Edward & Clary Flathers
and Descendants

This web site is dedicated to the memory of
Revolutionary War soldier Edward Flathers,
his wife Clary, and their descendants.

Generation I
Edward Flathers
Born: 1755, England.
Died: May 7, 1847 near Danville, Indiana.

Gentry Cemetery,
near Danville, IN.

Married: 1781.
Spouse: Clarresa Legg
Aka: Clarisssa, Clara and Clary
Born: 1754, Maryland
Died: November 30, 1848, near Danville, IN.

Gentry Cemetery,
near Danville, IN.

Generation II
1. Benjamin Franklin Flathers 1782-1845
2. Mary Flathers 1783-1865
3. John Flathers 1785-1861
4. Nancy Flathers 1787-?
5. Isaac Flathers 1789-1845
6. Thomas Flathers 1793-1870

Generation II & III Details

Index of Names

     Edward Flathers, born in England about 1755, was picked up on the streets of London in late 1774 and in short order was sent to America. He passed through the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay in the spring of 1775. We don't know who purchased Edward as an indentured servant. It may have been James Grimes who also first paid Edward to substitute for him in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary war. The second time he served in the place of Shedwick Dent, and a third time he substituted in the place of one James Sinclar.
     He married Claressa Legg, probably in 1781, in Prince William County, Virginia; now West Virginia. After 1782 and before May 2, 1785, the Flathers moved from Fauquier County to Greenbrier County, now Monroe County. Edward sold his land in Greenbrier County in 1797 and they are listed in the 1800 Kentucky Census for Garrard County. The 1810 census list them in Madison County, Kentucky. According to Deed Book I of Hendricks County, in March of 1828 Edward purchased 80 acres four miles northwest of Danville, Indiana, the county seat of Hendricks County. Both Edward and Clary died there. Edward in 1847, and his wife Claressa, Clara, or Clary, a year later in 1848. They are buried at Gentry Cemetery near Danville, Indiana.
Source: "Edward Flathers and His Descendants"

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The definitive Flather's family history book is "Edward Flathers and his Descendants" by Jennings H. Flathers.

Flathers Family Genealogy Forum

Edward S. Flathers and Clara Legg at FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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Editors note: I am not sure of the source or authentication of the S. in this listing. None of the documentation I am aware of (war pension, land grant, will, tombstone) ever list a middle name or initial.

View a 158K GIF file of Edward Flathers 1829 Land Patent in Indiana from President Andrew Jackson.
Source: Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records

View a 20K JPG file of the Flathers Family Crest. The editor cannot vouch for the authenticity of this crest, purchased from a mail order family name/crest firm.

On this web site the wife of Edward will be referred to as Clary since that is the name on her tombstone. It would seem logical to assume that the name on the tombstone is the name she most commonly used.

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