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Names on bottles


This is an attempt to help people find a bottle with a specific name on it. The list is alphabetical and if there is more than one name on the bottle, it is listed once for each name. I keep updating my inventory but if sales are brisk at a show every sale may not get recorded. I will try to keep it up to date but I do make mistakes. These bottles date from the 1820’s to the early 1900’s but most are from the 1870’s through the 1890’s.

If I no longer have the bottle you want, you will at least know that such a bottle exists and I may well be able to find you another. Since I don't know if I still have all the bottles on the list, I will determine a fair price when I find the one desired and can judge its condition and rarity. Most will be in the $10-$20 range but a few are fairly rare and will cost considerably more. Shipping by Priority Mail will depend on your zip code and the bottle's weight. I do not attempt to add to my profits by inflating the shipping (I just spent $50 for peanuts so there are shipping costs). Please click here to email me with any queries.

Note: I have started listing unusual town & city names below the name listing. I will not bother to list common places like New York City or Baltimore as everyone knows that these exist. These will be listed alphabetical by town/city at the bottom of this page.

I often update this page so reload & check it again if you are looking for a particular name or place. This page last updated 6/28/2015.


C. W. Abbott & Co. - Baltimore bitters

Aetna BW - Soda

Alexanders Liver & Kidney Tonic/ Sure Cure For Malaria - Akron, OH

Wm. Allen & Co. - Ink

D. Allers - Whiskey

American Standard - Ink

Andrews & Thompson - Baltimore medicine

John Annear - Ink (?) - SALE PENDING

Geo. W. Apple - Beer or soda

Arlington Chemical Co. - Medicine

Arnold’s - Ink Aschenbach & Miller - Flavoring?

Smith & Atkinson - Baltimore druggists

Atlas Medicine Co. - Medicine

Gail, G.W. & Ax(e?) - Snuff


Barker, Wm. J. - Hair

Barry’s Tricopherous For the Scalp & Hair - Medicine

Wm. Jay Barker - Hair

G.A. Barwig, Ph. G. - Medicine

Bayview BW - WA soda

Beckman’s - Beer

Locke & Beltz - Brownsville, PA soda

John M. Berger, Fells Point Bottling Works - Baltimore soda

Berkmann, A. & Co - Beer

Biochemic Natural Mineral Waters - Mineral water

Bischoff, B. - Soda

Bixby - Ink

F. X. Blume - Emporium, PA blob soda

Bottlers Protective Assoc. - Baltimore soda

Geo. Brehm & Son - Baltimore beer

Bridge’s (London) - Ink

Brewers Springs - Mineral water

Brown, F.C. Prop. Kingfisher BW - Soda

Brown, P. Druggist - Philadelphia Druggists

Buffalo Asthma Co. - Medicine

Buffalo Co-Operative Bottling Works - Buffalo, NY soda

A.H. Bull - OP Extract of sarsaparilla

Byrd Bros. - Soda


Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin - Sample medicine

Capital Bottling Works - Soda

Caravan - Salisbury, NC soda

Carpenter Morton Co. Colorite - Hair

Carr, Owens & Co. - Baltimore wholesale druggists

Carter's Ink - Ink

Castanca (Dairy) - Trenton, NJ Milk

W.H. Cawley Co. / Flemington BW Hutch - NJ soda

C. S & M F - New Orleans soda

Central Mfg. Co. - Iowa City, IA lemon cream

Chesterfield Dairy (VA) - Milk

Christo-Cola - Harrisonburg, VA soda

  1. U.Ciampoli - Philadelphia condiment (?)

City Ice & Bottling Wks. - Georgetown, TX soda

Clark, C. Foster & Co. - Perfume?

Clarke, H. & Sons - Whiskey

Paterson & Coane - Qt. whiskey

Colgate Co. - Tooth powder(?)

