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By: Edna McGrew




1.    A Small Mansion on the Sound
2.    The Beginnings
3.    The Lay Brother
4.    Rejected!
5.    A Three Year Interlude
6.    Semi-Retirement
7.    Fatima Prelude
8.    Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima
9.    Sister Lucia
10.    Origins of the Blue Army
11.    The Blue Army
12.    Queen of the World
13.    Love Affair with the Sea
14.    A Fateful Mistake
15.    The Icon of Kazan
16.    Power Players
17.    Blue Army Reorganization
18.    New Projects
19.    To Shake the World
20.    Prophetic Revelations
21.    Era of Peace
22.    Signs of Her Triumph
23.    A Saint?
Reference Notes


My spiritual memoir, Its Light Is the Lamb, An Unexpected Spiritual Journey reaches its culmination point when I reveal how the messages of contemporary mystics, as explained by a number of Catholic theologians and priests, gave me a new insight into the role of "private revelations" in God’s Salvation Plan. Although Fatima is an approved private revelation, many good Catholics believe that it can be safely ignored, that it is not binding on them to believe. However, a number of theologians do not fully agree with this position. Furthermore, John M. Haffert has expressed his concern about this very same issue in a number of his books.

When I wrote my first book on the story of my spiritual life after I took early retirement from my career as an Engineering Research Section Head, I was faced with the same problem regarding private revelations. I became acquainted with a number of contemporary apparitions of Mary in different parts of the world. Initially, I ignored them. But then reconsidering, I asked myself: “What if these alleged messages from Our Lady are for real?”

Most of these alleged apparitions, which have occurred since Fatima, have one recurring prophecy associated with them, the pneumatic Second Coming of Christ, that is a spiritual coming. It is important to note that the Catholic Church has not taken a position on a pneumatic Second Coming of Christ. As the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger has said: “the Holy See has not yet made any definitive pronouncement in this regard.”

Recently, the new crop of theologians in the Catholic Church have taken an interest in the role of prophecy in the Church and its relationship to private revelations. It is an area of theological study which has long been neglected. Dr. Niels C. Hvidt, one of these new, young theologians, has pointed out that: “Few theological topics have been covered so poorly as Christian prophecy. Such theologians as Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar and Joseph Ratzinger [Pope Benedict XVI] have lamented this almost blank space on the theological chart.”

Over the ensuing years after my retirement, I slowly came to this, to me, extraordinary belief in an imminent Second Coming of Christ before the End of Time! As I wrote in my spiritual memoir, the culmination of my years of prayerful consideration convinced me that: “when we pray the Our Father and say ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ [Matt. 6:10] we are praying for this Second Coming! I believe that this Second Coming, which is also called the Eucharistic Reign or the second Pentecost has been predicted in the Book of Revelations.” And I further believe: “The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph with her Son. Peace will come to the world and goodness will shine forth for all to see as God’s will is ‘done on earth as it is in heaven.’” I realized that God’s revelation was ongoing. As Pope Benedict XVI has said: “the Revelation refers to the action of God in history in which the truth is gradually unveiled. The Revelation is the continuous growth of the Church in the fullness of the Logos.”

After I came to believe that the pneumatic Second Coming was part of God’s Salvation Plan, one statement allegedly made by Our Lady to one of these contemporary mystics, remained a source of puzzlement to me. Referring to this Second Coming or Eucharistic Reign, Our Lady is alleged to have said that what she had been saying was not new theology. To me, however, it was new! Later, when I became acquainted with some of the late John Haffert’s writings, I noticed that he referenced most, if not all, of these very same subjects that some had identified as a “new theology.” But John Haffert did not consider these subjects to be a new theology. Immediately, I determined to learn more about John and his beliefs.

When I started to write this biography of John M. Haffert, I did not anticipate what a daunting task it would turn out to be. I purchased, read and took notes on twenty three of his books, in addition to looking at some SOUL magazines, and a Catholic Traveler, which magazines he had created and developed. I also reviewed some recent copies of the magazine, the Messenger of The World Apostolate of Fatima. There were interviews to conduct, a new experience for me; research to be done on the internet; and relevant books by other authors to be studied. In addition, there were some issues that I did not know initially how to address, so I simply placed them in God’s hands.

What I have learned in writing this biography has literally amazed me. In his book on the Charismatic Movement, Explosion of the Supernatural, Haffert shows that St. Grignion de Montfort predicted that the Second Coming would occur and that it would be in men’s hearts. This statement as well as others made by some of our new, young theologians provided an answer to my question about whether the Second Coming was a new theology. From these sources it became obvious to me that it is not new theology at all, but actually goes back to the early Church Fathers, as will be discussed later in this biography.

Further, John expounds on the Era of Peace predicted by Our Lady of Fatima and the concurrent “new and divine holiness”spoken of by Pope John Paul II. John Haffert believes that the triumph has already begun and that the new and divine holiness is already occurring in the lives of some. John writes: “The flowering of the ‘new and divine holiness’ has already been exemplified in recent saints like Saint Faustina and Blessed Dina Belanger.”

