A few of the numerous bottles I have for sale

Antique BottleS & INKS


Welcome to the bottle web site of Ed & Lucy Faulkner. My wife and I have been collecting antique bottles (mostly inks & related ephemera) for around 20 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the hobby and the people we have met along the way. Many of these people we now count among our closest friends. Click at the top of this page to go to a section giving a little bit about -

Featured inks -  a brief description and pictures of selected ink bottles, taken from our book.

RABCA  - the Richmond Bottle Club & the bottle collecting hobby with links to sites with lots of

                   information about bottles, bottle clubs and shows.

Names - an alphabetical listing of the names on bottles that I have for sale. If you would like a

                   bottle with your name on it, I may have it for you. Also, many small cities and towns

                   whose names are found on my bottles are listed on this page.

For Sale -  a picture listing of some of the many bottles I have for sale.