Edward & Clary Flathers
and Descendants

"The Book"
   "Edward Flathers and his Descendants" by Jennings H. Flathers was first published in November 1973 in a green hardback edition. It was subtitled, "A Genealogical History of Nine Generations in America". The second edition was copyrighted and published in 1988 in red hardback. The subtitle of the second edition is "Ten Generations in America." Although both editions contain many of the same facts, the second edition is completely rewritten and contains different pictures, updated/corrected genealogies, and benefits from additional research and resources. English passenger lists published after 1973 tell a different story about Edward's departure from England and his arrival in America.
   The author, Jennings HarvelVI Flathers (Newton NathanielV,Nathaniel ThomasIV,John WesleyIII,Benjamin FranklinII,EdwardI), was born April 4, 1911 and passed away March 17, 1989. He married Elizabeth Caldwell in 1948 and together they travelled thousands of miles and worked countless hours gathering family history facts in courthouses, historical societies, and libraries, including the Library of Congress.
   Elizabeth Flathers currently resides in an assisted living residence in Odessa, TX and is doing fairly well. She has turned over the Flathers research that she and Jennings collected over the years to their niece, Barbara Flathers Williams. Barbara informs me that she does still have copies of the second edition book available for purchase at $25 including postage. You can contact her by mail at:
Barbara Williams
3425 S. Birch
Perryton, Tx 79070
Pic of Elizabeth & Jennings Flathers
Elizabeth and Jennings H. Flathers
40th Wedding Anniversary
August 21, 1988

   The editor of this site has received written permission from the copyright holder, Mrs. Jennings H. Flathers, to "quote from the book as he wishes" on this web site.