Columbia Bottling Co. - Baltimore soda

Congress & Empire Springs - Mineral Water

Cortwright Co. - NYC whiskey

A. R. Cox - Norristown, PA soda

Crescent Bottling Co. - Soda

Crown Bottling Works - Baltimore soda

Cruikshank Bros. - Food

Curles Neck Dairy - Richmond, Va milk (odd variant)

J. H. Cutter - Whiskey


C. Damchinsky - Liquid Hair Dye

William A. Davis - Ink

Dalby’s Carminative - Medicine

Daniel Boone Beverages - Spencer, NC soda

Van Dyke - Davidson Drug Co. - Salt Lake City, UT druggist

Hallock’s Fruit Extract (Hallock-Denton Co.) - Food

Diamond Ink Co. - Ink

Dickey’s Old Reliable Eye Water - Bristol, TN/VA eye wash

Dill Medicine Co. - Norristown, PA medicine

Dioxogen (Oakland Chemical Co.) - Medicine

Theo Dietzler & Co. - Soda

Dixie - Ola - Roanoke, VA soda

Dixie Bottling Works - Bristol TN-VA Coca-Cola

Dorta Macierzynski - Medicine (Buffalo, NY)

Dotterweich Brewing Co. - Olean, NY beer

Duke of York / J. Lord - Whiskey


Eagle Chili Powder / Gebhardt - Food

Early Dawn Co Op Dairy - Waynesboro, VA milk

Eigenbrot Brewing Co. - Beer

Maryland Brewing Co., Eigenbrot Brewery Branch - Baltimore beer

Embros Wine Co. - Sherry

Embalmers Supply Co. - Embalming fluid

Congress & Empire Springs - Mineral Water

Englar, Kite Druggists - Baltimore medicine

D. Evans Camomile Pills - OP medicine

Henry Evers - NY blob soda


F & J Lemon Cola Baltimore BW - Baltimore soda

Dr. Peter Fahrney & Sons - Med.

Farmers Brg. Co. - Shawano, WI beer

John M. Berger, Fells Point Bottling Works - Baltimore soda

Dr. M. M. Fenner - Fredonia, NY remedies

Field's Ink - Ink

Fischer Bros. - Lansdale, PA soda

Dr. S.S. Fitch - Medicine

Pennick & Ford Ltd. - New Orleans molasses

Footman’s Dairy - ME milk

Foss Liquid fruit Flavors - Food

Foster, Milburn & Co. - Medicine

  1. J.Foy - Soda/ale

  2. K.J. S. Francis - Soda

  3. L. Penn Brand Vanilla Flavoring / Frankford Grocery Co. - PA vanilla

Frey’s Vermifuge - OP medicine

Fuller’s Banner - Ink


Gail, G.W. & Ax(e?) - Snuff

Eagle Chili Powder / Gebhardt - Food

Wm V. Geis - Soda

Hope Manufactury / Gensler & Schweitzer - New Orleans seltzer &

            min. water

The German Brewing Co. - MD beer

Gin-Gera - Baltimore soda

Giroux Mfg. Co - Hair tonic

Gladstone Springs - Mineral water

Globe Brewing Co. - Beer

Mary T. Goldman - Hair

Goldstrohm & Wigand - Soda

Hoff's German Liniment Goodrich & Jennings - Med.

Gordon -  Baltimore whiskey

L.A. Gould- Hand Cream

G. P. R. (Gump’s Pure Rye) - Baltimore whiskey

Dr.s F.E. & J.A.Greene - Medicine

Greenfield Dairy (Suffolk, Va.) - Milk

Grone & Co. - Soda

Grove & Whelan - Soda

W. Gubner's Sons - Beer or soda

Gude's Pepto-Mangan - Medicine


Dr. S.B. H. & Co. - Medicine

Habenight - Beer or soda

Hagerty’s Glass Works - Soda/beer

Haley - Ink

A.L. Scovill & Co. / Hall’s Balsam For the Lungs - Medicine

Hallock’s Fruit Extract (Hallock-Denton Co.) - Food

Dr. Hands - Medicine(?)

