script name and straight sides. This one has block letters, a slight waist and 10 panels above and below the name. At the bottom is a slug plate thatb reads, “Lime-Cola  Co. / Portsmouth, VA.  The bottle is pale aqua (like the top of the photo) and has seen some use, with high point wear, abrasions from being in the ground, and some content stain. I would grade about a 6.5-7 on a 10 pt scale.  $12.00

Unusual Lime Cola From Portsmouth, VA

This bottle has some really neat historical ties. Although it dates to the late 1800’s - early 1900’s, the bottle apparently was made for a hotel on a historic spot. It seems that in colonial times there was an Indian raid on the settlement where Indian Orchard stands today. When the settlers repelled the raiders, they were forced out a penninsula over a river where they leaped from a bluff to escape. The hotel was later built on this spot.  The bottle is clean but has some fine abrasions a little contents stain. $22.00

John Heydt / Indian Leap Hotel / Indian Orchard, MA

Cool Hutch Soda From Natchez, MS

From the Deep South comes this nice little Hutch soda. Not only is it from a small river town on the mighty Mississippi, but the owner of the business had an unusual name as well, namely Leonard Voos. There is a large “V” embossed on the bottom. No chips or dings but there is a very light overall inside haze. This type of closure was used mostly in the 1870’s and ’80’s.  $22.00

Sometimes my camera just cannot capture the true color of a bottle and this is such a case. This is a very dark amber in color and I have lightened it considerably in order to show the embossing. You cannot see through the bottom 20% in most lighting. It is an applied crown top, which puts it ca. 1892-1915. The embossing reads, “Piedmont Bottling / works / Lenoir, N.C.” over 1.25” vertical bars around the base. There is “A.G.W.” on the bottom. One small flake in a bar on the back, but it is in great shape.  $22.00

Amber Soda From Lenoir, NC w/Bars

I am always looking for bottles with unusual names embossed on them, either the bottler or the location of the company (see my names page). This has both - it is embossed, “ Peter Serwazi / Manayunk, PA” on the front and a large “P. S.”  and “This Bottle / Not To Be Sold” on the back. There is some light inside haze and a few tiny pits from use, but I would still grade it a 9 out of 10. Ca 1870’s to 1880’s. A neat squatty aqua blob.  $24.00

Unusual Name Bottler From An Unusually Named Town

VA/TN Old Reliable Eye Water

Pint Tekulsky Bros. Strap Flask

Most strap sided flasks have a slug plate so that the same mold could be reused with a different plate, saving money. The Tekulsky Brothers must have been confident enough in their product that they had a mold cut just for their use. The pint bottle is clean with one spot of light inside stain and some minor abrasions from being in the ground for 100+ years. The embossing is very bold and the bottle’s display will be great wherever you put it. $28.00

Bristol is a town that has a state line running down the middle of the main street. Some bottles from there will be embossed as Bristol, VA and others TN. A few, like this one do both. This tiny 4” bottle is embossed to the hilt and reads, “John R. Dickey’s / Old Reliable / Eye Water / Manufactured By / John R. Dickey Drug Co. / Bristol Tenn & VA”. Some light contents stain & a fleabite on the inside of the lip. The picture on the left shows the true light aqua color, not the top two above.  $16.00

Unusual Early Flask Shaped Whiskey

When I first saw this late 1800’s flask I was struck by the odd shape. Despite the “tapered w/ring” lip it was the exact size and shape to fit in a much nicer outer case, like leather or silver. The sides are flat & the corners squared. I’m guessing it was made to fit a case made-to-order for someone. It is clear, 6.75” tall. There are some extra fine abrasions on the back from use, but it is in overall excellent shape.  $12.00

Pair of New Hampshire Soda Waters

Alexanders Double Use Medicine, Akron, OH