What is this divine holiness, and why is it called “new”? The new and divine holiness refers to the “Gift of the Divine Will” in our times so that Christ words: “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10) will be fulfilled in the coming Era of Peace. It is also called the: “‘eternal mode’ of mystical union.” According to the Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi, PhD., OSJ, whom John Haffert quotes a number of times in his books, “the soul that receives the gift of advancing from the divine modes of Baptism, to Spiritual Betrothal, to Spiritual Marriage, and finally to the eternal mode of Living in God’s Divine Will, experiences the most profound level of mystical union.”

And Fr. Iannuzzi explains that: “Once the soul has arrived at this simple yet most sublime point of mystical union, everything it does, from the most conscious to the most unconscious acts, is sustained and motivated by God’s eternal act that never leaves it so long as it refrains from deliberately offending him.” {emphasis mine} Fr. Iannuzzi believes that this mystical gift of sharing in the Eternal Act is offered to all of God’s children.

It is called “new” because this Eternal Mode of mystical union, this Gift of the Divine Will, has been reserved by God for our times. According to Fr. Iannuzzi, in the past, great saints like John of the Cross experienced this mystical gift of the eternal mode, but they did not experience it continuously. As Fr. Iannuzzi succinctly puts it: “As for the difference between the stages of Spiritual Marriage and Living in the Divine Will, the difference is literally eternal.” That is the major difference, that is why this divine holiness is a “new” experience, because today it is now possible for all God’s children to experience it continuously!

Based on John Haffert’s numerous books on Fatima, as well as his writings on the new and divine holiness, the Second Coming and the Era of Peace, it is clear that John is not only co-founder of the World Apostolate of Fatima [Blue Army], but also one of the major prophets of our times.


John M. Haffert has been described as one of the most renowned Catholic laymen of the 20th Century not only in the United States where he resided, but also across the entire globe. Surprisingly, John’s life was one of high adventure, even though many might think that a life devoted to spreading a spiritual message in this day and age might well be uneventful.

In 1917 the Blessed Mother appeared to three young shepherds in Fatima, Portugal and promised that she would perform a miracle on a specified date at a specified time. On Oct. 13, 1917, what has been called “The Miracle of the Sun” was witnessed by over a hundred thousand people gathered together on the mountain of Fatima. It was seen as far away as thirty two miles. This happening was witnessed and accurately written about by the two most powerful, quasi-atheistic newspapers in Portugal, O Seculo and O Dia. With regard to the Miracle of the Sun, John makes this amazing statement: “It was the first miracle in the history of the world at a predicted time and place ‘so that everyone might believe.’”

Until the mid 1940's, John had only a vague idea concerning the apparitions and messages of Our Lady of Fatima. Because he was a well known Catholic author and journalist, John was allowed to interview the last living visionary, Sr. Lucia. John’s visit to Fatima and his interview with Sr. Lucia changed his whole life.

John realized that few people were responding to Our Lady of Fatima’s requests. Therefore, John teamed up with Msgr. Colgan to found the Blue Army Apostolate for the purpose of promoting the Fatima message throughout the world. John and Sr. Lucia had developed a pledge for people to make as a sign of their commitment to respond to the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. The primary objective of the Blue Army was to make the Fatima messages known throughout the world and to urge that this pledge, which became known as the Blue Army Pledge, be made by as many people as possible in reparation to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. When the Blue Army had collected twenty five million pledges, they stopped counting. However, in 1983 when more than five million pledges were signed in the Philippines in just one year, this record was indeed noted.

In the 1980's, when the Blue Army was encountering serious organizational problems, believing that the Blue Army was important to the Church, Pope John Paul II became personally involved. The Pope sent: “Bishop Edward Egan [subsequently Cardinal Archbishop of NY] to integrate the World Apostolate of Fatima [Blue Army] into the structure of the Church.” Since then, the World Apostolate of Fatima [WAF] has become an International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right, which was established by the Holy See on Oct. 7, 2005. The WAF international headquarters and secretariat is located in Fatima, Portugal. The WAF is present in five continents and includes six Regional Centers. These are North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania. There are millions of members in more than one hundred countries worldwide. According to the international magazine of the WAF: “The mission of the World Apostolate of Fatima is to contribute to the ‘new evangelization’ of the world through the diffusion and living of the Fatima message.”

Father Joaquim Alonso, CMF, who was the official documentarian of Fatima, having written eighty volumes concerning the Fatima apparitions, wrote that one day historians will concede:

that never in the history of the Church have charisms descended in such abundance on the people of God: miraculous cures, conversion of hearts, the movement of great masses of people coming to honor the Virgin, without precedent in the religious history of the Church.

This then is the story of John M. Haffert’s life; as well as his role as the co-founder of the World Apostolate of Fatima, [Blue Army].

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Chapter Three

The Lay Brother

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