Hardul, The Woman’s Tonic - Medicine

H. D. Harles - Edwardsville, IL soda

Allen’s Lung Balsam / J. N. Harris & Co. - Cincinnati medicine

C. R. Hartson - Soda/beer

Thomas Haskins Bottler - Blob soda or beer

Hauel, J. - Household

Hauthaway’s Lynn Burnishing - Ink

$25,000 Bonded Health-O Quality Products - Hair tonic

Geo. W. Helme - Snuff

Edw. Hefferman - Whiskey

J. Heinz - Food

This Bottle Owned by the Herpicide Co. 

Herrmann, A.G. (successor to J.F below) - Beer

Herrmann, J.F. - Beer

John Heydt / Indian Leap Hotel - Indian Orchard, MA soda

Hill Brook - Whiskey

Hits It / John Leroy & Son - Camden, NJ insect killer

Hobensack’s Medicated Worm Syrup - Medicine

Hoff's Ger. Lin. Goodrich & Jennings - Medicine

Auguat Hohl - Catasauqua, PA soda

Holton's Electric Oil - Trombone slide lubricant

Hope Manufactury / Gensler & Schweitzer - New Orleans seltzer &

            min. water

New Hope - New Orleans mineral water or soda

Horlick’s Malted Milk Sample - Food

Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing - Beer

Houpert & Worcester - Birmingham Hutch soda

J. F. Howard - Haverhill, MA condiment

Howe & Stevens - Dye

Hunt’s Liniment / C.E. Stanton - Medicine

Hutchinson Bottling Works - Soda

Hyde (London) - Ink


Indian Leap Hotel / John Heydt - Indian Orchard, MA soda


Dr. Jackson’s Liniment - OP medicine

Jamestown Brewing - Beer

Jasmine Ink Co. - Norfolk, VA Ammonia Water

Dr. Jayne’s Hair Tonic - OP hair care

Jean Marie Farina - Cologne

Hoff's Ger. Lin. Goodrich & Jennings - Medicine

Macy & Jenkins - New York whiskey

Jessup, F.W. - Soda

Jimason - Blob soda

Johnson’s Liquid Shampoo - Hair care

Joyner’s Gui-A-Col - Medicine (?)


Dr. D.C. Kellencer - Medicine

Keller’s Worm Mixture (Carr, Owens & Co.) - Baltimore medicine

J. W. Kelly & Co., Distillers - Chattanooga, TN whiskey

M. Kelly - Baltimore blob top soda

Kendall’s Spavin Cure - Medicine

Mike Kerly - Blob soda

Keystone Drug Co. - Medicine

Englar, Kite & Co. - Baltimore druggists

Chas. Klein’s Bottling Works - Calumet, MI soda

Knapp, C.F. - Ink

W.W. Knight - Soda

Kohnstamm, H. - Pen holder/paperweight

C.L. Kornahren’s, blob - Soda

John G. Kretzer /Orchard Dairy - Milk


Larabee - Medicine

Modjeska Derma-Balm / Larkin soap Co. - Skin care

Laughlins Smith & Co.  / Druggists - Wheeling, WV medicine

Layfayette Mineral springs Co. - Mineral water

Lawton Rye / Roth & Co. - San Francisco whiskey

Hits It / John Leroy & Son - Camden, NJ insect killer

Lewandowski’s - DE beer or soda

Lime - Cola - Portsmouth, VA soda

W.C. Lindley Sanitary BW - Soda

Lipscomb, G.G. - Soda

The Liquid - Soda?

Locke & Beltz - Brownsville, PA soda

Andrew Lohr Bottling Co. - Cairo, IL, Beer or soda

Avery N. Lord - Soda/ale

J. Lord - Whiskey

P. Lorillard Co. - Snuff

Lover’s Leap Bottling Co. - Sodas


Dorta Macierzynski Slawny Balsam - Medicine

Macy & Jenkins - New York whiskey

Mann, W.E. (Lee’s Liniment) - Medicine

Maryland Bottling House - Baltimore soda

Maryland Brewing Co., Eigenbrot Brewery Branch - Baltimore beer

W.C. Marking’s Vegetable Digestive - Med.

M. Matthews & Co. - Whiskey (company sold to O. & B. Maguire)

  1. C.Edward May - Soda

Owen & McCarthy - Ansonia, CT Hutch soda

McCormick - Richmond, VA soda

T. F. Metz, Pioneer Soda Works - Bisbee, AZ soda

Meyer, Pitts & Co. - Whiskey

Angelo Meyers - Whiskey

Foster, Milburn & Co. - Medicine

Aschenbach & Miller - Flavoring?

Property of E. R. Mixon - NC soda

Bryn Mawr (C. Moore) Pharmacy - PA drug store

Modjeska Derma-Balm / Larkin soap Co. - Skin care

Robinson & Moore Bottlers - Wilmington, DE soda

Moore, C. - Bryn Mawr Medicine

Moorman, C.P. - Whiskey

Moose Brewing Co. - PA beer

Morris, A. & Co. - Hair

Mother’s Relief - Rochester, NY medicine

Carpenter Morton Co. Colorite - Hair


National Marking Machine Co. - Ink

New Hope - New Orleans mineral water or soda

Northwestern Bottling Works - Washington, DC soda

Norwood’s Ticnct. V. Virida - Medicine


Oppolodoc Liquid - Medicine

Carr, Owens & Co. - Baltimore wholesale druggists

Owen & McCarthy - Ansonia, CT Hutch soda


E. P. - Salem, MA Hutch

Pabst Brewing Co. - DC beer

Pascolay - Pre-digested Food Co.

Paterson & Coane - Qt. whiskey

Paul Jones - Louisville, KY whiskey

Silvol / Parke Davis Co. - Milk glass household

Peninsula Dairy - Norfolk/Newport News qt. “toothache”

Pennick & Ford Ltd. - New Orleans molasses

Penn Brand Vanilla Flavoring / Frankford Grocery Co. - PA vanilla

Phelps (John H.) Rheumatic elixir - Medicine

Pioneer Bottling Works - Lenoir, NC soda

Pioneer Soda Works, T. F. Metz - Bisbee, AZ soda

Robert Portner - Beer

Prospect Brewing Co. - Philadelphia beer


Quinine Whiskey Co. - Louisville, KY whiskey(?)


Great Radium spring Water - Mineral water

R.R.R Radway - Medicine

Ph. J. Ramroth - Mineral water

Ravenna Bottling Works - Soda

Geo. H. Reed & Co. - Dosmestic dyes

Reichswehr - Whiskey

Richmond Dairy creamer _ Richmond, VA wide mouth creamer

Robinson & Moore Bottlers - Wilmington, DE soda

Roche’s Embrocation - Medicine

Roderick’s Wild Cherry Cough Balsam - Medicine

Williams-Rotert - Peanut Butter

Lawton Rye / Roth & Co. - San Francisco whiskey

Rodman Club Beverages - New Bedford, MA soda

Rowan, J.R. - Household

Royal Blossom Bottling Co. - Chattanooga, TN soda

Royal Remedy Co. (Souder's) - Food

Rubsam & Horrmann Brewing - Staten Island Beer

Ruth - PA soda


St. Joseph brewing Co - Beer

Salber, J. - Soda

Salem Glass Works - NJ bank note

Saltzmann Breweries - Beer

Samuel Springs - Soda

J. L. Sanders - Baltimore Hutch sodas

Sarasota Geyser / Sarasota Spa - Mineral water

Geo. Schaumloeffel - Trenton, NJ beer/soda

Adam Scheidt - Beer

Schiff, B. Co. - Ink

Christian Schnepf - WV Medicine

C.F. Schwettmann / Apothecary - Charleston, SC medicine

Scott’s Patent Fountin Pen Filler - Ink

A.L. Scovill & Co. / Hall’s Balsam For the Lungs - Medicine

Seely’s Son - NY beer

R.E. Sellers / Druggist - OP medicine

Shenk’s Pulmonic Syrup - Medicine

Shouler, M. Bottling Works - Soda

Silver distilling Co. - Whiskey

Silvol / Parke Davis Co. - Milk glass household

Sioux Bottling Works - Soda

Smith & Atkinson - Baltimore druggists

Laughlins Smith & Co.  / Druggists - Wheeling, WV medicine

Snellings, J.C. Pharmacist - Medicine

South Side Bottling House (Pittsburg) - Soda

Southern Chemical Co. - Medicine

Spencerian - Cartography suppliers ink

Standard Drug Co. - Spartanburg, SC medicine

Hunt’s Liniment / C.E. Stanton - Medicine

Frank Steil Brewing Co. - Baltimore beer

L. Steinberger - Jersey City soda

Howe & Stevens - Dye

Sultan Drug Co. - St. Louis & London

Dr. H. Swayne - Medicine

Hope Manufactury / Gensler & Schweitzer - New Orleans seltzer &

            min. water


Tautz & Son’s - Household

Thadford’s Syrup of Black Draught - Medicine

Jas. Tharp - DC amber pint strap whiskey

Thomas Eclectric Oil - Medicine

3 - In - One Oil - Household

Thompson Phosphate Co. - Cleveland advertising dose cup

Andrews & Thompson - Baltimore medicine

Thompson, W.S. Pharmacy (DC) - Medicine

Dr. S. A. Tuttle - Medicine


Union Bottling Works - Many types & locations

University Free Medicine - Medicine


Var-Vac -  Soda

Vaughan’s Beverage Corp. - WV soda

Vermont Glass Works - $1.00 bank note

Vichy Spring - Napa Co. (Ukiah), CA mineral water

Victory Bottling Co. - Baltimore soda

Virginia Brewing Co. - Beer

Albert Von Harten - Savannah, GA soda

A. Voorhees, MD - Medicine

Leonard Voos - Natchez, MS Hutch soda


W & B Drug Co. - Baltimore medicine

Walker's, J.  - Bitters

E. Jacob Wenner - Pa soda

Weiss Brewing Co. - Beer

Henry Weiss - Whiskey

Weller’s Bottling Works - Soda or mineral water

Welty, P. “Old 81 Whiskey” - Whiskey

Ferdinand Westheimer & Sons - Whiskey

D. J. Whelan - Mineral water

Grove & Whelan - Soda

Wickham, W.J./ Heinzerling - Soda

W.J. Wickham & Co. blob - Soda (Baltimore)

Smile Bottling Works / J.C. Wiesner Prop. - Hagerstown, MD soda

J.E. Cambault’s Caustic Balsam / Lawrence Williams - Medicine

Williams-Rotert - Peanut Butter

Wintersmith - Louisville medicine

Jacob Wisenauer - Baltimore soda

Nathan Wood - Maine medicines

John Woolcott - Whiskey

Houpert & Worcester - Birmingham Hutch soda


Yoder Dairy - Kempsville/Virginia Beach, VA milk

York Brewing Co. - PA beer


Zemmer Co. Manufacturing Chemists - Medicine

Zerman, F. - Household

S. H. Zucker - Soda/beer

The letters “OP” in a listing is short for “open-pontiled”, bottles dating from the early 1800’s to the 1850’s.

Town or city - type of bottle:

Akron, OH - Medicine

Allegheny, PA - Household

Allentown, PA - Soda

Allison Park, PA - Milk

Anoka, MN - Liniment

Ansonia, CT - Soda

Antwerp, NY - Medicine

Appalachia, VA - Chero-Cola

Argenta, AR - Soda

Athol, MA - Soda

Atkinson Depot, NH - Mineral water

Atlantic City, NJ - Dr. Pepper soda

Avon Park, FL - Soda

Bath, NY - Beer

Belmar, NJ - Whiskey

Binghamton, NY - Medicine, soda

Bisbee, AZ - Soda

Bristol, VA - Ink

Brewer, ME - Milk

Brownsville, PA soda

Bryn Mawr - Medicine

Buffalo, NY - Hair, soda

Cairo, IL - Beer or soda

Calumet, MI - Hutch soda

Catasauqua, PA - soda

Charlestown, SC - Sodas

Chester, VA - Milk

Chattanooga, TN - Whiskey

Chesterfield, VA - Mineral water

Cinnelsville, PA - Beer

Clyde, NY - Soda/beer (Ely Sons & Hoyt glassworks)

Collinsville, IL - Soda

Columbia, SC- Beer/soda

Columbus, GA - Soda

Cooperstown, NY - Soda/beer

Covington, KY - Soda

Cumberland, MD - Beer

Derry, NH - Mineral water

Dover, NH - Beer/soda

Dover, OH - Milk

Eddystone, PA - Soda

Edwardsville, IL - Soda

Emlenton, PA - Flavoring?

Exmore, VA - Sodas

Frederick, MD - Milk, soda

Fredricksbug, VA - Milk

Far Rockaway, NY - Soda

Georgetown, TX - soda

Gordonsville, VA - Milk

Hartford, WI - Soda

Haverhill, MA - Condiment

Hellertown, PA - Soda

Henderson, NC - Medicine

Hollywood, CA - Milk or juice

Honolulu, HI (TH) - Soda

Houston, TX - Soda

Hutchinson, MN - Soda

Indian Leap Hotel / Indian Orchard, MA - Soda

Iowa City, IA - Cream of lemons

Jamestown, NY - Beer, mineral water

Jersey City, NJ - Soda

Kempsville, VA - Milk

Lansdale, PA - Soda

Lenoir, NC - Soda

London, England - Inks

Louisville, KY - Medicine

Lucyville, PA - Beer

Lynn, MA - Whiskey, sodas

Manchester, VA - Soda, medicine

Marion, VA - 3-C Nectar soda

Mobile, AL - Soda

Montevideo, MN - Soda

Monticello, IL - Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin (medicine)

Napa Co., CA (Ukiah) - Mineral water

Nasua, NH - Whiskey

Natchez, MS - Hutch soda

New Bedford, MA - Soda

Norristown, PA - Beer, medicine, soda

North Chicago, IL - Soda

Pacific, MO - Soda

Pawtucket, RI - Soda/beer

Perth Amboy, NJ - Blob soda

Phoenix, AZ - Soda

Pine Hill, NY - 5 gal. spring water

Plainsville, PA - 10 cent bank note

Portland, ME - Medicine

Port Norfolk, VA(?) - Bug poison

Ravenna, OH - Soda

Roundout, NY - Soda

Saginaw, MI - Beer

Salem, NJ - Soda

Salisbury, NC - Soda

San Antonio, TX - Chili powder

San Francisco, CA - Soda, beer

Saratoga Springs, NY - Mineral water

Shawano, WI - Beer

Sing Sing, NY - Medicine

South Omaha, NE - Mineral water

Spartanburg, SC - Medicine

Spencer, NC - Daniel Boone soda

St. Joseph, MO - Beers

St. Paul, MN - Hair

Syracuse, NY

Tauton, MA - Ink/medicine

Terre Haute, IN - Soda

Trenton, NJ - Beer/soda

Ukiah, CA (Napa Co.) - Mineral water

Utica, NY - Pepsi cap

Washington, NC - Soda

Watertown, SD - Soda

Wheeling, WV - Drug store, amber Coke

Wheeling/Farmington, WV - Soda

Williamsport, PA - Soda

Wilmington, DE - Beer, soda

Wilmington, NC - Wine

Winchester, VA - Soda

Worcester, MA - Medicine

Yonkers, NY - Medicine

Youngstown, OH - Medicine

I have friends who are looking for:

Any bottle with the name “Van Benschoten” on it


Hutchison soda bottles from RI